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Bacon he states the "Plantation Pussy licking contest video as thus: 1st Breakdown STEP: "Jump on both feet crossed, then throw right foot as high as possible, at the same time hop on the left foot, 2 motions.

Repeat it, leaving the right foot up in front. Then hop on left foot, bring the right down, tap it and African american slave dance it behind. Hop on left foot, 3 motions. Then make five taps quick, commencing with the right foot, which is crossed behind African american slave dance left.

This is the first part of the Breakdown step, and is repeated on the other foot, reversed. Then done again same Desi girls best boobs first time.

Then make a Cross and five taps quick, moving forward and commencing with the right foot. Then hop on right foot, lift up left high and bring it down solid, 2 motions. Repeat it. Then hop on both feet together, jump up and strike the ankles together, bringing down the left foot first, then the right solid.

Tap left foot, then spring, bringing the right foot down first, then the left. Then repeat all, African american slave dance on the other foot, and reversing everything. Tap right, carrying it high in front, hop on left foot. Tap right, carrying it behind, hop on left foot, tap right, carrying it high in front, hop on left foot 7 motions. Shuffle right, hop on left, tap right, carrying behind. Hop on left, tap right, hop on left, tap right, hop on left, tap right.

Now repeat the whole, commencing on the other foot and reversing it. Then do it again same as first time, make a cross and three very firm taps, commencing with the right foot, with the feet wide apart. African american slave dance following Breakdown steps are to be done all together directly after the third step Do the cross four times, reversing it each time, then bring the toes together with heels apart 1 motion.

Then turn the left toe African american slave dance, and at the same time carry the right far behind and across the left foot 2d motion. Then repeat it 3 or 7 times reversing it each timeat the option of the performer. Tap left foot, shuffle right, tap right, tap left, slide back slightly on both feet 5 motions.

Then repeat it a number of times, optional with the performer. Turn around on left foot, describing a circle with the right foot. Tap right, tap left, shuffle right.

Tap right foot, tap left. Then loop on left foot, at the same time slide the right in front and across the left foot. Then repeat it, commencing with the right foot, and reversing it all through. Then retire, jumping African american slave dance both feet, with cap in hand, or any way that may suggest itself" end notebook.

Feet apart, Hop up and come down with one knee bent. Come up with short jerks. It is optional as to whether one or both African american slave dance are bent on coming down. This can be mixed with other movement to lengthen the dance. Form as for Spanish Danceexcept two African american slave dance face each other up and down the room. Eight hands round, all right and left--ladies chain--all forward and back, forward again and pass onto next couples every other couple raise their hands while the others stoop and pass through then turn around at each end of the set.

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