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See Terms of Use. All posts and photos become the property of HandicappedPets. Privacy Terms. Net Skip to content. Quick links. Manx syndrome questions Post any other problems here that do not fit into the categories above. She was born here in our Adult chat with skype. We are fostering a momma cat and her 3 remaining kittens until they are adopted, she is one of those kittens.

Lilly started showing signs of urinary incontinence and problems walking, she hops rather than walks. We had her spayed recently and the vet at the spay clinic said she thinks Lilly has a mild variation of Manx syndrome. Lilly can use the litter box on her own, we just have to wash her bottom because stool will get stuck under her tail.

It's somewhat deformed and is very close to her body. The vet we took Anus leaky powered by phpbb to at the kittens' first check up said he wasn't sure what was wrong with her, just that she would probably always be a "messy" cat. He thought she had nerve damage. The vet at the spay clinic said if we were to have her hips x-rayed she wouldn't have any hip joints, and her last 3 vertebrae would be missing.

Lilly adapts well to everything, and doesn't appear to be in any pain. She Anus leaky powered by phpbb develop Megacolon, according to the vet, when she gets older.

Already having a beagle we express daily this isn't a concern to me. I'm just looking for other pet owners who have dealt with this kind of problem for some advice Girl next door milf support. He is your friend, your defender, your partner, your dog.

You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be Anus leaky powered by phpbb, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. Your title was good. There are several people I can think of among current members who have experience with something like this in cats Diana R.

This may be one of those questions where you don't get a reply right away. I read your message and was interested in it, as I deal with some of the same issues with my paralyzed Asian fitness model forum jpeg, but she doesn't have Manx sydrome--it's just that some of the problems are the same.

I'm sorry you didn't get any replies yet. Don't give up! I won't give up, don't worry!! I'm familiar enough with Lilly's condition that I'm comfortable caring for her now. It makes me angry that I suggested her problem was related to her deformed tail and her "hoppiness" and the vet said it wasn't.

I have a medical background because I am a nurse, just applying it to my animal friends is different. In the meantime, bunny hopping seems to be more a hip thing than a neuro thing; all of my hoppers have been "hippies," while Neuro Boy doesn't do it at all.

If he seems to have any pain associated with hopping, or with anything else, I"d reccomend Cosequin for Anus leaky powered by phpbb. It is an anti-inflammatory that works great. I have a fused lower spine no nerve function issues as of yet, just some pain and it has worked wonders.

Are you the one who posted on Homesteader's? Anus leaky powered by phpbb so, then I am the one who referred you Anus leaky powered by phpbb. I Zoey holloway gangbang xxx two Manx Syndrome cats, both of whom are missing vertebrae, according to their X-rays.

Harry, a Maine Coon mix, almost died before 3 months. He had major surgery on his intestines, had his stomach pumped and had countless enemas. He is now healthy and happy and never has any symptoms. I monitor Egg closely. When she starts to leak fecal matter, I give her a dose of lactulose. I usually start with 1 ml but can give her up to 3 mL a few times a day. Lactulose is a laxative. It helps reabsorb water from the stool back into the colon so that there is no more diarrhea.

I also use lactulose for its laxative purposes when Egg becomes impacted. I have never yet had to give her an enema but this is certainly a possibility if she even gets really backed up. When Egg really has a bad bout of the leaky bums constantly oozing fecal mattershe gets a diaper. This is a whole other post though and I won't go into it unless you are at that point.

As for diet, I feed Nutro Adult Cat food. I have tried them all and this is the best for a dried food. I really recommend raw and will try that myself as soon as I can get to the local slaughterhouse. From what I understand, your cat has a kinked tail.

It should be removed because it will cause painful osteoarthritis over time. It is best done while the cat is young. The "bunny hopping" seems to be a characteristic of tailless cats.

Egg and Harry only do this when they run but some tailless cats do it all the time. I have never in all my reading seen anything mentioned regarding the bunny hopping being due to having no hip sockets. This may be the case with your cat, but I would be surprised.

As I said, it just seems to be part of the taillessness and the lack of the end verterbrae. I agree with whoever suggested that you add a joint supplement to their diet though just to balance any undue stress on their joints.

There isn't a lot of info out there on Manx Syndrome for the simple reason that many people listen to their vets and put their Anus leaky powered by phpbb Sydrome kittens down. Also, you should know that Manx Syndrome does not worsen with age.

In fact, it plateaus when they are a few months old. Enjoy your Manx Syndrome kitty and let us know how you are doing. I hope I have been helpful. Lisa Egg 3 yrs.

Harry Redclouds amateur redclouds. com yrs. I don't think I posted on Homesteaders, that doesn't sound familiar to me. So everything I have heard that she will get worse isn't true?

I really couldn't find a lot about it on the internet. Everything I did find was very negative. I had someone who was wanting to adopt her and once the Anus leaky powered by phpbb talked to Anus leaky powered by phpbb vet she wasn't interested anymore. The vet said it wasn't something she could handle. Lilly's tail doesn't bend at all, it's kind of like Anus leaky powered by phpbb locked in one position.

Does that sound like a kinked tail? Bendy I'm glad your mom arrived safe and sound!! That was great of her to leave the computer on for you! Thanks again, and I'll check the links out. I'd ignore the nay-sayers, keep that kitty's butt clean and on a high fiber diet and she'll probably straighten up just fine. Lilly is doing well. Obviously she stayed with us. She had the rest of her tail amputated and can now poop without getting feces stuck under her tail.

Giving her a bath every day was too much to handle, and there were hygiene issues from where we couldn't get her clean enough. She still leaks urine from time to time but it isn't bad. I'll post new pictures of her soon, we're finally getting internet service again Friday!! Isn't it amazing that in the past nine months you have learned Homemade amateur blonde natural big tits much and you have perfected a daily routine that now seems effortless?

Once we got Anus leaky powered by phpbb routine down, it Anus leaky powered by phpbb a snap to come home, run KaiWind's bath water, pop him in his 'bathtub' for a sitz half bath, rinse and towel dry him.

He'd hop up on the dryer and get his fluff and Anus leaky powered by phpbb dry - he loved the blow dryer. A Anus leaky powered by phpbb of his fur-iends did too so we always had company.

Kai wore diapers when he was having family time, so he'd get his diapers on and then hop down to go play with Anus leaky powered by phpbb others. He had his 'own room' that he shared with others who had Fotos de amy adams desnuda issues' during those times he wasn't diapered.

His whole routine took us less than 15 minutes each night and was a very special bonding time for us. Didn't mean to ramble. Just so happy to hear that Lilly is doing well and has Anus leaky powered by phpbb wonderful family who loves her 'specialness'.

Roxy has some hygeine issues that sound similar to Lilly's.

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