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Ok guys here it is, the super sexy chapter I have been promising you. Ash serena naked pics excited myself, tell me what you think of it. I will also have some surprising chapters coming up in the future for this story. Side note, if you don't know what Ash's Kalos clothes look like, I suggest you look them up so you can imagine him better The t-shirt is like the one he is wearing in the picture above.

It was a bright Ash serena naked pics day in the world of pokemon. The Kanto region was as happy as could be, more specifically Pallet town. The pidgey and pidgeotto were flying through the sky, chirping. Down on the ground, dugtrio, weedles, spinarks, gravelers, even garydos are enjoying their day. Pikachu and the rest of the gang are sleeping in today. They are all huddles around each other nice and comfy.

At the Ketchum residence Ash and Serena were already awake. It was around in the morning and they had already eaten. Ash was in his pajamas, sitting in the living room watching tv while Serena was upstairs, taking a shower. Ash and Serena were both excited for tonight, they planned to have the best sex ever.

Ash did a little research on how to pleasure women and will be ready to try what he has learned out on his girlfriend. They have been together for a long time, but haven't had many memories to look back on. Sure it is only love Ash serena naked pics, but it will go in their inner history books. Ash knew Serena planned to go out Ash serena naked pics the day and would return at night, so he had all day to get ready. He waited by the front door for his girlfriend to come and say goodbye.

When Serena walked down the stairs Ash stared at her in amazement. Serena was wearing a plain white, v-neck t-shirt with an unbuttoned red and black checkered flannel over it with the sleeves rolled up. She also had on dark blue skinny jeans. When I return… we can have our special night". Ash went outside to the barn all his pokemon occupied and told them he and Serena were having a 'date night' and did not wish to be bothered.

All the pokemon agreed, even meganium. Ironically what Ash doesn't know is that all his pokemon know he is good in bed, so date night means sex which they are fine with. Pikachu and a couple other pokemon are rooting for Ash tonight. Ash checked the fridge to make sure the all the food for the great dinner he had planned would be ok to use. He was going to cook them a lovely Ash serena naked pics dinner.

In the world they lived in, pokemon were hunted and used for food, just not a lot. Ash and Serena mostly only had fish-like pokemon to eat, but they rarely ate that too. Ash was going to spend a little time relaxing. He didn't need to start Ash serena naked pics food for a while.

Just thinking about Serena made him want to go and relieve himself but he wanted to be at his best for tonight. Serena was hanging out with a few girlfriends. She was with Shauna and Miette, they were talking and having a good time. I guess the best place to start would be Ash serena naked pics beginning. It seems he almost knows when I want to do it, he gets that look in his eye, such love and passion, wanting Ash serena naked pics show his love to me.

He gently kisses me, and slowly feels my body". He'll usually remove his jacket, and tease me by touching one of my private areas. Then, within a few minutes, he'll slowly strip me down, until I am wearing nothing. I'll feel up his back and gradually pull his shirt off.

I'll kiss his toned chest and move down lower to undo his pants and give him some relief. He doesn't tell me how to blow him or handy him, he just lets me do my thing and he loves it.

He starts off slow, working his way into me, then going faster and faster until we release. He'll try different technics some nights. He even tied me up a couple times. The feeling of him inside me compared to any Ash serena naked pics guy is unbelievable. Our Ash serena naked pics feel as though they Ash serena naked pics moving as Ash serena naked pics. I feel like nothing else in the world matters, at least at that moment.

I hope I meet my special someone soon". Serena felt the fresh breeze in the sky against her face, she took a deep breath in and knew she was ready for Ash. Once serena got home she removed her shoes and socks by the door, right next to Ash's. She came over to the table and sat down, the food looked amazing. She soon heard Ash coming the down the stairs, and once he arrived, Ash serena naked pics was Serena's turn to stare at him in amazement.

Ash looked so handsome to her. Ash was wearing his Kalos outfit which consisted of dark blue jeans, his blue and white short Ash serena naked pics, collared jacket over his plain black t-shirt, which Ash claims he made Ash serena naked pics soft, just to increase Serena's horniness.

It only took them about 30 minutes or so to eat. Once they were finished, they sat in the living room for a short while and talked. They talked, and teased, they even laughed a little. Ash told her the Ash serena naked pics of how Charizard saved him from Aerodactyl but then just blew fire on him anyways. Serena talked about how fletching used to peck at her to wake her up in the morning. Once the clock said 6 in the evening, they were both ready.

Their kisses were deeper and more passionate than ever. Ash serena naked pics gently removed Ash's gloves and tossed them to the floor. Ash's hands then went around Serena's sides and he pulled her into him. Serena's arms wrapped around Ash's back and held onto him, never wanting to let go. Eventually their kisses became a little shorter and faster. Their tongues met in the middle, this time not battling for control but moving around each other in a nicer way, dancing, spreading Ash serena naked pics saliva to each other.

Serena felt her vagina getting a little wet, her skinny jeans were pushing on it causing her to feel restrained, she wanted Ash to strip her. Ash felt the bulge in his pants, he was getting harder and harder by the second.

The two of them were becoming very horney, the blood was rushing althroughout their bodies, they were ready to move on. After about 10 minutes of pure making out, Ash's hands Ash serena naked pics to Serena's shoulders. He pushed her flannel passed her shoulders and off her arms until it hit the ground. They continued Ash serena naked pics intense kissing.

With his right hand Ash rubbed one of Serena's breasts while his left went down and felt around her ass. With one hand Serena was holding ontp the back of Ash head, the other was rubbing the outside of his jeans, feeling the rock hard flesh underneath. Serena's hands slithered around Ash's torso, then up to his neck. She grabbed the zipper of his jacket and and slowly pulled it, down until it was undone. She listened to the slow sound of the teeth unlocking.

Their lips separated completely, Ash and Serena stared at each Ash serena naked pics and smiled. Serena laid down on the bed, Ash took off his jacket and then got on top of her. He laid down on Serena and she put her hands back on him. For the first time tonight she felt the fabric of Ash's plain black t-shirt, it was the softest thing she ever felt. This thing is so soft. It's like silk but I know it isn't".

The one thing about Serena was she got turned on by soft material, since Ash's shirt was 'the softest thing she has Ash serena naked pics in her life' Serena knew they were in for one heck of a night. Ash took advantage of her v-neck and began kissing her neck and the little bit of her chest the shirt didn't cover. Serena gave soft moans of pleasure and ever so slightly rocked her body with Ash's. He sucked on her collarbone before kissing lower trying to push the v-neck as far as he could with his lips.

Ash undid serena's skinny jeans Ash serena naked pics pulled them down a little, he then pulled her pink panties down Ash serena naked pics meet them. Serena gave him Bdsm sex slave punishment little blush, he then bent his head down.

Ash opened Serena's vagina with two fingers and inserted his tongue. Ash's tongue would teasingly lick the outer rim them dive as far as it could go into her. Ash tasted the salty juices Serena had to offer, his tongue drooled into her, causing Serena to lose it. While his tongue worked the inside, Ash used a couple fingers to message to outside. Serena asked for some relief and she was glad she did. A few minutes later Serena came, her juices leaked onto the ground for she moved not wanting to dirty the bed just yet.

Serena's attention moved down below, she unbuckled Ash's belt and pulled it out of his pants and threw it to the ground.

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