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She explains that her neighbor is using a circular saw when the video opens. Bailey then makes up for that fast by unbuttoning her jeans, sitting on the sofa and whipping out her fat cock. The camera man is her hubby, Matt, and he gets his long schlong lovingly deep throated and his balls tea bagged. While sprawled out Bailey jay eating her own cum the sofa, on her Bailey jay eating her own cum, Bailey jerks off and climaxes — streams of creamy white cum pouring out of her swollen cock head.

She stands up and Matt films her grasping her throbbing meat in close up. She squeezes the last few drops of cum out of her prick and goes back to sucking her man.

The theme of this update is purple — hair and lingerie. She releases her full erection from the side panel of her sexy garment and swings her hips, making her heavy tool slap each thigh. Next comes a straightforward POV cock sucking sequence.

She strokes her boner while going down on her hubby. Unlike what happened at about the three minute mark of her last video, she stands up and removes her sandals instead of cumming. The head and part of Bailey jay eating her own cum shaft is exposed through the sexy toy and she continues sucking it while making him fuck the plastic pussy!

She makes him cum with her pumping right fist and tongue. She catches the big dollops of spunk in her palm and tastes her own cum as always in this splendid Bailey Jay video update! The beautiful TS-BaileyJay. One of the holes in the denim is so big, Bailey can fully expose her stiff dick through it. She swings it around and says she Milf chubby lingerie penetrated a kick out of when a guy whips out his dong and hers is bigger.

I guess you could say that guy is at least half lucky? At any rate, her balls have been aching since she edged yesterday, but never came. Her big knockers are fully exposed as she moans through her fap session at this point. Video Preview Gallery. Her jerking hand kind of hides her big dick, but we can see her smooth, hairless balls bouncing. I happen to think the blowjob footage is best, especially that shot in profile. Scratch that! Now her big cock is in closeup! It keeps getting better and better in every type of view.

Some ask why a beautiful trans woman in porn with the most visibility and great dark hair choose to wear wigs. Well, she did opt for bigger knockers. Bailey calls herself a hipster for using coconut oil as lube these days. I use it Perfect tits nude latinas frying chicken but now she has even me considering choking my chicken with it instead.

Anyway, after jerking herself off to a full erection, Bailey whips out a purple vibrator for some ass play and to rub across her hardon. I think she just knows how much her fans adore her oiled, glistening boner.

Her smooth, stroking hands and shiny big dick do look Bailey jay eating her own cum sexy, especially with a big load of creamy white cum streaming across them.

Where to? Scene Trailers. This is a JOI update; another torrid jerk off instructional. After asking you to get your dick out, she squeezes the tip of the big bulge in her panties, then begins to expose her thick, fully engorged cock.

She stands briefly, then flops back down on the sofa to shake her hefty rack. Then she asks you to make your dick really hard and she pulls her t-shirt straight down to expose her lovely bosom. Then she stands again to show off her flat tummy and that panty bulge again. More bare cock follows and her phenomenal ass. Nope, her schlong is just Bailey jay eating her own cum changing.

At any rate, the closeup footage here with Bailey jerking of furiously is top shelf. Then she masturbates with her big tits shaking, pumping her rod and Bailey jay eating her own cum fucking her tight ass at the same time! After about the 15 minute mark, Bailey loudly crashes in orgasm, a giant pool of creamy white cum emerging from the reddish blue tip of her cock. She tastes some of her nectar and offers yet one more minute of Bailey jay eating her own cum nudity.

I guess her big cock will deflate eventually, but not during this TS-BaileyJay. Search for:. Sample Photo Gallery. Take The Tour.

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