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But what exactly is the definition of an hourglass figure? However… this still confuses me. I never really felt that I was an hourglass figure. But looking at all the images in articles about fashion, the vast majority seem to be of heavier or larger women — for example, here and here. Both of the example links above present several choices to a woman and tell her that she must be one of these shapes — pick one so we can work with you. More confusion ensued with more research.

The woman above, for example, does not look like she has at least a 9 inch difference between her waist and bust or hip measurements. Are stores saying that only plus-sized women are curvy? I would say definitely. I had always hoped that in my search to understand exactly what each shape and label meant I would finally find out what I was — dare I say, who I was — and settle comfortably into a preset shape that had clothing rules and regulations to follow.

And the molds that stores and the media present us with are often misleading, conflicting, and wrong. And you know what?

I think Curvy hourglass women naked Pics cunt womens iranian sexy. com shapes and types are beautiful. But I have my own words that I like to use to describe me — busty, curvy, thin, short, broad-shouldered, round-faced, leggy, sturdy.

But maybe — just Curvy hourglass women naked — I like it that way. Search for:. Close Search for:. Fashion-associated terms have always confused me. The media delights in assigning all Curvy hourglass women naked into a few specific categories — pear, triangle, apple, hourglass, rectangle — and then telling them what they look good in based on their shape.

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