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Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection.

I would like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging and helpful comments regarding previous stories. I hope you enjoy Non fuck son in bathroom story and feel free to leave me a message if you like.

She stands 5'5", weighs lbs, long blonde hair and eyes that change from blue to green depending on her mood. She has a lovely set of 36C breasts, a nice round ass and legs to die for. Everywhere she goes she turns heads and she lives to flirt with both men and women. Amy possesses the friendliest personality and is very confident in her sexuality. This confidence has permitted both of us to live out many of our fantasies including swapping, wife sharing, orgies, and both MMF and FFM threesomes.

For the last while we have had a difficult time finding anyone suitable to play around with so we decided to try looking online. We were disappointed that we found little success on the web so I made a suggestion that I thought might work. My wife and I enjoy watching porn Dan and lori swingers and we both really loved a series called WifeSwitch so we decided to explore how we Dan and lori swingers take part in an episode of our favourite porn.

Amy and I visited the WifeSwitch website where we Dan and lori swingers an e-mail address to which we were to send pictures and a Dan and lori swingers description of what we were looking for and what type of people we found attractive. In our letter Amy stated that she would like the guy to be physically fit but not too built with short dark hair and he must be a gentleman. I wrote that I Dan and lori swingers prefer a woman that was beautiful and had a natural body and that she need not be Caucasian.

We also included that the couple must be very secure in their relationship and should have some swapping experience in order to avoid any jealousy or other complications. We attached a few pictures of ourselves and sent off our application hoping to generate some interest.

Over the next few weeks we checked our e-mail religiously, anxious to see if we received any responses. After not getting a reply for nearly a month we were ready to give up and try the swing clubs scene again when an e-mail from WifeSwitch magically appeared in our mailbox. Amy and I read the response together and found that we had received quite a bit of attention from a Dan and lori swingers of couples. We examined the pictures and read the biographies that Dan and lori swingers sent.

We ended up selecting three couples that suited our standards and that we found to be attractive. The first couple was in their mid thirties, had been married for 6 years Dan and lori swingers had plenty of swinging experience.

The husband was your typical tall, dark and handsome white man while his wife was very petite with long black hair and looked to be of Asian descent. Next was a young Hispanic couple who had been together for 4 years but were not married. They both looked to be in great shape and their bio stated that they worked out three times a week.

The final couple was in their late twenties and had been married for only 6 months. They were both from interracial families and appeared to have average bodies.

We learned that they had taken Dan and lori swingers in a previous WifeSwitch episode so we were able to see them in action. After viewing Dan and lori swingers performance we were satisfied that they were comfortable with having sex with another couple.

My wife and I expressed our appreciation for the replies that we received and that any one of the three couples were suitable. We included that Brianna frost strip naked were looking forward to meeting Dan and lori swingers swapping partners but that we would like the chosen couple to be a surprise when we arrived in Los Angeles.

We transmitted our e-mail to WifeSwitch and nervously awaited our travel information which arrived about a week later. We were supposed to travel to L. Amy and I were so aroused and curious about the Dan and lori swingers that awaited us that we fucked like rabbits until our departure date finally arrived. When we landed at LAX we were greeted at the baggage claim by a limo driver holding a sign with Dan and lori swingers names on it.

The driver escorted us to the car and loaded our bags into the trunk before taking us on a brief tour of Los Angeles. The driver was very friendly as he Dan and lori swingers us through the busy streets of L.

Amy and I both blushed with embarrassment when the driver pointed out the house that we would be meeting our new friends at later in the week. We didn't suspect that he knew why we were in L. He told us that he worked for WifeSwitch and drove every couple that arrived to participate in an episode.

We tried to persuade the driver to divulge the identity of the other couple but he refused, stating that he was sworn to secrecy by his employer. Upon the completion of our tour we were dropped off at a very lavish hotel and shown to our room. Amy and I were in awe of our exquisite accommodations which were comprised of a huge suite with a very large hot tub, a fully stocked bar and a gift bag from WifeSwitch that included numerous sex toys, condoms, lubricant and the complete collection of WifeSwitch DVD's.

During the days leading up to our swap my Porn star wendy james likes feet and I saw the sights of L. We put each and every toy that had been given to us to use and watched every episode of WifeSwitch in preparation for our upcoming adventure. My wife and I were both insatiable and seemed to be constantly horny from the non-stop fantasizing we were both apparently doing.

We discussed Dan and lori swingers couple we wanted to meet and I was shocked to find out that Amy wanted the couple that had previously been on WifeSwitch. I was stunned by this because she has never expressed any interest in sleeping with a black man even after I had admitted wanting to see her penetrated by a huge black cock.

I let Amy know that I was hoping for the Hispanic couple because it would fulfill Dan and lori swingers ethnic fantasy and this woman just looked and sounded like the most adventurous. After fucking for hours that night we decided to sleep late and conserve as much energy for the day of festivities that lay ahead. I woke up in the morning with a raging hard-on that had formed a tent in the sheets and rolled over toward my wife.

I nestled behind her, pressing my shaft into the crack of her ass, hoping to make love to her one more time before preparing for our swapping session. I started to plant kisses along her neck with Mortal kombat sexy nude mileena intention of waking her in an aroused state, desperate for a good fucking. Much to my chagrin, my loving wife pushed me away saying that she wanted to be at Rani muksrji xxx.

com best for whichever husband she was to be with later. I knew she was right but that didn't Dan and lori swingers anything to ease my aching cock.

Amy suggested that Dan and lori swingers take a cold shower and get ready for a very exciting day with a new woman. Taking her advice, I hopped into the shower and allowed the cold water to relax my throbbing erection while I shaved Dan and lori swingers washed in order to look and smell Nicole voss free nude pics best for the fresh new pussy that awaited me.

When I was finished in the shower Amy took my place and began to get ready while I ordered some breakfast from room service. My wife exited the shower wearing only a complimentary robe just as the food was being delivered. I watched as the young server ogled my drop dead gorgeous wife who was still wet from her shower and was obviously naked beneath her robe.

Amy sat on the bed and crossed her toned legs which caused the robe to fall to either side, exposing her muscular thighs to the young man's gaze. I saw a rather large bulge beginning to form in the front of his uniform as his cock stiffened.

I snapped him out of his trance when I offered him a substantial tip. I showed him to the door before telling him that maybe he could return before we travelled back home for some quality time with my wife.

Amy and I ate while we continued to get ready as the limo would be here to pick us up in less than an hour. I dressed in my favourite suit, wanting to make a great first impression on the couple, and my wife slipped into a skin tight red dress that hugged every curve of her body and completed her outfit with a sexy pair of red heels.

One thing that I did find a little odd was that Amy had decided to wear a pair of red thong panties under her dress. She usually never wears underwear and when I questioned her, she told me that she intended on giving them away as a memento to her new swap partner. I commended Dan and lori swingers on a fantastic idea as we left our room for the limo that was waiting downstairs.

We walked outside Sexy brunette porn stars find the same limo driver from earlier in the week awaiting our emergence from the hotel. He opened the door for us and told my wife that she looked good enough to eat just before she entered the car. I slid into the limo behind Amy and snuggled beside her in the rear seat of the dimly lit car.

We both sat and remained nervously quiet for most of the trip to the house as we thought about all of the possibilities that lingered in our immediate future. Apparently aware of our anxiety, the driver tried to help us relax with some small talk and a reminder of the drinks in the bar.

Amy pushed my hand away before she got too worked up, "you have to stop that, I don't want to cum yet! My wife and I straightened up before exiting the limo and making our way into the house. We were amazed at the interior of the house, it was beautifully decorated and seemed to go on forever. We explored the house and finally settled into the living room where we found a bottle of champagne waiting for us.

My wife tore open our letter and read it aloud. Your time in the house will be recorded for use on our website and DVD's. As you may have noticed there is no camera crew present, instead we have equipped the house with small hidden cameras in order to provide you with a more relaxed atmosphere.

We hope you enjoy your experience with us and are welcome to stay as long as you like. Have fun, WifeSwitch. My wife and I looked at each other, allowing one last chance to back out. Both of us were much too excited to back down at this point so we joined hands and made our way to the front door to meet Dan and Lori. We swung the door open and greeted our new friends with hugs and handshakes.

It turns out that Dan and Lori were the first couple we had selected from the initial e-mails. Each of them looked better in person than they had in the pictures we had viewed.

Dan stood about 6'2", short dark hair with a slight hint of grey, a good build and informed us that he was 38 years old. His wife Lori was 5'1", jet black hair that fell half way down her back, long toned legs and perky looking B cup breasts. To top it all off they both spoke with a strong southern drawl which Amy and I both found extremely sexy.

Amy and I led Dan and Lori back to the living room and continued to get to know each other while sipping an the complimentary champagne. They took a few seconds to read their letter which we assumed Fucking her on stomach the same information that ours did.

Dan carefully folded the letter and placed it back on the table inside it's original envelope. Simultaneously, Dan, Amy and I all eagerly replied "Yes! The cameras that were mentioned earlier are located in both the living room and bedroom so feel free to use both rooms if you wish. Located in each room is a basket of lube, condoms and toys which are yours to use as you see fit.

All that we request is that at the end of your session, the guys cum somewhere on the woman's' body. Hope you all have a wonderful time, WifeSwitch!

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