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Top definition. Washing Machine unknown. A woman whom, just like a washing machineyou can dump your load into and it wont follow you around for 6 months telling you that it loves you. Dude, She's 16! If you hit that her and those giggly annoying ass friends of hers will stalk you like a pack of hyenas.

You need to ditch this bitch and get yourself a washing machine. Washing Machine sex. During anal sex with a woman you pee up her ass and gyrate your hips in a circular motion whilst making a wooshing sound. I turned her into a washing machine last night now shes cleaning shit up all day.

Yo this washing machine is broken look at them suds! When someone's tongue makes an unpleasant repetative circular motion while performing oral sex on a woman. Oh my godhe was a washing machine, I had to fake it to make him stop! Washing machine unknown. Her tounge just kept going round in circles'.

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