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Posted 2 years ago15 users are following. There is a white discharge under the foreskin even if I don't clean it for a single day. After washing the glans become shiny n develop wrinkles later. What it possibly be? I had sex around 1. The symptoms developed after 15 days from the sexual activity. I used condom though. I don't have any issue while urinating but after urination it burns for minutes at the tip of penis. I am uncircumcised and 25 year old.

I consulted a urologist and applying onabet ointment for past 20 days and taking doxy tablets but the condition is not improving. The urologist diagnosed blantopithis. But I am having no improvement. Posted 2 years ago. You have been given treatment for a fungal cause, but I don't know why a 25yo would have fungal Balanoposthitis. Can anybody please help meeeee Report mark Lostknight Posted 2 years ago. I have had exactly the same issue for 3 months now.

Seen all kinds of doctors and none has given a proper diagnosis. One said it was a yeast infection and told me to use fluconazol for two weeks. I used it for two months and no improvement. I saw another doc and he said to just ignore it as it's simple irritation and will heal by itself. But it may take some time. I don't really trust these doctors. They don't seem Irritation of foreskin under glans penis know much.

They look at it and you can tell by their face mimic that they have no idea what it may be. In my case it is most noticeable when under the shower or when erect. I don't know if it's the same with you. So I decided to give it some time and if no improvement then I will see a dermatologist.

One thing I know is that the skin on the head is very sensitive and any irritant can cause some inflammation. I know that some condoms have spermicide which can cause yeast infection.

I know it's quite problematic for us but I don't think we should worry much. Let me know if you finally have some improvement. I will too if I ever find a doc who knows what it is. I get waxy and wrinkly layer on the penis glans as shown in the earlier pic in my post. If i don't clean if for 2 days then a layer of discharge gets deposited on the glans and the inside of foreskin. I won't post a pic here but I can tell you it looks exactly like yours.

I have researched the issue online and I must say that it happens quite often and guys worry what it is. Doctors don't know. So it's hard to say. I will wait and see. I don't want to use too much of these creams and drugs if they don't seem to help. Let me know once you have used up your dosage of doxy and the ointment.

I may be wrong but I think it will Clip free raven riley sex on it's own but it may take a while. Posted 23 months ago. I consulted a dermatologist few days back.

He told me that i have mild balanitis. Also i have noticed that while applying the ointment my galns and foreskin looks really normal. But as soon as i wash it with water it gets red and the glans get really shiny on drying and then in a minute start developing wrinkly layer on the glans as shown in the pic below. Report stefan65 Lostknight Posted 23 months ago.

One day I observed little Irritation of foreskin under glans penis at the top of my glans. I thought it's something connected with bacteries so decided to clean my penis more often. Unfortunately it Irritation of foreskin under glans penis replaced with another two spots which disappeared too. Now I can observe something like small rash, just like in the picture, at the bottom.

It is barely visible in normal conditions and goes more clear when erected. GP suggested getting antifungal and antibacterial cream for two weeks - of course didn't change anything. Regards, Report Lugaluga stefan65 Posted 17 months ago. I have the exact same problem, I've gone like to 3 different urologist and they seem to have no clue, they just say its normal, that it is just the glands that you have that segregate smega and they just told me to watch the area like for 3 times a day, no improvement.

Have you know anything? Posted 17 months ago. Posted 14 months ago. Hey have seen you on Steven's post. Happened to find this while searching my symptoms. In addition to the Irritation of foreskin under glans penis symptoms that Steven mentioned, I also have this shiny appearance on my glans as well.

After an erection, it becomes wrinkled and just odd looking. Are you thinking that your symptoms developed after sexual exposure? FYI, mine also happened after oral sex with someone I had recently met. Report Lostknight allan Posted 14 months ago. Posted 13 months ago. Join this discussion or start a new one?

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Start a new discussion. For the past one month, I am having red Irritation of foreskin under glans penis and red spots on glans. Please suggest something. Report 1. New discussion. Anonymous Lostknight. Hi Lost knight Irritation of foreskin under glans penis think you mean Balanoposthitis.

If you used a condom it wont be an STD. Are you diabetic? Do you have any long term medical conditions? Did you do anything that may have triggered this?

Put anything irritant on your penis? Lostknight Anonymous No long term medical condition too. It will get better, but it can take a while for inflammation to go down. I hope so too but what is the disease? I consulted the doctor again and he told me to continue using onabet for another 10 days. I am using it for 1 month now but no improvement. Can anybody please Irritation of foreskin under glans penis meeeee Report.

Hi Lostnight I have had exactly the same issue for 3 months now. Lostknight mark Hi mark Could you please share Irritation of foreskin under glans penis pic of your penis Irritation of foreskin under glans penis Feeling hopeless now. I have been taking fluconazole mg tablets for past week but there is not much improvement.

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