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It was one Friday night; Mary and I were at a hotel bar out of town, when Mary surprised me by drinking more then she usually did. She drank like a fish until she finally was so plastered that she was leaning against Manga girl passed out counter to stay Manga girl passed out. I was half drunk too, so when she asked me to help her upstairs to our room. For some reason I made believe I was really in no condition to go upstairs myself and I asked a guy who was standing next to us at the bar if he would help her up to our room.

He introduced himself, his name was True voyeur free password and he was a big black man. He quickly volunteered his services. I stood there as John wrapped his large arms around my wife and helped her walk toward the elevators. At the elevators he picked her up in his arms and carried her into one while I followed behind. I noticed that one of john's large black hands were up under my wife's skirt.

I assumed it was accidental, but secretly I hoped it wasn't. My eyes went Manga girl passed out when John started to undress my wife. He mumbled something about tucking her into bed. I was really drunk and I just watched. Then I moved from the doorway and fell against the bed and then onto the floor.

I looked Manga girl passed out as John began to undo my wife's skirt and the pull it down her legs exposing my wife skimpy little black panties. I felt a bit queasy as he gently pulled her blouse over her head so that my wife lay on top of the bed in Manga girl passed out her bra and panties. I was sort of hoping that he would stop there. But he didn't, he undid and removed her bra. Then he looked down at me, I was still on the floor looking up at him, then Manga girl passed out looking at my Free iphone gonzo porn tits, brushing his hand over her long nipples.

Then he moved down the bed and Manga girl passed out her panties down, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy into view. That was when he looked at me again. I Hot black women white cock my eyes to make believe I had passed out.

I don't know why I did that, but I did. He spoke to me but I didn't answer him. He didn't take his eyes of my wife's naked body. Even to this day, I don't know why I just let him do that to my wife. It was like this was my biggest fantasy unfolding as I watched this big black guy fondled my wife's breasts till her nipples became Manga girl passed out despite her being passed out.

It was kind of like I was watching a porno movie about my secret fantasy and when he gently pulled my wife's legs apart and slid a large black finger up her Xxx milfhunter fit blonde slit I felt like this had to go all the way, I had to see it all.

Even through the alcohol haze, I felt my cock begin to stir as he probed my Manga girl passed out pussy. I was getting incredibly turned on. I leaned against the wall still pretending to be out of it while I watched him remove his cloths. And Manga girl passed out he removed his underpants I saw the largest cock I'd ever seen.

I gasped in surprise but he didn't seem to notice me now, he was intent on my unconscious wife. That boner of his had Manga girl passed out be twice the size of mine. I watched as this black man first Manga girl passed out to the foot of the bed, then he climbed onto the bed and as it creaked and rocked he moved between my wife's legs. I held my breath as he picked her legs up and settled them over his shoulders and positioned his cock at the entrance to her unprotected pussy.

I think my heart almost stopped as I watched him move one hand down between my wife's legs to hold her pussy lips apart and then slowly begin to force his cock inside her slit. I heard him grown in pleasure at her tightness as her pussy stretched to accommodate his large black cock. When about half of his cock was buried within her body he suddenly thrust hard and held himself deep in her body. I could see his hairy dark balls compressed against my wife's white butt crack.

Manga girl passed out I'd found my cock and had brought it out into the open and I was slowly jacking it while I watched Manga girl passed out. He began to slowly fuck my wife, almost fully extracting his huge black organ, before once again burring himself to the root in her.

I jacked off a little faster as I watched my wife's pussy clinging to his black shaft with even fucking action, compressing and sucking along with his thrusts. He was really enjoying his illicit sex with my wife. I loved the fact that a black guy was fucking her. I'd wanted to watch another Manga girl passed out putting his meat to my wife for a long time and the fact that he was black was just an added bonus. It was so hot to see this black man taking my white wife without her knowledge.

His thrusts grew faster in intensity until he was really hammering away at Mary's pussy. The bed was creaking in Manga girl passed out staccato rhythm now and she was like a Manga girl passed out doll under his thrust in her drunken state. Then John grunted and I watched as he pulled her deep onto his slimy shaft and he grunted as his orgasm overtook him.

I could see his ass cheeks contracting with every spasm of cum that gushed from his nuts, deep in to my wife's body. Then after about 30 seconds or so his face was flushed, sweat dripping from his forehead, he slowly began to fuck into my wife again, pushing his seed deeper into her cum filled pussy.

I could see the shiny coating of his cum as it clung to the shaft of his cock on the upstrokes. Then finally, after a long time of this he slowly withdrew his now shrinking cock. A ribbon of cum clung to it, momentarily connecting him to her pussy then it broke to cling to her pubic hair. I could see my wife's pussy lips gaping wide open. John's cum dripped from between her abused pussy lips and dripped down her inner thighs into a pool on the bed between her legs.

John then got off the bed and picked me up from the floor. He placed me on the bed next to her and then he pulled her on top of Manga girl passed out with her pussy just over my face, his cum dripped down from her pussy.

He then pulled her up into a sitting position. When he did that her pussy went right over my mouth as he slid his big black cock into her mouth. I licked her pussy without letting John know I was doing it as he fucked her mouth standing over us on the bed. I would push my tongue deep inside her cummmy pussy and suck on the slim. We did this for about 15 minutes before he shot his second cum-load into my wife's mouth. When he was don cumming in Mary's mouth he let her go and she felt to the bed and off my face.

I could feel from the cool wetness on my face that the air-conditioning was on. I looked over at Mary and it seemed as if Manga girl passed out was swallowing his cum. I could see some of it running over her lips and I was surprised to see John was still hard.

As I watched through slitted eyes he placed Mary back down on the bed and he looked over at me. I knew that he could see both there juices all over my face and mouth. I was embarrassed that he could see me with his cum and Mary's Manga girl passed out fluid all over me like that so I continued Manga girl passed out pretend I was too drunk to know what was going on. I almost jumped out of my skin though, when John moved Mary's cunt up close to my face and he slid his cock into her pussy and began to fuck her only inches away, right over my face.

I'd seen his cock push her pussy lips wide open as he entered her the first time, but this time it was up close and personal. I could feel the breeze as I watched her lips wrapped around his cock and I could see them hold onto his cock with every thrust. I wanted to lick her pussy so bad while he was fucking her, but I was afraid he would know I wasn't passed out drunk. John fucked Mary for about 10 minutes then again he grunted and I knew he was empting himself my wife again as he pushed Manga girl passed out deep.

I could see his cock pulse as he empted his cum into he again and again, this time only an inch away from my face. As he finally pulled out of Mary's slit, I watched as his fresh cum ran right onto my partially open mouth.

I heard him Manga girl passed out as he got off the bed and through slitted eyes I saw him go into the bathroom. When he was out of sight, I fulfilled my final deep dark fantasy and I dove into Mary's used pussy and licked and sucked madly on her pussy.

I licked John's cum from my wife's swollen pussy as it ran out of her and I pushed my tongue deep inside her trying to get every last sticky drop of another man's cum from my honey's cunt. He went Porn movie anal toys to say that he knew I was awake, that he could hear me sucking on my Mary's pussy as he fucked her mouth. Then he said he had to go, but he told me that he wanted to fuck her again in two weeks time and maybe me too.

I wouldn't mind letting you down between your wife and me while we're fucking. I think you'd like that. I felt a little sick to my stomach, but said, "I don't know about that, I don't think Mary would go along with that. He looked down at me for a long time. I felt a little intimidated; he was much bigger than me. Then he said with a smile on his face, "You get her drunk enough and she'll let us do anything we want to her.

I think tonight proves that. And besides, if you don't Manga girl passed out along with my little plan, Manga girl passed out tell her your part in this little orgy we just had. We set things up for two weeks time in our own home.

Those two weeks will be up this weekend. I have already talked Mary into a BBQ and plan on making a lot of drinks to go with the burgers. She has no idea that John, a big black guy has fucked her while I watched and Manga girl passed out I'm lucky she won't remember this coming weekend either. Manga girl passed out Fiction Stories We have good sex Manga girl passed out. Sharing my wife by Anon A man accidentally shares his unconscious wife with a black man.

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