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Love the outfit she's wearing. Bennihanna - Here you go! I'm a big Kitten fan. My ex had her eyesjust not her boobs. Yes Yes YES! Kitten is awesome! A Marci kitten scott nude pornstar over titles to her credit and maybe more then that.

Great blowjob skills, brillant sexual positions and a know how to project her sexual power and skills on camera. She always outperforms any male star she works with and has done extreme Marci kitten scott nude Fucking a Memek cewe lgi jongkok with a dildo.

She is a mature star now but Stacey Fuxx and Giselle Capri the new Marci kitten scott nude can learn alot from her. Hell yeah - Kitten is one of my fav ebony pornstars I have never even heard of her before now.

SO glad i stumbled upon this thread : she is so HOT :bowdown:. Ah, Kitten One of my favorite ebony actresses. She's alright but lacey duvalle looks much better! I Marci kitten scott nude Lacey Duvalle too Now I need some with her newer tattoo! Thank you sir. I'm on the lookout.

An excellent pornstar with huge expirence who continues to produce top quality porn. She is very much a 30 plus year old woman but one who is in total control of her scenes, i always feel she has just too much for the young studs she polishes off, their out of her league and she effectively is giving them sex lessons Marci kitten scott nude enjoyed the cum gang bang scenes. Did she retire? What I like about her is that she is no longer the young twenties pornstar but an expirenced mid 30's year old pornstar talent For many years I have enjoyed watching the black pornstar Kitten To me an immense porn talent Magnificent body, large breasts and arse Combined is her sexual skills, her blowjobs and that long and constantly probing tongue dismantle any male stars she pears off against Wonderful ability to move into different positions, total mastery of all sexual techniques and completely relaxed on camera Her career has had two parts Is she the best black female performer?

I hope she has much planned for the year ahead. Can't get enough of her boobs and body! Wonder why she quit porn after so long to be a bodybuilder. If she comes back to porn wonder will she be in the Female Body builder categories or will she gain the weight back she had. I would actually be interested in the FBB route, but eventually would prefer her back to her normal shape. Damn wtf happen?? Kitten was one of my favs sexy body and great performer. Guess you were wrong, shes done with porn.

Shes a bodybuilder now. Atleast we still have years of great scenes with her And shes in my top 5 because shes so sexy. I dont know what happen but as long as shes happy. Maybe she doesnt have the sex drive anymore to deal with porn on a regular basis Would like to see her back though. She was Marci kitten scott nude damn hot. All good things must come to an end. Great tattoo! She looks spectacular!! Damn from porn to body building That's crazy. Kitten has been working out.

I think I read somewhere she needed some major changes in her life. How major besides worshiping or drastically changing your body like that and leaving porn? Hmmm and typicly its those in fitness and bodybuilding that go into porn

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