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See More by zenx Featured in collections. Bikini by Mudbomb. Megan Avalon by llo-Lo. Featured in groups See All. Visual Art Original Work Photography. Megan asked me to promote some more photos of her, and See more details on the contest here. The subject of the first Model Muse Contest, is fitness model Megan Avalon, seen here For the Art Categoryvisual artists of all kinds are welcome to join in. In this part of the contest, you are to make a picture, render, morph, sculpture, mod, would carving, etc.

You can Megan avalon sling bikini one of the photos of her in my gallery as reference, or you can go to her website meganavalon.

Modeling care of Megan Avalon Photography care of Epicfoto. Image size. Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Very beautiful. Nutellaahh Student Digital Artist. Kavernicola Hobbyist Traditional Artist. What a physique. Nice and sexy. Oozing sex. Absolutely awesome body! I totally agree. You say that the bikini melts onto the body. It looks like it has melted away.

Megan is proud of her body which shows in her work. To be that confident in showing your body in what others have said to be dental floss and tissues she Megan avalon sling bikini go far in Ebony big hips photo modelling industry.

Being proud to show off your body is cool and good on her, but the surgery is far too apparent and kills any appeal for me. Both in her own looks and modeling talent to me. We do live in a world were one can like the beauty of another, while someone else doesn't.

But to say she has had surgery without any proof is the reason is right. However, if you said because her looks are to fake for you and appear to be the result of surgery in your opinion.

If that is your opinion of her looks, then anything I say will not change it, but remember it is your opinion. The proof is the obvious alterations on her lips, breast and jaw. You much be oblivious to how surgical operations look.

The proof is very obvious. Are you seriously trying to imply that it's impossible to tell real from fake when Megan avalon sling bikini to breasts?

It's called the shape and stance of the breast. If you can't tell which is real and which isn't then that's just you. But if you need more proof I'd be happy to link you to other photos of her, but I can also tell you that they're on the right side of the screen in the related section. If you're actually asking me a serious question, then I would say yes and no. Sometimes I will see an attractive girl out in the world and check her out.

I also live on the coast so I go to the beach sometimes where it's hard not to notice women. I am, in fact, a boob guy, so of course my eyes are going to instinctively be drawn to them. I have self control, but, like any man on the Megan avalon sling bikini if there's a chance to take a look, I take a look. Once in Megan avalon sling bikini while you spot some that are pretty obviously fake. Like cocktail waitresses at casinos, strippers, or any other job area that sexualizes women.

Though, I don't go around bitching about it like a mad man like it's wrong to want to alter yourself, just TO ME, alteration kills the natural beauty of a person. The main reason I don't like fake breasts is the way they look like balls strapped to their chests instead of a natural flowing teardrop shape. That, and the many women that are already blessed with beautiful, well-sized breasts that get them replaced with Megan avalon sling bikini because it's somehow more "perfect" or "appealing" because the mainstream of today's modeling has overly praised women with big, fake breasts.

In this woman's case, they look okay, but Asian full body tattoo are much too large for her frame. The main thing that urks me about her is the facial alteration, in that it made her look a bit manly. Though, she did have more work done on her face later on, but the obviousness of it all kinda ruins it Megan avalon sling bikini ME.

Nice suit. God dame she is hot! A very beautiful woman captured completely.

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