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Many years ago my mother-in-law commissioned an artist to do a painting of my My wife posing nude her daughter and our children. My wife, thirty-one years old at the time, went to his studio with the kids and the painter told he wanted to sketch the boys before they got bored and the wife in a second time.

In two sessions the kids were done so the wife begun to pose going there alone. Four other sessions My wife posing nude the wife was ready too.

On the last day, taking a break, he got her a glass of My wife posing nude and they chatted for a bit. He told her that she was very attractive and an excellent model and asked her if she might be available to pose for other paintings. For a small fee of course. She was very flattered and would love to, just give her a call. In a week the painter called. He had to do a series of portraits and female full figured paintings for a gallery in a nearby town and thought at my wife as a possibly model.

She had a lot of free time in those days, the kids were in school and she wasn't working. Money wasn't bad and she went. The painter gave her a drape to wear for a bare shouldered pose and asked the wife to leave her bra off just Very young threesome retro avoid ugly marks on the skin.

My wife did it without a problem and started to pose baring her shoulder. In the beginning he took a lot of pictures to progress the work when she wasn't available, then she posed while he sketched and painted. They did small talks and the time passed pleasurably. At a certain moment my wife made a little move and the drape fell uncovering a breast down her shoulder.

She smiled and said "ops" alluding at her now naked tit but didn't try to recover. Very politely he asked her if she was embarrassed posing now bare breasted.

She was perfectly at ease and admitted to be pleasured at posing for him so he complimented her natural modeling talent. He made also a little comment about having noticed her harden nipples since the first day she went there with the kids and mentioned the possibility to pose naked for an extra money.

She was very curious and asked him to go on with his idea. He had in mind to do a My wife posing nude erotic series as the gallery owner appreciated that current. Being her figure elegant enough to avoid anything vulgar and her breasts just right with their rather small size but prominent nipples and large areolas he thought she was absolutely perfect to pose in the nude. His remarks kept definitely her interest and they discussed the extras dealing quickly for topless modeling so she accepted his proposal on the instant with no needs to discuss the new situation with me.

On the same day she started to pose topless. They had also an agreement about her posing in the nude for some other extras and My wife posing nude her face recognizable. He insisted on this last aspect because her fine features were a fundament of his project and she made no objections. My wife advised me her bare breasted posing only some days later and describing My wife posing nude artistic project in which he involved her she mentioned the possibility to be totally naked with face on painter's request.

She pleaded the matter advancing favorable points as the gallery was placed in a town far enough from us and that reduced the risk to have her recognized, the money was really good and so on.

She even admitted to feel sexy. Her enthusiasm convinced me and I gave my green light. Step by step she undressed totally for the painter in many pictures. Weeks went by and she seemed to be spending a lot of time posing for him but he had some twenty paintings to do for the aforesaid gallery.

The sessions lasted about three months. I was curious about her job as a model and sometimes she teased me a bit with the details of posing nude being the work rather explicit My wife posing nude an evening she chuckled "if only my mother imagined what she started sending me to pose for him".

I asked if she meant something naughty from the artist but he never made a pass at her and it was very professional. He was not exactly a sex god, but a short, rumpled, quiet type. Never the less my wife demonstrated a great passion to the posing job and paid her look a close attention, keeping hair short and waxing her legs and her pubes.

Once or twice the gallery owner paid them a visit and suggested some poses. I asked her is she was not embarrassed being naked in front of a man who was not an artist and she said no.

I asked her also if she felt aroused having an audience and she denied again. The gallery owner was older than her father, very fat My wife posing nude balding too.

About his suggestions in posing My wife posing nude was totally elusive saying he was only a dirty lecherous man having fun in watching a younger woman in the nude. We were invited to his art show at the gallery and I was excited about seeing my wife's nude and very identifiable image. The series started with her being dressed and removing garments in progress. The painter made a great job on her visage and velvety skin with a very good rendition of expression and tones. Knowing that she posed naked I was not surprised that in a couple paintings he paid great attention to her beautiful ass figuring her long legs and sexy backside.

Three other works showed her standing totally naked in a full frontal pose. Looking at them I understood then why the artist wanted her smooth as no one hair or modest shadow veiled her pubes. A few other paintings showed my wife's slender and elegant body in details focusing her hard nipples and her vagina.

Something absolutely artistic but, yes, absolutely graphic also. A major canvas showed my wife reclining naked on a bed. Framed in My wife posing nude same frame, like the style of ancient masters, three other smaller canvases itemized her lovely hands in the action of grazing her nipples, opening her inner My wife posing nude and stimulating her clitoris. Solitaire love was the title of the work.

No, she hadn't been bashful at all posing for the painter. She received many compliments and the gallery owner treated her like a star. The paintings were all very good and sold well. At that point of Naked lady boot jack night I was very proud of my wife and her skill in posing really hit me. Little did I know. At a late hour the gallery owner took my wife apart and after a brief talk she nodded him yes.

The show was near to end and over the wife and me, Sunny leone free porn painter and the gallery owner, only three middle aged and elegant couples were present. With a sly look in his eyes the boss invited us all to follow him upstairs where he had a surprise for her most loyal clients.

I felt now a sort of suspense which lasted a few moments only. The surprise was really great. Upstairs the final part of the artistic series was on show with three other paintings. The gallery owner explicated the present crowd the artist realized My wife posing nude secluded part of the series after his personal suggestion as a sort of free interpretation of Klimt's "The Kiss". What surprised me was not the paintings, which were very good again, but my wife posed with a guy.

In such paintings everyone could see my wife standing naked to a naked man being kissed and kissing him. The iper-realistic technique of the artist left nothing to the imagination. In the first painting they cuddled mouth on mouth and tongued. His hands ran on her shoulders with My wife posing nude descending effect towards her haunches.

He was partially erect with a huge circumcised penis on a swollen set of bollocks. The second painting didn't show his sex but his hands cupped my wife's yummy ass cheeks.

Her vagina was on view from behind and he put his fingers inside her labia. The third painting showed his mouth on her breasts sucking nipples.

The guy was blatantly aroused and she hold his hard cock in her hands heading her spread vagina. I shivered from mixed feelings, with brains in turmoil. This was early in our marriage and we had not ever seriously discussed such fantasies as cuckolding or wife watching but this really got my attention and excitement level up. I was jealous but her hand on another guy's cock maybe guiding him into her pussy tossed my senses violently. The clients bought the three paintings at very high prices.

The gallery owner reached his goal and thanked Sex chat norsk swingers trondheim my wife. Without her availability no one artist could be able to realize such erotic paintings. At My wife posing nude point one of the ladies, a smart woman with an impish look at her My wife posing nude eyes, winked at my wife and said "I hope for you that you had the time to end what you started holding his wonderful cock this way, baby".

My wife smiled and remained silent but the other had laughs and I felt ashamed. The same lady made a last question addressing the gallery owner where the hunk model was. The guy was a very busy model and maybe posing for another artist was the answer.

When we were alone I asked her "why didn't you tell me that there was another man involved? I love doing it and he was only a model. He is very handsome and I liked to see him naked. Both in the buff I mean. I'm sure that many women would love such a situation.

I have had two pregnancies after all and he is younger than me. My self esteem fled very high seeing him getting erect to my naked body.

Sometimes he was hard My wife posing nude her legs with his hands on her buttocks simulating lovers cuddling doing a pose. Making the pose they tongued for a while but only once he caressed her vagina from behind introducing his fingers inside. She facilitated his action spreading her legs and became wet. On the same occasion she found natural to hold his cock and the painter caught the My wife posing nude in a rapid sketch first and in a complete painting later. I thought it was the artist's imagination," I said in disbelief.

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