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Like many fans, my introduction to singer, songwriter, and producer Niykee Heaton was through one of her many infamous YouTube acoustic covers of a popular rap song. Her voice and her face were both beautiful, and I remember replaying the soothing cover countless times. Today, Niykee Heaton may be on the cusp of true super stardom. She boasts 2. In a lot of ways she is self-madeshe endures a lot of disgusting misogyny and slut shamingand she writes and produces almost all of her own music.

And what does it mean for me as a Black young woman to still be a fan? Here I try to think through some of Niykee heaton swimming nude issues:. Also, while Heaton to my knowledge has never admitted herself to getting lip injections, many of the comments of her photos and tweets note the dramatic difference in the size of her lips, breasts, and infamously large butt from the beginning of her career to today.

To be clear, my Niykee heaton swimming nude is not of women having plastic surgery— women have the right to do whatever Niykee heaton swimming nude want with their bodies. However, we know that women of color have been historically mocked and denigrated for their large lips, big butts, and of course dark skin. In the clip, Heaton dons a noticeably dark tan, cornrows, and a sort of silk scarf on her head that appears to mimic the look of a do-rag.

Cornrows have a rich cultural history for Black people worldwide, who have also consistently been shamed, punished, and denigrated for the hair style. In short, cornrows on white women are edgy, cute, or interesting. On Black women, they are unprofessional, ghetto, and inappropriate.

The difference has everything to do with white supremacy, Eurocentric standards of Sex pusy africa girl, and intersections of racism, classism, and sexism. To be fair, it appears that Heaton has given at Xxx de resident evil some thought to the implications of these covers.

Today, song with rap trio Migos is a certified hit. Her mother is South African. In interviews Heaton claims a close connection to South Africa, and she has even mentioned the country previously in her lyrics.

Soweto is a predominantly and historically Black township. Sometimes compared to Harlem Niykee heaton swimming nude the US, the space has historically been a rich and thriving space for Black culture and political activism. And perhaps most relevant to this conversation, white South African artists also have a longer history of appropriating Black South African cultureand participating in dehumanizing representations such as Blackface.

So what is she, and what are her fans, attempting to accomplish by leveraging her South African heritage as a defense for problematic behavior? Twitter, and social media in general, has Niykee heaton swimming nude an astounding force in taking problematic artists to task.

People of color on Twitter have been willing to call out artists such as Justin Timberlake for building careers in large part on the backs of Black cultural producers, while remaining silent on issues affecting the Black community. As several critics on Twitter have noteddespite the ways that Black culture and aesthetics are ubiquitous throughout her career trajectory, Heaton has remained largely silent on extremely high profile issues such as police violence and the activism of the Black Lives Matter movement.

On July 24, Heaton posted yet another picture on Instagram that emphasized her curvy frame and large backside. In part, she captioned the photo:. In response to this caption, several readers on social media have questioned the authenticity of the post, by pointing out that Heaton was in fact pretty Niykee heaton swimming nude just a few short years ago.

And yes, despite her arguably purchased curves, within larger systems of sizeism and fatphobia Heaton still very much benefits from thin privilege.

Additionally, look. Niykee heaton swimming nude we see the inconsistency. Or does she just not respect it? Or perhaps she simply does Niykee heaton swimming nude care either way. Because as a white woman from Genevia, Illinois, Heaton is in Spunk in her mouth privileged position where she does not have to know, understand, or care about worldviews or cultures outside of her own in a deep or nuanced way.

And as for other Black folk? Disclaimer: This post was written by a Feministing Community user and does not necessarily reflect the views of any Feministing columnist, editor, or executive director. Studies gender, beauty Niykee heaton swimming nude, body politics, and race. Feministing is a labor of love and all our staff have other full-time jobs to support their work on the site.

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