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Matt BViasat Employee. Dio Brando. GabeUChampion. BevChampion. VeteranSatUserChampion. TJ Connolly. Powered by Get Satisfaction. New Post. Home Categories About. Sign In Register. Modem keeps randomly rebooting itself. First modem rebooting randomly.

Second modem no internet connection. Modem is set to bridge. I going into my third month very weird that I'm going to be screwed. Everytime I call service I'm told I need to buy service insurance? Why is this second time second modem rebooting? Posted 11 months ago. All 9 Replies Popular. So the hardware's been replaced twice, that tells me there's another cause.

It's not impossible that you've gotten three bad Power strip modem problem, but it's extremely unlikely. What's the modem plugged into wall outlet, surge protector, extension cord? When replacing the modem, were they placed in the same location? Was the power supply replaced Power strip modem problem the modem? If Power strip modem problem can, move the modem to another outlet and see if the same problem occurs. Submit Cancel.

WilliamM 14 Posts 2 Reply Likes. Hello Matt B, Yes Power supply was swapped out. Have checked current with meter. Checked polarity and ground. Have moved modem to a different outlet of which is the only device on this breaker.

View previous…. Power is clean. Have done all you have suggested above. No go still reboots. I would like to see some kinda log report though I see nothing that has any reports. Thank you Jab for your help. By the way it's seems to have a 2 hour Power strip modem problem on every reboot??

Dial Up speeds!!!!!!! Not happy. Jab Posts Reply Likes. I'm lacking specific details. What happened when router was taken out of the equation. When clicking on this URLwhat does your online time indicate, after a reboot? Do a hard reset of Viasat's modem, and leave off bridge Dio Brando 84 Posts 28 Reply Likes. Make sure if you get a tech out they replace all connectors, including the one inside the dish where the silver unit meets the arm. Everything has been swapped Nina hartley pet girl except the dish.

Is the modem in a place that gets decent air flow? What I mean is, could it be overheating Power strip modem problem to being in a cramped space? Possibly a failing compressor on a fridge or freezer that's drawing high amounts of power when it kicks on? A sump pump?

Basically, anything that could draw inordinately high amounts of power when it kicks on due to being old or just failing? BevChampion Posts Reply Likes. Another possibility is a rural Big ass ebony granny co-op like mine. One the suffers occasional jolts of over voltage and, frequent bouts of under voltage. That would cause my modem to shut off multiple times per week if I didn't have it on Power strip modem problem good quality UPS Battery backup power supply that modulates and compensates for all of that.

Those will run you dollars but, if that's the problem, it's money well spent for your modem, computer, monitor and, other sensitive electronics. You may not even notice the slight dimming of the lights for one half to five seconds on under voltage events but, that modem will.

If your modem is shutting off multiple times per day, get a UPS, keep the box and receipt, try it for a day, if it doesn't help, you can return it.

Otherwise, use a backup pwr supply. Power strip modem problem thought wash machine was failing Electric resistant heater at 1, watts might do it, but watch electric panel inside Allessandra ambrosio naked pics possible.

If you have a thermal "gun," one might evaluate I double checked all circuits for tightness. Get, reliable UPS power supply as Bev suggests. That is what I run. As far as other suggestions here, just get a UPS. If it doesn't work, take it back. No, you don't need a larger one like mine just for the modem but, if that is the problem, the fluctuations ae no good for electronics PERIOD. You will want your Power strip modem problem, monitor, possibly speakers, TV and, Printer on the USP as well and, maybe your cell phone charger and a small LED light as well, in case the power does go Busty bbw cougar women nude, it's very easy to move the one USP plug to generator power when needed.

Might as well get one big enough to handle what you will want, if it works, you won't need another one and, if not, you're returning it anyway. I am on rural power. I dont get a lot of spikes or brownouts. Maybe average one per month.

But electronics can be picky, that is for sure! I'm envious. Three low voltage today, five yesterday and, there is a Power strip modem problem here so, I expect at least a momentary outage or three before morning, if not an outage lasting until tomorrow sometime.

Storm comes, unplug all but my modem, computer, monitor and phone from the USP, save the power for that for as long as I can before I have to fire up the generator. If it's a big storm and, the power is out for days, I can manage without TV a printer and, with only one computer in the house working. I nee one to report the outage, get updates and, I need my Viasat Voice working so I can call family and tell them we're okay. I love it when we get a bad storm and the folks in town are without internet or cable for days, I'm out maybe five minutes to switch to generator power and, here I sit, lights on, movie paying on the TV, reading a blog on my cell phone, grand kids over playing games on their tablets and, talking to great grandma in Indiana on speaker phone thanks to Viasat and a generator.

Meanwhile, the granddaughter in town has to drive the 20 miles to my house to get internet to send in her time sheet so she can get paid LOL. Satellite does have it's advantages. Even if fiber did come out here, I'd keep minimal Viasat service for voice and storm outages at least.

Waveform with cheaper UPS tend to be square wave, then there is stimulated sine wave, and for the high rollers, Power strip modem problem sine wave.

About same cost as a cheap square wave UPS. Myself, I would trace down that electrical circuit Maybe get an extension cord, and use a different outlet. Rural power in my area does flicker, especially during storms.

For sure, brownouts, and with electrical storms, I would expect spikes. I use surge protection at electrical panel, but this is not the OP's issue. Possibility, intermittent power source. Turning off all devices microwave, Smartphones, etc that emit RF signals might be tried. I'd shut down everything except modem and computer hooked to it, at last resort. Here, it's the Power strip modem problem, everyone on my co-op has the same issues, old construction, new construction, doesn't matter, just a Power strip modem problem, rural co-op.

Only good thing is they are non profit so, we get a check every year from them, our share of what would have been profits. It's a case of, Power strip modem problem have electricity on a clear, clam day? Good enough. Beyond that, they will fix it if is out out not just flashing off for a minute or less.

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