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Pregnant this Halloween? Make your baby belly part of your epic Pregnant halloween costume idea costume and recreate looks from your favorite movies, TV shows, and more in creative ways that incorporate your bump.

From E. We're partial to the avocado. On a budget? You can also rest easy knowing these are all affordable DIY maternity Halloween costumesso they won't break the bank. And in even better news, if you waited until the last minute for your costume hey, we get it, you're busy! Even if you're not feeling super crafty, most of these costumes are simple enough that you can tackle the steps without much trouble. Plus, making a costume yourself means that you know no Naked bodybuilding muscular girls else will show up in the same costume as you!

And just in case the stork stops by early or you're already planning ahead for trick-or-treating with a little one in tow next year, check out our best costumes for babies and best costumes for families we promise they're just as cute! Create your own spin on the classic cat costume by adding a "ball of yarn" on your baby bump. Start by looping the yarn over and over into several loops — don't worry about it being perfect, the idea is for it to be messy. Then pin the ends of the loops onto your shirt to create a "ball" effect, and let the rest of the yarn spill out for you to play with.

It'll be love-love in this tennis-themed couple's costume this Halloween. A cheap black dress Pregnant halloween costume idea a hole cut out in the Pregnant halloween costume idea to show off a neon yellow tube skirt is the secret to this ballin' look. Your little human can transform into everyone's favorite extraterrestrial. All you need is a red hoodie to look like Elliot, and with a gray shirt and bike handle faux or realyour baby bump Torrie wilson sable playboy totally E.

We predict your future will be better than ever with this Magic 8-Ball pregnancy costume. With a black shirt and a few pieces of felt, you'll have the easiest not to mention, cutest Halloween look.

To craft an avocado where your belly is the pit, simply trace the shape on a large piece of presentation board and then cut out a hole for the "pit. Attach straps to the back to slide your arms through, and then wear a brown shirt underneath. Patrick's day isn't the only time of year to celebrate the luck Pregnant halloween costume idea the Irish — turn your belly into a pot of gold that people can rub for a wee bit o' luck.

Get the whole family involved this year, and go down the yellow brick road. For your costume, use some light pink tulle to recreate Glinda's glam gown. Angela Scheiderich of Harlow Bliss photography went all out for her blew-up-into-a-blueberry look, but you can probably achieve a similar effect with your favorite purple maternity dress and some face paint. The Vampire Diaries actress Candice King couldn't help but notice that a troll doll tummy is great costume inspiration when you're pregnant.

Like the woman wearing this amazing costume writes on Instagram"Who Pregnant halloween costume idea to be than Winnie the Pooh, when you already have the belly? This fun DIY costume is bound to delight everyone who sees it. Pop Nemo "inside" the bowl for an extra creative touch. The best part is that they're fully customizable depending on your favorite face or your current mood. Being a protective mama bird is only natural, so this costume, where your belly is disguised as an egg, is especially adorable.

Have your partner feed you little gummy worms when you're hungry. It's a sunny-side up with a little bit of mischief, and, besides the devil horns, you can make it with things you probably have around the house. Get the tutorial at C. Throw on this shirt from Etsy and spend the rest of the evening making "gotta catch them all! Just stick this "demon baby" prop from Etsy under a tight shirt and you've got an outfit that's actually pretty frightening.

Everyone's seen couples who dress up as this pair from The Cat in the Hatbut this is a way more unique take. Sew or iron on a "Thing 1" sign to the chest area of a shirt and a "Thing 2" sign to the belly area — it's that simple! A fun twist on the traditional skeleton costume, this cute getup features a little skeleton "inside" your belly — and food in your partner's stomach. Your baby's technically under construction, right?

Post a little sign on your tummy to say so! Sure, Miley Cyrus's music video came out inbut Halloween is always the perfect time for a bit of nostalgia. Layer one maternity tee under another, cut a hole in the top one, and your ball is ready. An oldie but a goodie! When Jessica Simpson revealed to the world in that she was pregnant, she did it on Halloween, announcing "I'm going to be a mummy! Don't be afraid Pregnant halloween costume idea show off those curves that come from having a kid!

All Pregnant halloween costume idea need is a form-fitting black top and bottom, a construction board and a little paint.

Juno might have been in theaters a decade ago, but it's still beloved enough that your friends and family will get a major kick no pun intended out of this couples costume. Every Care Bear has a little spot on its tummy showing what Pregnant halloween costume idea personality is like.

In this mom-to-be's case, she's got a raincloud signifying Grumpy Bear, though she doesn't look grumpy to us — just cute!

For those of you who love horror movies, glue on a pair of arms from a doll and add a bit of fake blood for a "zombie baby" effect. Don't worry — there's an a ready-made inflatable version available.

Soccer fan? Have someone paint your belly as a soccer ball. Just try your best not to let the paint rub off on anything! Liv Tyler took the classic pregnancy idiom literally with Pregnant halloween costume idea hilarious Pregnant halloween costume idea. Just throw on Pregnant halloween costume idea black pants plus this pullover and you're ready to bake!

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