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Hey this is my 2nd fanfic. Fifty percent Spongebob and sandy naked and Sandy were packing their stuff for their friend's vacation over the summer. Patrick and the others were downstairs waiting Karla d femjoy vera t the two to finish packing.

Sandy had finished before Spongebob and told him that she was heading downstairs and would wait for him. When Sandy got downstairs everybody was smiling at her devilishly. She just looked at them like they were crazy. She thought she should ask why they were smiling at Spongebob and sandy naked like that, but restrained herself from doing so. She just closed out the thought by thinking "They probably finished smoking weed.

There couldn't have been another explanation for their retarded-ness. It was natural, anyway. We were just smokin' weed. Sandy looked at him with a Spongebob and sandy naked that he already knew what was going to happen because of what he just said.

Her eyes told him he was in for it. Patrick always talked about Spongebob and someone always told on him. Right then Spongebob came down and Sandy told him what Patrick said. He got really mad and slapped him in the face. Infuriated he took his rage out on Spongebob and sandy naked poor face. When he was done Spongebob and sandy naked apologized and they drove off. Everybody was talking. Spongebob Spongebob and sandy naked looking at Sandy with lustful eyes. He wanted to fuck her.

So he reached over and put his hand in her skirt and felt her wet pussy. Sandy looked at him with mad eyes. She wasn't in the mood, but he was. She didn't like it but her mind just told her to shut the fuck up and let him touch her.

But she was stubborn. Still fingering her, he reached over to her clit which made her go crazy. He didn't say anything but didn't stop either. He knew she liked it, so he wouldn't Spongebob and sandy naked until they got to where they were going. He rubbed it ever so lightly which made her Spongebob and sandy naked her eyes closed as she climaxed on his fingers.

Finally he stopped as they pulled to their destination. They were at the Holiday Inn. Everyone loved it there. SB and Sandy got to thier rooms first. Sandy jumped on Spongebob and got him to the bed. Spongebob just looked at her thinking that she was going to return the favor. Sandy looked at him saying that he was a pervert and he needed to stop "being in the mood" all the time. He nodded and Hairy sugar mummy videos at her skirt.

It was just above her knees but some thigh showed when she bent over. He imagined what he would look like between them. In a while after everyone had situated their stuff and got comfortable, they all went exploring. They would all meet up at the Kidz R Adults Lobby at Sandy and Spongebob were of course together. SB had long ago forged his plan for Sandy, and then before he could ask that they explore, Patrick already said they would so the time with the both of them would be much longer now.

Spongebob told Sandy that there was a surprise in the bathroom. The rest of the group was far away now. She obviously believed him and followed. In the The sparkling clean bathroom, there was a big stand that led to a private lobby next door. SB took the advantage and went inside with Sandy. Sandy just looked around in awe at the whole place. There was a big bed sort of stump there and SB signaled for Sandy to sit down on it. Spongebob moved closer so that he was now between her thighs and she looked at him confused.

He moved Spongebob and sandy naked that Spongebob and sandy naked he was holding her hips firmly so she wouldn't struggle. Her hands lay at her sides and she felt that she had been tricked. After that he grabbed one breast and pressed on her nipples. A surprising moan came from her mouth and her eyes shut closed. He immediately went down to her panties and put his hand between them. He then went for her clit and rubbed it fiercely. She made moaning and groaning sounds, signaling that she would climax fast.

All of a sudden she fell back and lay there as her climax came. She screamed his name and he was satisfied but not for long. He quickly stuck his dick in her pussy Spongebob and sandy naked pumped in and out making her moan more. She was screaming but no one could hear her. He didn't have as much of an affair as she did but he enjoyed it.

He was doing this so she wouldn't be a virgin. The first pump he did the hardest Spongebob and sandy naked slowest of them all and said: "HA! Your not a virgin anymore. Told ya bitch. He then shoved himself hard within her and she then lost her voice because she was so weak from all that screaming.

He looked at her. She had had enough She was sweating and couldn't move much. She was exhausted, but Spongebob was up and ready for action. Not a sweat did he break while he fucked her. Now he would just drag her back to the room Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons SpongeBob SquarePants. Spongebob and Sandy go with their friends for summer vacation. But Spongbob has something planned for Sandy ooo Rated M for language and other situations. Well, here it is enjoy!

Sex Filled Day Spongebob and Sandy were packing their stuff for their friend's vacation over the summer. When are we leaving? Whenever really. Its comfortable. Its wonderful. I'm glad you Spongebob and sandy naked. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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