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Police in Lusaka have arrested a 24 year old man for defrauding Zambian women who exchanged nude pictures with him. Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said Joel Sikaneta of Chowa Township in Kabwe was arrested for extortion and being in possession of obscene materials.

Ms Katongo said the suspect is believed to have between June Zambian nude booty ladies December, swindled seven 07 females using nine fake Facebook accounts opened in different names. The suspect is believed to have between June and Zambian nude booty ladies, swindled seven females using nine fake facebook accounts opened in different names. The accused person would pretend to be a white man, initiate an intimate relationship with unsuspecting females on Facebook after befriending them and promise to send them money in dollars and buy them cars.

He would begin by sending nude pictures for a white man on pretext that they were his and would later entice women to also send their nude pictures to him. The suspect would then begin demanding for money from victims and threatening to publish nude pictures if they did not comply. When the victims plead for leniency, the purported wife would link them to either her brother or spiritual father here in Zambia who would give them an account number in which to deposit the money.

Several women including married women fell victim and ended up depositing money for fear of being embarrassed. Even married Zambian women?

Sounds like Nigerian, but Zambian nude booty ladies the guy is a Kabwean. See: I agree. They should also arrest all Zambian nude booty ladies women for distributing obscene material. That is also a criminal case. I remember Iris was caught up in that kind of case. Married women!!!! Yjo this world. Too bad that the young man was caught. After dealing with five gullible women, he should have changed tactic, like pretending that he is a Pastor who can deliver white men to their door steps after planting the seed.

Zambian Women, how silly can you be? Better than 42 million dollar engine trucks swindle or the mukula saga not forgetting the ambulances. Shameful but a very smart crook. Perhaps an ex-street vendor who has to survive in spite of the army-take over of streets. Clever story!!! It can be a nice movie but i would edit more on the ending just do not want police in my movie! Come out we see you. Most of the African women are stupid when it comes to a white man because they think is it a status.

They are lazy and want Zambian nude booty ladies the easy way. Look at divorce rates in developed country -very high. Do these Zambia care no ,as long as they are outside the country with something to show off. A lesson for all those women who think everything white is Gold. Ukutemwisha ulupiya efyo kwaba. No Zambian nude booty ladies we see women running away whenever a husband stop earning an income.

Shame on you if you are such!! Hehehehehe I have to say this guy has potential to make it big if he can only be a little more organized. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

Password recovery. Recover your password. Lusaka Times Keeping you Informed. Get help. Related Posts: Nude pictures force woman to leave husband Luo forbids media from publishing nude girls Police Chief directs Zambia Police to disarm and arrest anybody found with weapons Zambia Police offer K50, for information leading to the arrest of Ritual Killers Zambia Police warns rumor mongers to stop or risk arrest.

Constitutional Court to deliver verdict this Friday on Bill President Lungu leaves for United Arab Emirates. Chamusebanya sana 6. Stupid zambian women Ukutemwa abasungu In future you should arrest the women for being gullible. Better than 42 million dollar engine trucks swindle or the mukula saga not forgetting the ambulances Zedian crooks copying Nigerians now! Cha nsoni sana. SHAME 4. When is ZP gonna arrest those who kill using cholera?

It is also corruption! You are quick to report rubbish corruption cases. We want to see the proof here. Useless and desperate women. Thinking muzungu will date them 6. Desperate housewives indeed. They will do anything for a few dollars more. I hope the girls have also been arrested for indecent exposure 6.

Tuma small, individualistic and personal cases aaah, very fast. Kkkkkk yabaaa? Iwe: Crookedness is human in nature. What about the corruption being done by Employees!!! This guy is a genius. This is so enterprising 5. Genius, those ladies are desperate and foolish. State asks the Constitutional Court to assess the amount of money November 25, With no identity to speak of, Zambia turns to foreign cultures November Zambian nude booty ladies,

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