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Note: this story contains male and female nudity and sex. I do not own pokemon or any of it's characters, any characters in this story are strictly belonging to gamefreak and pokemon. Ash and Misty Ash and misty boobs staying at Misty's sisters' house in Cerulean city, Brock had asked to stay in Pewter city so they dropped him off there and flew to Cerulean.

While there Misty was leading the gym because her sisters had to go to Johto for something, Fun with haitian prostitute Ash was just Hanging out and, being Ash. That night after Ash and Misty went to bed, Ash couldn't quite fall asleep so he got up to go dangle his feet in the pool for a while, when he got there he saw Misty by the pool, he was about to greet her when he realized that she was naked!

Ash wasn't sure if Misty would believe that it was a mistake so he ducked into a hiding spot, however from that spot he could still see Misty. She was a very beautiful woman, with nice B-cup Ash and misty boobs. Ash could perfectly make out all of her curves and in Ash and misty boobs dark he could almost see her Vagina.

Misty walked up to the diving board, climbed up, and did a perfect swan dive. She hit the water with a loud Ker-splash! And it was a few seconds Ash and misty boobs she resurfaced, body glistening with water, Misty did a few laps around the pool and Ash felt himself get hard as he watched the water glide along her naked body. Misty swam to the edge and pulled herself up, once she was sitting on the edge she slowly grabbed her tits and began massaging them slowly, Ash could hear her softly moaning, then she got up and walked over to her clothes and started to put them on, Ash quietly sneaked off and went to bed.

The next morning at Ash and misty boobs, Ash couldn't help but stare at Misty's tits, she had on a night shirt which was low cut so it exposed her cleavage, fortunately Misty didn't seem to notice but instead was talking about a battle she had the other day where she almost beat the trainer but her golduck couldn't hang on and she lost, Ash nodded as if he was listening but was really thinking about Misty's body.

Later that day Misty asked Ash to assist her in a battle, she was Ash and misty boobs two trainers who insisted on battling together, Ash accepted and retrieved three water pokemon from his PC, Pikachu wanted to battle but Ash explained why he couldn't. The battle went well, and at the end Misty gave Ash a tight hug, pressing her tits against him, Ash got hard and hoped Misty didn't notice, Misty skipped towards the gym door and as she did her tits jiggled slightly, pinned down by her suspenders, Ash just stared.

That night it was stormy outside and Ash was fast asleep, suddenly he was awakened by his door flinging open and Misty bursting in, Ash went to turn on the light but Misty stopped him, "No! Don't turn that on! It'd just be one night. Ash got hard as her body touched against his own, Asian chubby spreading pussy was smooth and cool, her skin felt like a water pokemon. Misty put her arm on Ash and felt his penis, she smiled and said Ash and misty boobs that surprised Ash, "You know Ash, it's not fair that I'm naked and you're not, why don't you shed those pants and make it a little more fair.

Finally Ash asked the question he had been wondering for a while, "Misty, what are you doing? Ash Ash and misty boobs what Misty was going for and began tenderly licking her vagina, he then maneuvered his hands to her tits and started gently massaging them, Misty was sucking his dick but still was able to emit a moan of pleasure, Ash did to, he realised he had also always had a crush on Misty.

After Ash and misty boobs little more Ash finally cumed in Misty's mouth and she moaned and fell onto the bed next to him, they took a little breather, looked at each other, and decided to go all the way, Misty got on top of Ash and positioned herself so his dick was going right into her vagina, Ash reached up and grabbed Misty's Ash and misty boobs as she slowly began to ride up and down on his dick, the more Ash massaged Misty's tits, the more horny the two of them became, it took awhile for Ash to cum but Misty Ash and misty boobs wet the whole time, they both moaned in pleasure the whole time.

Finally Ash cummed and Misty rolled over on to the bed. Misty then snuggled up next to Ash, whispered goodnight to him, and fell asleep, Ash did likewise. Story Story Writer Forum Community. The pokemon world tournament is happening. In order to pass the time the boys from the games tell of their escapades of sex.

The boys are back 2. Ash and Misty 3. The arrival 4. Brendan and May 5. Terraboon 6. Ethan and Whitney 7. Lucas on Ash and misty boobs spot 8. Lucas and Dawn 9.

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