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Today on ExtraBigDicks. Lucky fuck! Hailing from the Windy City, the first and afore mentioned thrustee is Val Aris. The second is Cliff Jensen. Cliff hauls out his fat cock waving it in the air teasing Val. Kneeling before him Val goes to work worshipping at the Cliff cock temple. From there they take it bunk style as they maneuver into a hot Cliff the! Cliff means business as he starts to hammer that thick dick home. Cliff jensen val aris then flips Val over and gets him into Cliff jensen val aris. Cliff picks up the pace heading towards the home stretch.

Cliff then sits back down to let Val ride his cock some more. This position does the trick and Cliff quickly flips Val over onto the couch as he pulls out and shoots all over him. This Cliff jensen val aris pretty hot. He makes me ignore my distaste for tattoos and bad boys. Damn, Cliff certainly has a beautiful cock. Looks like it would be very fun to ride! And I agree Delian07, I too would Cliff jensen val aris over my dislike for tats for Cliff and that cock…yum!

Those are the things that give me a chuckle. Not that Tyler needs anyone to come to his defense but let me clear something up for you Feyd. Same with the pollyanna comment, but you knew that, right?

Well, pardon me. FeydRautha: I am still to understand the connotation of being a top or a bottom. Either way we are having sex with another guy which qualifies us as gay. Neither the top or the bottom is less gay for doing sex that way. The idea is to have sex the best way we can and enjoy it to the max regardless if we are topping or bottoming.

If Tyler bottoms or tops it is up to him and the lucky ones that share his bed with him. The rest of us can admire or even be jealous of his dates and that is the extent of that.

So if Tyler from time to time glorifies being a bottom or a top that has to do with his mood at the time. I was trying to be… antithetical, I guess is the word. A nelly bottom would be my guess. Dayum I am drooling. Cliff is hot…nice dick. Has that bad boy attitude about him. Did I mention he had a big dick too?

I posted that earlier in the pertinent Cliff jensen val aris. Try to keep up. Or is merely pointing out Teens- photo nue- asia- latina black someone is a bottom denigrating them?

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