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Look, I understand the bias or skepticism against gay-for-pay performers! I really do. We all do. For me, that exception is Girth Brooks. The thing about Girth? In support of my lust for Girth, I have made a list of sixteen things I adore about him most of which involve his incredibly thick cock. Because, duh, I like making lists. Photo credit: Extra Big Dicks. That large, almost-creepy vein on the bottom of his shaft:. His oh-so-bitable nipples. His salt-and-pepper chest chair:. His oh-so-lickable armpits:.

His totally distracting, kind-of-tacky watch:. The way he plows hole:. His balls:. The brilliant mushroom Girth brooks nude images on his gigantic schlong:. His jizz, on a face:. Just look at picture 7. What is not to love about that? I like him for all the reasons you mention and I love the new hair Girth brooks nude images. I get that some guys arent into him, but why do they have to be so queeny and nasty about it. I dont dig twinks all that much, but I dont go around whining about it on blogs.

GIRTH is the man. Come on. Girth Is ST8?? Are these pics very recent? Does look like he has lost a little weight in the face, but his cock Girth brooks nude images what really gets me and that nice sexy voice.

He could say anything and it would get it up. One of my all time favorite porn stars!! Is he married to a woman? I luv girth too, he oozes masculinity in an average joe kinda way. Btw…someone noted he lost weight, he did! I have seen him on cuple of Amateur mom riding cock. Once I said hi too.

LOVE the man. And his chat is never boring. Anyone able to confirm or deny? You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Girth brooks nude images large, almost-creepy vein on the bottom of his shaft: His oh-so-bitable nipples 8. His salt-and-pepper chest chair: 7.

Girth brooks nude images oh-so-lickable armpits: 6. His totally distracting, kind-of-tacky watch: 5. Bbw sex habdjob videos way he plows hole: 4. His balls: 3. The brilliant mushroom head on his gigantic schlong: 2. His jizz, on a face: 1. He is awesome — just awesome. One of my top 5 porn stars EVER! Some of these queens need their heads examined. GIRTH is the best. Love love love him and he is handsome as fuck.

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