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Public Pastes. Hypno'd Futa Bimbos. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! She was covered in sweat, probably induced by her slumber. Roxie slowly got onto her knees and slogged up; her fat cock flopped about slightly as she stood with shaky legs.

Everything was heavy, warm and dreamlike to her. She couldn't remember anything at all - all she knew was that she was horny Hypnotized mind control futa had an intense, insatiable craving for cock. Idly, she began to giggle dumbly. With her hand massaging her balls, she looked around the room with a big, stupid smile that just oozed of lust.

She had been erect the whole time while staring at her fellow futa slave, with the same stupid smile plastered on her face. Their eyes both were a kaleidoscope of colours. The musk was hypnotic and alluring to a point of practically being a leash for the dumb bimbo.

Speaking of Hypnotized mind control futa, this slave seemed particularly brainless. She was likely one of the several cocksucking bimbos of the home. As she pumped her cock with her Hypnotized mind control futa, she began planting kisses along Hsien-Ko's fat cock. I'm Roxie Her tongue swirled around it; she savored the sweat and musk with a happy giggle. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics.

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