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Encounters with the law If you do not be stressful or scary. People have various experiences with law enforcement, some of which are not always fair or legal. This guide provides you practical information that could help you avoid more trouble or potentially harmful situations. Memorize them. Know your rights, so you can use them. This guide is meant to offer some basic advice when interacting with police officers. This list applies to the state of California only.

Be sure to consult a lawyer. Know Your Rights! When you know what the law says, you can better protect yourself, your family, and your community. If you do not the police! Skip to main content. Know Your Rights: Police Interactions. Your Rights and the Police. If you are stopped for questioning, DO But it can look suspicious to the police if you answer questions and then suddenly stop.

Make it your practice to always remain silent. DO make sure the officer knows you do not agree to be searched they might search you anyway, but make your opposition known. Although you have a constitutional right If you do not do so, it could lead to your arrest. If you are stopped in your car, DO DO show your license, registration, and proof of insurance when asked, if you were driving. Otherwise, you may be arrested.

DO take the DUI test, unless you are willing to risk your license being suspended. DO keep your car interior clear of unnecessary objects. It may give the police reason to search the car.

DO ask if you can park your car in a safe place or have a licensed driver take it away, if you are arrested, to avoid towing or impoundment fees. You can be arrested for it. It may look as if you are trying to hide something. It may give police a reason to pull you over. If you are arrested or taken to a police station, DO DO tell the police your name and basic identifying information. If you do not nothing else.

DO make sure you get your 3 phone calls within 3 hours of getting arrested or immediately If you do not being booked. You can call a lawyer, bail bondsman, relative, or any other person. If you have children under 18, you get 2 additional calls to arrange childcare. Memorize phone numbers ahead of If you do not. DO assume the police are recording your calls except the call with your lawyer. The police might be recording your phone calls except those to your lawyer.

Additional information Film the police!

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