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Discussion in ' The lounge ' started by BokkieDec 28, Log in or Sign up. Hi everybody! I'll tell you my story at the end, why I want to know these things. Am I right when I think that the foreskin connected to the head literally breaks lose from the head? How does it feel different? She then said that there is something she has to tell me before continuing or ending the relationship. She is not a virgin.

She didn't Man loses his virginity videos to Man loses his virginity videos with him anymore. She assured me, and I also know it's true, that she's only been with him.

I know the reason she did it - was true love - not lust! We had sex 3 nights ago, and she really enjoyed it even complimented me - it was really very special for her. For me, I also enjoyed it a lot being my first time - I am still a virgin.

The sex felt just like masterbating. That's why I'm asking all these questions. BokkieDec 28, Hi, these are great questions! A really great place to start is with virtually all of the books written by Robie Harris. Just click that Man loses his virginity videos and you'll be able to get a copy, even a used copy, which is quite inexpensive. These books were recommended to me by a colleague who's also a member of the American Association of Sex Educators Counselors and Therapistsand who is the Director of a Planned Parenthood Clinic.

KSMO veteran Rick has also drafted a detailed reply to you and that should be Man loses his virginity videos shortly as well. Please to continue to post any followup questions and comments you may have, as a reply to the posts in this thread. Welcome to the Adventure! Wishing you and your sweetheart the very best for the New Year! JJregDec 28, Hi Bokkie, Welcome to the Forums.

One point of order, not getting onto you because you probably just are not aware of how the forum works, but you only need to post a message in one forum, preferably the one that applies to what you are wanting to discuss.

After looking at the forums you posted this message in, I Man loses his virginity videos the Homemade extreme anal insertions chat room was Man loses his virginity videos the best place to respond to this. If not, Jack can move it. No, losing one's virginity has nothing to do with the foreskin.

A virgin is simply someone who has not had sex with another person. Once you have had sex, you have lost your virginity. A man's foreskin has to be Anushka hot xxx sex removed.

If it were to come off during sex, it would be an indication of a real physical problem and sickness and need immediate medical attention. The only real way to remove it is to go to a doctor and have them do it, short of attempting your own cutting There has always been a big debate about whether men with foreskins enjoy sex better than without.

I've never had one since I was circumcised as a baby, the usual procedure back in the s, so I definitely could not say. I know it is good for me and that is all that really matters.

With a woman, that is a little different. A woman who is a virgin has a covering of skin over the cervix, I believe spelled "hymen". Usually, a woman who is a virgin has not had this broken, and if it is not upon the first time having sex, it tends to get broken and she bleeds and is in pain for a period of time. Most will recommend that a doctor break that for her if it is not already broke for one's honeymoon.

Man loses his virginity videos read that in a book, and when my wife and I were Man loses his virginity videos ready to be married, I told her to have the doctor do it. The doctor refused, feeling that it was my duty to do that. In retrospect, I should have had her go to another doctor to get it done, but money was tight and I didn't argue too much with the opinion of the physician.

Then, on our honeymoon night, first time having sex, I broke it. Well, she was in pain for the rest of our honeymoon and for a long time she unconsciously associated pain with sex. So it was not good and I could have beat that doctor over the head for the pain he caused Man loses his virginity videos, not just the physical, but the emotional. That's another story Melville before moby dick I'm getting off on a rabbit trail.

However, a woman can lose her virginity without breaking it. Some women have thicker hymens and it might not break until later. Or the man's penis might not be quite long enough to put enough pressure on it to break. In any event, it usually breaks on the first time a woman has sex, but not necessarily.

Whether it breaks or not, it is the act of having sex that means she is no longer a virgin, not whether the hymen breaks or not. At any rate, a man has nothing comparable to that when they lose their virginity. All it means is you've had sex. There are no physical changes that accompany it. I'm assuming this also answers your other questions as well, Disney princess sex comics they were based upon this wrong idea.

However, I would also suggest that you don't worry too much about trying to please her more. What I mean by that is certainly we want to please our partners as much as we can, and there are probably things that could be done to do that learning the multiple orgasm trigger is a great place to startbut one of the traps we can fall into is focusing so much on Man loses his virginity videos can I do to be better that we ignore the pleasure of the current time.

If you were to go get circumcised, I have no idea whether that would increase or decrease your or her pleasure. It is a fairly permanent act too that it is probably not worth finding out either. From all I've heard, men with foreskins can have just as good if not better than without, so I would tend not to go there if I were you.

Instead, better to focus on enjoying the time you have with her, check out things that could help like this site, it can teach you new skills that greatly enhance and widen your whole sexual experience. The mind is the greatest asset to great sex. Work on that and the rest will follow barring some physical limitations and sickness.

Keep up the good work. RickDec 29, As I side note I have heard that men who have Man loses his virginity videos been circumsciced can on average last longer then circumsciced men because Man loses his virginity videos uretheral nerve the one that triggers ejaculation is more exposed in cirumsciced men. AndreaOct 7, H'mm As someone whom has sat both sides of the fence, my experiences are that orgasm is the same experience whether one is circumcised or not.

Sensitivity may be a slightly different issue; I feel more sensitive having had the operation because much more nerve tissue is exposed. However, I have to say that 'in the moment' none of these are particularly important issues!! Much more important is the connection with the person with whom one is making love; either oneself or a significant other.

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