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The H. Western-Racing-Association-vintage-race-cars One of a kind is how they were made. And Jan drives the hell out of it all over the West Coast. The Bob's Big Boy Special is a mid-thirties home built midget. The cowl and tail are steel with a rail frame most likely from a Chevrolet. Front and rear axles are Model T Ford narrowed to a 44" tread width. It has hand mechanical brakes that are a Model T Ford parking type of brake. The steering is from a Franklin and it has Hartford friction type shocks.

The wheels are made by using a Ford brake drum welded to the center of a 12 inch rim. A period honeycomb radiator cools the Elto engine which is a 4 cylinder opposed outboard boat motor built by Evinrude in the 's. The engine is 2-cycle 60 cubic inch 60 horsepower which uses methanol and castor oil.

This engine stands with the crankshaft vertical and the power makes a 90 degree turn in the in-and-out box and continues on to the rear axle. Final ratio is a non-adjustable 5. The car weight is pounds. Originally, the car was from San Diego and it ran at Balboa Stadium. Little else is known about the car. To my Amateur cum facial pov this Elto Midget is the only one running in vintage events in the U.

It is a museum piece. Jan Plischke, Owner. I've always wanted to know why the ELTO had such a large exhaust, nerver seen a photo of the engine with out the header. Nice looking car, Outboard engines in midget race cars for the post.

The37KidSep 14, Appears they even offered a dohc 4 stroke, never seen one though. Rootie KazoootieSep 14, People forget just how important Midget Racing was often they had bigger purses that Forbidden junior boy selfies cars Spectators love the little cars and owners poured heavy money and time Outboard engines in midget race cars Sexy naked ass gif little cars I'd buy a good one if I could find one and let Mrs B use it in addition to her Miller Was it Rodger Ward that did very well road racing in So Cal OH Memory fades you know BlutoOutboard engines in midget race cars 14, Lime Rock, being a tighter lower speed track was better suited to a midget.

Earlier in 59 he Outboard engines in midget race cars the Outboard engines in midget race cars Card midget at the first U. Grand Prix at Sebring but was pretty much outclassed on the high speed track. Ended up dropping out with a blown clutch. Jan is my father-in-law and yes, he definitely drives the hell out of his Elto. Here's a vid my wife, his daughter, took of him making a few laps at the Orange Show in San Bernardino.

Beef StewSep 14, The video is great but I am reminded that when a driver lifts for a corner the bottom end lube is restricted. When you stand on it again there is often a lot of oil and result in a lot of smoke.

The Saab racers used to keep the throttle open and left foot brake racing On street cars the driver had an option of free-wheeling to overcome this problem Outboard engines in midget race cars normal use. BlutoSep 15, Nice Elto midget.

My brother has one also, but has not run it. I am also a collector of antique outboards and was told that Evinrude sold more 's for midget racing than for hydroplane racing. The giant exaust was the technology of the day. These are 2 stroke motors and they thought no back pressure was good. Today the outboard racers know better and use adjustable tuned pipes. But those old open pipes sure look cool. I wonder how one of these Elto's would do in a streetable midget hot rod?

Classic stuff - looks like fun! Ward's car had an underpowered engine 1. Ward explained how his participation in the race came about by saying, "Ullman called me up and invited me to race in the Grand Prix. He offered me some money, and I was in the habit of accepting money, so I told him I'd bring the midget. TommyA19Dec 1, In the History of Schwinn bikes Ronny Householder, mentioned in the catalog, is shown in his midget that ran windbreaker for a Schwinn MPH record run. He Outboard engines in midget race cars on to be a Chrysler engineer during the Ramcharger team days.

He had 6 wins, 2 seconds and 2 thirds in feature races. TommyA19Dec 2, Johnny Ritter also did well on the boards in Nutley in the little yellow 23, 5 wins in a row! Those 2 cycles needed to stay rev'd Outboard engines in midget race cars as to not foul the plugs. Last edited: Mar 8, Runs pretty good once the mixture is set right. Dean LoweMar 8, The old 2 strokes were fast if they could as they say [stay up on the cam] the 4 stroke cars would drag there feet lining up for the green flag hoping the 2 strokes would foul a plug.

I have been in the same heat several times with the 13 car when they bunched the roadsters with the midgets because of low car count. It sure smells neat when you Russian nudist families at home up behind him what with the castor oil.

We had fast time, won the dash, the fast heat, was leading the main and picked up a sheet metal screw in the right front tire. Our driver quipped later, "we were screwed out of a clean sweep". This pic was taken a week after we got home. Pete1Mar 8, Good looking Kurtis. Love the original windshield. Dean LoweMar 9, That's a beautiful Elto. They have put up some You-tube videos of the fun they had, running our beautiful Elto outboard.

Lots of laughing and BIG ear-to-ear smiles! I have one Last favorite Elto. I was saving for my younger son, but he is always on the move with his job, and can't take it. So it needs a new home. ASAP, as we are Outboard engines in midget race cars to a smaller home. See the classifeds. The engine is an 8 cyl opposed. It was designed and built by Ray Harroun. A proud moment for me. There is an Outboard engines in midget race cars coming home shortly.

It's called the Frederick Special. I've done a bunch of searching and can't find any information on it. Does anyone know anything about the Frederick Special?

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