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New and improved! Filmed in full quality p HD. This water spraying into a lovely pool at the base of a waterfall is calming and very relaxing. The pool is located in a jungle setting in the Pablic sex waterful hd of Thailand.

As always we have a top quality relaxation video and screensaver download bundle. This Pablic sex waterful hd pool was found at the base of the very unique Bua Tong waterfall in the jungle of north Thailand. We recently remastered this jungle waterfall video to improve contrast and color remade October For a very fair price you will receive a 20 minute version in the universal MP4 format as a digital download. This can then be looped on a media player and streamed on your TV screen.

Also we have created screensaver versions. These 3 minute versions are shorter to keep downloads small and fast, plus they loop automatically on your Windows or Mac computers. You must be logged in to post a review. We first visited Bua Tong Falls a few months ago, but it was the height of the rainy season and a busy Sunday for local Thai tourists. So we only managed to film an average video which we gave away to all our previous customers. This time we went back hoping for a better day.

We were on scooters and the rain was non stop from our base in Chiang Mai, south of Bua Tong. We arrived drenched and tired from the ride. After a very much appreciated relax under shelter and warm coffee, we decided to plod on. Thankfully the rain slowed down and once we got inside the jungle around the falls, the trees gave shelter.

By the time we had walked down the metres to the pool in the video, the rain had almost fully stopped. This was quite Pablic sex waterful hd tricky video to film because of the constant dripping of water from the many leaves above. Plus the fact that we were filming inside the pool of water. After a couple of test takes we got the right composition and let the camera roll.

Once we began to film we noticed spiders walking along the top of the water. They weren't too scary as their bodies were very thin. Then we noticed some fish behind us. We Pablic sex waterful hd had the tripod set up on sand and it inevitably sunk a tiny bit. Therefore this video is actually 3 minutes and 40 seconds long.

We looped the footage again to make up the 20 minutes. At the 3 minute and 40 second mark you might just Nude daddy indian pussy able to notice a slight movement. We basically Pablic sex waterful hd the beginning with the end to make a smooth transition.

Instead of the camera jumping up a millimetre or so. This was done with a cross fade technique in post production. Otherwise the loop wouldn't of been seamless. Don't worry, it is barely noticeable, we never let our high quality levels drop. Once we had completed the scene we walked over to the main area of spray where there is an ideal platform to have a natural shower.

Although we were damp it was a nice experience and the water was warmer than expected. The drive home was without rain so we soon dried off in the warm climate. The effort was well worth it to create a relax video which has such a nice vibe. For more technical information see our FAQ page, or Blog Pablic sex waterful hd help with media players. Or we are always happy to help through email on our contact page. Please note: our products are all virtual, downloadable files. If you are unsure if your devices can play our formats; please click here to try quick samples.

We have had recent reports that some Apple computers are having trouble playing the screensavers, from people running certain versions of Mac OS High Sierra and Mojave.

If this happns to you simply let us know and we will refund your money immediately. Windy Tree Lake. Tropical Waterfall. Garden Waterfall. Harbour Boats. Relaxing Stream. Resort Beach. Tranquil Water Lily. Parkland Deer. Log in Remember me. Lost Pablic sex waterful hd password? Description Additional information Reviews 0 More about this jungle waterfall video Details As always we have a top quality relaxation video and screensaver download bundle.

Reviews There are no reviews yet. Otherwise the loop wouldn't of been seamless Don't worry, it is barely noticeable, we never let our high quality levels drop. We use the H. We have encoded these videos in the superior H. The 4K Ultra HD screensavers are also 3 minutes and loop automatically approx. If you have updated to the latest version of Mojave our screensavers will no longer work. Some of the MP4 videos are looped to make up the 20 minutes.

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