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Let me get this straight, Son - You want me to tie you to a chair, gag you, and make you watch while I have sex with your Bully I don't know what he has against you but it must be pretty terrible if you'd even consider asking me to do such a thing to you!

You must be desperate! You're sure? You want me to do this? Okay, I'll do it Son. But you owe me. When she made the discovery, she gasped with an intense mix of pure shock, absolute horror, and straight up disgust! She felt used. She felt dirty. She was ashamed of herself for letting this fantasy consume her to the point where she had actually given it a try against her better judgement rather than think with her head about the risks!

She should have stayed home! She should have stayed home and spent the night laying in bed masturbating to gloryhole pornos. At least then she wouldn't be sitting here with a sticky face covered in cum blushing from regret and embarrassment despite her pussy still She fucked the boy soaking wet!

Now, she had sucked her Bullies cock. She had let her Bully fuck both of her holes. She had experienced multiple orgasms from fucking her Bully And she was now kneeling here completely naked on the dirty floor filled with crusty tissues and more She was so consumed with her emotions after learning what she had done that she hadn't even realized She fucked the boy gasped out loud!

Her Bully surly recognized her voice too! Nobody would have suspected she masturbated to fantasies involving the nerds around town. Nobody would have guessed how submissive she was in the bedroom. And nobody would have believed her if She fucked the boy told them she purposely masturbated in front of the window every night in hopes of getting caught!

Her Son came home looking terrible today! Crying, upset, visibly shaking, and barely able to speak as he told She fucked the boy an extremely long and awful story about how his biggest Bully had seduced his Girlfriend, stolen his Girlfriend away from him, then forced him to kneel on the floor and watch while he fucked her in front of him! It was She fucked the boy awful what her Son's Bully had done to him but what she held her Son tightly and listened, she realized that was only part of the story!

There was more. Much much more. And things had only gotten worse for her Son from there! After fucking his Girlfriend and punching her Son in the face, her Son's Bully went on to gloat and tell everybody what he had done while her Son's Girlfriend had apparently added to her Son's Humiliation and made things 10x worse when she confirmed she cheated with his Bully to everybody who asked She was practically squirming on the couch while her Son told her all of this.

She had a visible wet spot on her panties now and her nipples were rock hard! Her face was as red and flushed as her Son's was - only for a much different reason - and she struggled to hide the excitement in her voice as she completely stopped consoling her Son and telling him everything would be okay Hell, she even suggested it was her Son's own fault his Girlfriend had cheated because he had a small dick!

Of course this made her Son cry harder! And eventually he got up and ran to his bedroom in tears where he had locked himself in for almost an hour now! She was in her own bedroom now as well. She was naked, laying on her bed with her legs spread wide, touching her pussy while silently listening to her Son cry and cry and cry while occasionally punching the wall out of anger! She couldn't stop thinking about everything her Son had told her while she masturbated!

She couldn't stop thinking about the way her Son's Girlfriend had purposely said and done things to hurt him even more. And she couldn't stop thinking about how awful of a Mother she was for thinking about these sort of things while she began to moan out loud a little She could hear her Son crying in his bedroom down the hall and she was pretty sure he could overhear her moans!

Moans the only got louder and louder the harder her Son cried Their little back and forth of crying a little bit louder and moaning a little bit louder continued for a couple more minutes until she finally closed her eyes, pinched one of her nipples, and began masturbating furiously looking to She fucked the boy herself over the edge!

Just as she began to squirt, she heard the familiar She fucked the boy of her bedroom door creak as it had just been pushed She fucked the boy This blog contains adult content and you're only seeing a review She fucked the boy it.

In order to view it completely, please log in or register and confirm She fucked the boy are 18 years or older. She Fucked My Bully. This is blog about Bullied nerds watching their family and loved ones get fucked and enjoy their Bullies big cock as their Bully cuckolds them, humiliates them, and a whole lot more!

Are you sure you want me to do this to you Son? There's no backing out once I call him over! Not because your Bully has a massive dick Not because your Bully has knows how to use it Not because your Bully has incredibly impressive stamina Not because your Bully is extremely attractive And certainly not because I want to fuck your Bully! I am doing this for you! So don't look away. Watch me, Son! Watch me get fucked by your biggest Bully! Watch Mommy get fucked and never forget - You asked for this!

After the big sticky messy facial from my Bully The last thing Mom did for me before heading upstairs was untie me from the uncomfortable chair, remove my gag, then kiss me while telling me she loved me She fucked the boy my Bully was laughing his way out the door! Oh shit! Was it part of the roleplay It was awful! Fuck, this was so hot!

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