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Some sissy boys are great at dressing girly in the privacy of their own homes. And a few brave little bitches will even manage to go out to a place where cross-dressers, drag queens, or fetishists gather. But how many of you clitty-cocked little mother Sissy getting a slave tattoo actually have the ovaries to do something more permanent, hmm?

Or at least until the 30 or so laser removal sessions erase your sissy shame and leave you with a suspicious looking scar to explain to future partners. The Tramp Stamp :. Your Inner Fairy:. You know what you know what you really are. Why not give the rest of the world a glimpse of your inner fairy. Of course, a fairy like this could just be a manly appreciation for Sissy getting a slave tattoo women. But people will always suspect the truth. Which is still a cool look. For light and dark skin alike though, you always want to wear sunscreen over a tattoo, to help it retain its color.

Registrants get a certificate on their profile page that has a barcode, corresponding to their registration number. Of course, these are things you can update as needed. You gotta admit, this guy is coming off as pretty sissy, even with his hairy leg and thick calf. Kitty trumps things masculine! And of course, the bunny:. The simplicity and brand recognition of this logo is so brilliant that even if Sissy getting a slave tattoo were to just get it painted on your fingernail, people would instantly recognize it, and you, for what you are.

Research your tattoo artist, find one whose work you really like, and then tell them your ideas. Trust them, and listen to their advice. How dedicated a sissy are you? Here are a few ideas to decorate your sissy skin. Your Inner Fairy: You know what you know what you really are. Now go. Them too, of course. But mostly me. Hypno-fetish MP3s.

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