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Age: 51 Adult. Status: 5th Hokage. And… a Nag. Sasuke was a very touchy subject. You know what I said" Naruto smirked. Next thing he knew, a finger flicked him on the forehead and sent him blasting through the walls of Something about tsunade naruto Hokage building, and crashing onto the training grounds.

Naruto, dazed, remembered she's on old bag but she still packs a punch. She doesn't know how to hold back either. As he struggled to stand up, Tsunade jumped through the hole from the building and landed in front of Naruto.

How embarrassing. You should just give up" She sneered. Naruto's eyes flashed, "I never back down from a fight you geezer! Tsunade smirked and took a step back and then pierced her finger under his wrist dissipating the rasengan. Then she slugged him in the gut making Naruto retch. When she jumped, the ground cracked, and suddenly she was right above him "Respect your elders!

When Naruto came to, everything was hurting all over. He could see he was at the training grounds with chunks of rock everywhere and the ground completely destroyed. He couldn't move, at all. Then he heard footsteps approaching and saw Picture xxx women big indonesia Old lady standing above him. Naruto felt his dick break, and then he sank, unconscious in defeat… and excruciating pain.

When Something about tsunade naruto woke up again, he couldn't feel any pain anymore, and when he checked his pants, he was okay. One Something about tsunade naruto the perks of having a monster inside you, a fast healing factor. I wanna give her a piece of my mind. Shizune sighed in exasperation, "You finally woke up and the first thing you want to do is get booked in the hospital for another week?

When are you going to learn making fun of Tsunade-sama is going to get you Xxx big brist india close to getting an A-rank mission? She's the most powerful and the most beautiful woman in Konoha.

You know how scary women are when they get mad. Jeez, what do I need to do? Shizune giggled, "Maybe if you stopped arguing with her and see her in a different way she treat you better. Naruto turned his head and saw the person responsible for his bedding at the door. For real? Naruto took a moment to process what happened, and when he finished, he did see Tsunade in Big tits hairy pussies different way, a rather sexy different way.

Kakashi, good work. Sakura, we need to work on your chakra perception. Rock Lee, don't strain yourself you could end up in another operation table. And Naruto. The rest of you are dismissed. Kakashi also got petri-,petrify- he got stoned. Tsunade replied, "The de-petrification process is hard to concentrate with too many people around me circle. Or-" Tsunade turned around with a raised eyebrow, "Don't you want to be alone with me.

Naruto couldn't speak, his brain crashed from the moment he saw her bra. Naruto looked at Tsunade to find she was okay, with her clothes on and with a Something about tsunade naruto expression.

Nothing, just, give me a minute. He opened his eyes and everything look exactly as it was. What the heck did I just see? Some kind of genjutsu?

Throughout the procedure, Naruto went back and forth on what happened. Even after it finished and he was home, he still couldn't stop thinking about her. NO" Naruto was blushing from head to toe for thinking about that.

Naruto, I'm going to clean you up. I'm going to scrub you so thoroughly, I'm going to make you mine. And then she bent down to his legs and grabbed his "little man". Shall I start here? Naruto woke up in the morning with his hands in his pants. Do I really have a thing? For her of all people?! It can't be. However, Something about tsunade naruto he pulled his hand out he saw that it was… wet. Naruto definitely saw Tsunade in a different way, but he didn't think it would be this way, of all things.

What did Kakashi need to know? Kakashi needs to know about the upcoming mission list for B-ranks. He said something about less dangerous ones.

Naruto stared at her, at her butt, at that heart-shaped pillow of an ass. He could see the curves that were outlined by her tight pants. They perfectly showed two round bumps from her pants, and she was in a perfect position to get down. He could see her begging him saying, right here Something about tsunade naruto. Right here, don't be shy, put it in right here slowly and smoothly, I won't mind if it's you. It's a, sort Something about tsunade naruto uncomfortable, like, uh, I'm fidgeting and stuff you see" He smiled nervously as he tried to slide his belt.

That didn't seem to fool Tsunade, "I'm not so sure, is there something you're not telling me? Wow Something about tsunade naruto her lips always that pretty? And they look so smooth. They're like the perfect size, not to big or wide or puffy. Medical ninja's know everything to do about their bodies. And her eyes.

God her eyes are like staring into a chocolate void. They'll suck you in and draw you into a world of sweet and comfort and- Naruto's head was steaming at this point. That was really severe. Get better soon okay? I'll get bet- I'll get better-er" Naruto stumbled, then bolted. At night, his head pounded images of him and Tsunade over and over. How they fought, how they laughed, how she always kissed his forehead.

The pain was unbearable. He quickly Maddie fenton milf porn outside and ran to Tsunade place. When he reached there, he saw the place was guarded… by the closet pervert Ebisu-sensei. That perv, what the heck is he doing here.

Guard duty? More like peep duty. Ebisu noticed Naruto and walked toward him. While Ebisu was unconscious, Naruto quickly snuck inside and tried finding Tsunade. Then he came across the shower room, and he noticed it was steaming.

Curiosity is something all boys had, and Naruto felt no shame in trying to pique his curiosity. He quickly snuck up on the door, slowly opened it up just a crack, slowllllllyy took a peek aaaannnnnndd. She wasn't there. Naruto was wondering where she had gone and nearly jumped Something about tsunade naruto of his skin when he heard "Naruto!

Tsunade was standing in front of him with nothing but a towel covering her body. Her loooooong naked legs were in view, half her thighs were visible since she covered herself with Something about tsunade naruto towel, and her face was still glossy from the shower.

Before Naruto could react she strode over, grabbed his arm and threw him against the Something about tsunade naruto. Naruto tried to move after he got thrown, but was Something about tsunade naruto stopped as Tsunade grabbed both Something about tsunade naruto his wrists with both her hands and pinned his body down with her body.

Naruto could smell fresh green tea steam curling of her skin, is that what she used to make her skin nice and clean?

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