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Since the Star wars padme sex fell and the Jedi were slaughtered to the last man,woman and younglings of their various races,the empire had continued to grow stronger everyday through the leadership of the new Emperor for life,Palpatine. Many saw the rise of the empire as a great move towards the future.

For Nero zevan however,it was a nightmare. He knew that the fall of the Republic was the death of Democracy everywhere in the galaxy and it had been made legal! Everyone just rolledoover and accepted it. Unfortunately he could do nothing about it. He was just one man and any Star wars padme sex that had tried to rise had been decimated within hours by the emperor.

It was rumoured that he was a sith Lord and vastly strong in the force so he couldn't be simply assassinated as well. It was hopeless. Nero's father was a commander of the empire's fleet of starships. He had risen in rank and was Star wars padme sex to be a personal friend of the emperor,having saved the Star wars padme sex from a betrayal by his apprentice Darth Vader,who was subsequently killed. Palpatine,wanting to preserve this strain of loyalty ordered his friend to have more children and was dissatisfied when told the news that his friend was infertile after Nero's birth and no more children came from his now deceased wife.

So he deputised his son for the task. Busty brunette showing tits so that was why they were Star wars padme sex in the royal slave market.

Searching for his first breeding slave. It didn't matter what race. Human,Twi'lek,Togruta etc. As long as she was fertile and on the market. As they walked around,seeing the slaves,his father lectured him sternly on his duty. As many children as possible from as many slaves as possible. The emperor has been soo kind enough to give you choices from his own royal collection of female slaves.

His never used any of them but they are all ripe and fertile. No slacking boy,you hear? I want as many offspring as possible from these worthless sluts,Understand? Theres the entrance to the royal slave quarters. You will be living Star wars padme sex in the dignitaries quarters for a long time.

Use it wisely. Remember,after your done you may keep as many as you like and you'll be rich for life and in the emperor's favour. None will dare harm you. With that his father walked away in a hurry for a meeting as Nero strode Star wars padme sex the open doors to slave quarters as they were closed shut behind him. Inside he walked down a flight of stairs before reaching another smaller door. On the sides of the door were signs on computers. They read as follows:.

Nero sighed in Annoyance. The fuck was all this now? He should have never come,emperor's wrath or none. He slipped of his clothes and placed them in a clean tray next to him before placing his fat thick Bikini riot xvideos. com inch cock into the hole in front of him as it was bathed and covered in a thick yellow fluid and his piss slit fed a red liquid that went straight to his balls.

It was a little bit uncomfortable to say the truth. He removed his cock and saw a shocking sight. His balls were the size of grapefruits and his cock was an Star wars padme sex fatter and thicker affair of nine inches. His ball felt full and uncomfortable,sloshing with sperm. The doors finally opened and he walked in to an even more shocking sight. There in front of him were naked females of all races laying on round soft bed with silk sheets and blankets. Some of them were in Jedi. Siri tachi,Aaayla secura and Shaak ti.

Here was a chance! He could free the female Jedi and let them start a rebellion. He could end the empire. He rushed towards Shaak ti,no noticing how the female Togruta licked her lips as his huge peace of Man meat went up and down and the slutty look that appeared on her face as she eyed his huge nuts and rubbed her belly,moaning as her maternal breeding instincts kicked in and her red pussy began to drip juices onto the bed. Her eggs wanted sperm so bad that she could feel her womb already preparing to house this stud's offspring.

She was no longer a Jedi warrior. After rigorous brainwashing,she was nothing more than a slutty,fertile,1 credit Togruta whore,Ready to spread her legs and bear a man's cock,Cum and child at a moments notice. So was every female in the room as they mirrored her thoughts and actions. Shaak ti was Star wars padme sex him quicker than a flash before he could stop Star wars padme sex lips on his and her breasts mashing against his chest.

Her arm was on his back,gripping him to her as the other led his cock to her waiting pussy and fertile womb. He jumped off the bed as he pushed her back. She was too far gone he realised as he saw Girls fucking girls in the bathroom growl quietly Nude fake courteney cox jennifer aniston desperation and want,her fingers pumping into her slick red cunt quickly.

He looked around and saw all females staring at his cock and balls like lifelines,licking their lips in anticipation. They were all too far gone. He might as well just get it over with.

He walked Hot big boobs actress the beds,seeing who he would fuck and breed first. They preened,posed,wiggled their firm asses at him,showed off their firm breasts and spread their pussies at him in competition of each other. It wasn't that they couldn't talk.

In fact many called out to him to ravage them senseless and breed them fat with child. Its just all they thought of was sex. Anything else came second. He sighed and turned,freezing on the spot. She stared at his crotch,seeing the thick cock and large nuts as the feeling of bearing Nero's young and fucking his fat fuckstick clouded her brainwashed and sex addled mind.

He climbed onto the bed as she came forward to meet him. Star wars padme sex stared into her last filled eyes for a moment before she let her tongue out and her gaze fell on him before she decended on his mouth for Star wars padme sex sloppy kiss.

The kiss was sloppy, unrehearsed. She wasn't exactly a virgin, but nearly every girl he ever fucked was through agreement or they were too sex crazy to respond back. There was not a lot of kissing going on with Padme the whore since Star wars padme sex was put in here and was out of practice; and it showed. None of the other females wanted to kiss unless commanded. Nero had never been kissed like this;her mouth smeared his lips back, and her tongue licked his teeth and lapped the side of his face like a bitch in heat.

Her mouth was everywhere kissing the side of his face, slobbering her tongue into his ear. His hands left her tight ass and grasped Star wars padme sex head, running his fingers through her long dark brown hair.

Holding her head tightly, he tried to return the kiss in Star wars padme sex and ran his slobbering tongue all over her face until his mouth once again found hers and his tongue began exploring her gums. Mph, mph, mph! It was like making out with a long tongued nexu. His legs had forced hers apart, and he began grinding his groin against hers, his neck strained upward to fill her mouth with his tongue and saliva in return of her slutty and sloppy kiss.

Her hands dangled in the air just above the Nero's shoulders, his fingers held her by the ears as he twisted her head back and forth devouring her lips and mouth like a drunk man. Her hands still dangled in the air, unaware of their purpose. Star wars padme sex hand left her sore ears and gripped the April o neil porn star fucking of her Star wars padme sex pressing her pretty face even closer against his own before she fought back;his lips smeared back, and his tongue being ravaged by her own.

His other hand reached behind her, slipping through mesh of her lingerie even though it had an opening for all to see. Gripping her ass hard and grinding his crotch against her own. Padme's hands that were wavering just above his shoulders suddenly wrapped around his body smashing him against her. Her firm breasts were crushed back by his chest. She whimpered into the mouth that was wreaking havoc on her gums and throat just as she Statistical average penis length done to it.

Nero's hand left the back of her head, he didn't have to hold her anymore, she held him, very tightly. She moved her face back and forth kissing him, exploring his mouth like he did hers. His Star wars padme sex joined the other and began tearing the stockings apart with ease. As he pushed her onto her back on the bed, Nero watched her hands drop down and find his aching cock again. Holding it, one hand wrapped around its thick shaft, she slowly ran a fingertip around its swollen head, spreading the pre-cum that was seeping out of it all around it, in absolute awe.

Finally, he forced his tapered cock-head down between the soft, pink lips surrounding the opening of her womanhood. Seeing that the plum-colored head of his cock was fitted down between her fleshy pussy-lips, he eased his hips forward pushing the head of his cock down into the juice-slickened opening. Easing his prick in deeper, he felt its warm moistness clutch at his cock Star wars padme sex the swollen head spread open the channel and slid down into the velvet-lined sheath of padme's former royal pussy.

Then, he felt her hands on his ass, fingernails Chyna wrestler joanie laurer down into the clenched muscles, pushing him down inside her as the clinging flesh of her cunt wrapped itself around his plunging invader.

She watched through tightly clinched teeth as the fat cockhead spread her pussy lips aside.

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