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The findings are similar Peyton list beach bikini what is seen in men, researchers report in the December issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Female sex offenders are less common than male sex offenders, but women who sexually abuse are Tiny girl forced anal sex, said lead researcher Cecilia Kjellgren of the department of child and adolescent psychiatry at Lund University.

Kjellgren and her colleagues wanted to move beyond the small, Nude teen bent over samples of female sexual offenders that have been the main source of information about this group. In andthey surveyed third-year high-school students in cities in Norway and Sweden, gathering anonymous responses from 5, young women between the ages of 17 and The students completed the surveys during school hours, answering questions about alcohol consumption, drug use, sexual behavior, their relationships with their parents and Tiny girl forced anal sex attitudes, including their acceptance of gender stereotypes and their belief in "rape myths.

The students also reported whether they had Sexiest black girl in the world talked someone into, used pressure or forced somebody to masturbate them, have oral or anal sex, or sexual intercourse.

Gender of the victim was not specified. Of the 4, female students who completed enough of the survey to be included in the study, 0. Only the Swedish data allowed a gender-to-gender comparison, Kjellgren said.

In the Swedish subset, of the students who said they'd coerced someone sexually Tiny girl forced anal sex, 23 were female and were male. Among those teens, "females constitute one-fifth of the total of sexually coercive young people," Kjellgren said. That number was higher than seen in studies on sexual abuse incidents reported to Tiny girl forced anal sex police or social services, she said, where women make up about 1 percent of sex offenders.

The researchers compared the characteristics of the sex offender females with those of girls who had nonsexual behavior problems, such as aggressive behavior, to find out whether there were any risk factors specific to sex offenses.

Several turned up. For both young men and women, those who reported more preoccupation with sex and sexual thoughts were more likely to have coerced someone sexually, the researchers found. Another risk factor was acceptance of rape myths — even though those myths typically cast men as aggressors and women as victims. Kjellgren suspects that the victim-blaming inherent in these myths helps justify sexual coercion no matter the genders.

They help you find excuses. Having friends who watched a lot of violent pornography was also associated with being a female sex offender, Kjellgren found, though the girls' own rates of watching violent porn was not. That could be because the Tiny girl forced anal sex are hiding their own porn-viewing habits under the veil of their friends, Kjellgren said. The study doesn't prove, however, that violent porn in a social circle causes sexual assault, as there are too many variables to be sure of such a connection.

For one Tiny girl forced anal sex, porn-watching was common across all young people, Kjellgren said, not just behaviorally troubled youth. Sexual abusers also reported worse parental care, more aggression and alcohol consumption and more sexual partners than teens who didn't show any behavioral issues.

They had also been victims of sexual assault themselves more frequently. However, sexually abusive teens did not show higher level of any of these factors than non-sexually abusive but otherwise troubled teenagers, so these risk factors were not specific to sexual abuse.

Kjellgren said that while the studies were on Scandinavian teens, she would expect to see similar results Tiny girl forced anal sex other countries. Two U. The estimates in this study are likely conservative, Kjellgren said, as about 10 percent of Swedish youth have dropped out of school by the third year of high school.

That's a relatively small drop-out rate compared with other nations, she said, but the 10 percent of kids who do drop out — and thus weren't included in Tiny girl forced anal sex survey — are more likely to be troubled, and are more likely to be both victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse. Live Science. Male victims of female abusers likely underreport sexual coercion, a new study finds.

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