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It turns out Person B loves them back. Imagine Person A and Person B had a falling out. Just like on Say Anything Person A works at a restaurant or diner, coffee shop, etc and is already close friends with Person B.

Person A and person B are acquaintances through a mutual friend, and have always found each other cute but are unwilling to talk to them because they feel that the other is out of their league. Their mutual friend sets them each up on a blind date with someone but not with each Tumblr cute couple drawing ideas. Person A then goes to meet Person C at [insert place here] and along the way, bumps into Person B while trying to find a parking spot. Person A is a siren and B is a college student.

Person B ends up in a camp for their major, near the ocean and notices person A. They are both weirdos in their societies. They fall in love Tumblr cute couple drawing ideas a while. A, B and C are driving in a car at night in winter on an isolated road when the engine dies. B and C point out that the best way to share body heat is to press as much exposed skin together as possible, followed by the two of them jumping on A and getting some of that sweet sweet body heat!

Person A and person B on a cruise ship for a week, their single bed and balcony set up by person C. Extra points for a balcony sunset kiss. Submissions Tumblr cute couple drawing ideas always welcome!

Please read the FAQ before asking a question. Tagged as Cute Fluffy Prompt submission. Tagged as Emotional Romantic submission. Bonus 2: Person A apologizes for their Tumblr cute couple drawing ideas by buying Person B their favorite dessert.

Tagged as AU Silly Prompt submission. Imagine your OTP as Greek gods. B: Did you set it to wumbo? Tagged as Platonic Silly submission. Tagged as Cute Romantic Prompt submission. Tagged as Cute Fluffy Romantic submission.

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