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And that is understandable but I'm not asking about a woman with her legs spread wide open soaked with baby oil. I'm just saying a simple exposed vulva. Like for example in Harold in Kumar 2. That man had a "bottomless party" but every single woman. It was so thick that it looked fake. Varldens storsta vagina porrflim are right in your question. Her boss told her that " keep male nudity and take down female nudity as could as possible.

You can show female pubic hair, just not vulvas. The idea being that nudity in and of itself isn't inherently sexual, but you aren't likely to be shown an erection or a vulva without the Hot girls naked xxx intention of it being sexually arousing, and THAT they consider porn. A movie Varldens storsta vagina porrflim Trance has rosio Dawson full frontal without the mystery triangle lol and Varldens storsta vagina porrflim rated R look into it Showgirls has full frontal nudity with several shot of the main star Naome's vagina fully shaved.

I don't mind you disagreeing with me but you are putting words in my mouth and you know it. You were also rude to me from the very beginning. And again you are putting words in my Varldens storsta vagina porrflim. I never implied that the camera should be aimed right up in Varldens storsta vagina porrflim snatch. Varldens storsta vagina porrflim can quite easily see a vulva from a normal frontal angle. What's the excuse for that?

Just like your "block people because they are smarter than you" I blocked you because Varldens storsta vagina porrflim were being a bitch. Try reading through the comments again. I wasn't rude to you until you were rude to me and assuming I was some horn bag who didn't know how to look for porn. I'm pretty sure I watched a documentary about it once. I wish I could tell you the name of the documentary so you could check it out But it just beats me lol. You people clearly haven't seen enough movies.

I have seen spooning, girl on top, doggystyle etc. In many, many hollywood films. And some were full of jiggling boobs and butcheek. I've seen ass and boobs but never vagina, that's what I'm getting at. Like it's always covered by some random part of the scenery or a giant impenetrable carpet of hair, but then you have things like this.

I can promise you that you'd never see a woman in a scene like this. I know that was your point but I just wanted to make clear that it is common to see other positions than just guy on top. Even though opinion owner disagreed. Oh, and also women and men going down on each others, that just isn't shown. There are movies where vagina shows, but they are small budget, artsy indie movies.

Not made in Hollywood. Often Hollywood likes to keep things classy. Because appreciated mocie directors don't want to be associated with pornographic images.

Expecially if the movie is a flop. It would be unneccessary to randomly show naked vagina. That doesn't explain why they show penises then. Very close up, HD images of them. Ok call me a perv all I Varldens storsta vagina porrflim, I think it's sexually healthy to enjoy seeing vagina.

However this question has nothing to do with me wanting to see it, I have porn and a girlfriend for that. The question is genuine curiosity as to why I never see vagina in movies. I've never seen game of thrones though so that's news to me. I also never said anything about "erected penis" that has nothing to do with the question.

Not sure why you're getting so offended. Flaccid penis is not as sexual view as erected penis. But woman with her legs open where you have full view in her private parts is also much more sexual view. You are the one who is very offended. Ok seriously you need to stop putting words in my mouth I said nothing about erect penises and nothing about spread legs. I also said nothing about wanting to see vagina. All I Varldens storsta vagina porrflim is why I see penises in movies but not vaginas.

Like I don't understand why you keep making assumptions. An aroused vagina would be a wet vagina. I Varldens storsta vagina porrflim asked about wet ones, opened ones, or spread legs. All I asked was why movies have a tendency of showing penises but never vaginas.

Jesus christ Get on Netflix. There are a ton of fully erect penis, including ejaculation coming out the end. Watch Gaspar Noe's Love which is playing now.

Starts off with a fully erect penis in a woman's hand jerking Varldens storsta vagina porrflim guy off until he cums. In the meantime his hand is used to cover her genitals. There are tons of erect penis.

And always a full merkin, head, bed covering, dim Plastic fake tits in micro bikini, obtuse angles to block view of female genitals. Look at similar shows on Netflix, always the Varldens storsta vagina porrflim erect penis, things put in way to block view of female. When was the last time you saw Varldens storsta vagina porrflim woman's genitals in a PG13 or R movie.

Shit, I don't think they show in NC Always something or angle to block. Don't give me a woman would have to be in a weird position to see her vulva, what is weird is the positions used to NOT show. Yes, they used to show full frontal on women, but not on men. Why aren't they using camera angles and thick merkins on full frontals of men so that you can't see genitals on them? Varldens storsta vagina porrflim hate when people like you have to be so technical.

Who really goes around calling it a vulva? You know what I'm talking about. You don't see guys going around specifying the scrotum and the glans and the urethra. If someone kicks you in between your legs you're gonna say balls even if the foot hit your dick or scrotum exclusively. Who goes around calling things by their correct names?

How about the girls that you keep blocking. And Technical? If someone called your dick your balls, that would be wrong and you would either Varldens storsta vagina porrflim understand them or tell them they are wrong. It is not technical, it is just fact. Vagina is not Vulva, and balls are not the penis. Plain and simple. Dude I understand where you are coming from. All I'm saying is you are obviously being overly technical because the collective organ is referred to as "a vagina.

Nobody calls it a vulva. The entire hunk of finger shaped flesh hanging between my legs is collectively referred to as a penis even though it also consists of multiple different technical Varldens storsta vagina porrflim. The penis does consist of various parts, none of which is the penis by itself.

And when people were naming the parts of a female, the vulva was the outer stuff. The uterus and ovaries the inner stuff. And Porn pic mailin mature asian canal between them was Varldens storsta vagina porrflim the vagina.

It is only in the last few years that many people, including certain female tv personalities started calling the vulva the VaJayJay to be able to say it on tv, and it was an incorrect term that was based on the vagina, even though that wasn't the part they were talking about. And today many people mistakenly call the vulva the vagina. The women answering were trying to point that out. Or a book on anatomy. Or a Female Parts For Dummies book. They all point out that the canal is the vagina, and they are not being overly technical, just correct.

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