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Our kids love to swim on vacation, and we would like to take them one evening while in Berlin. I know there are a lot of pools in town, but wondering if anyone has been to any of them. Also, my experience living in Germany as a child was that it's perfectly acceptable to go Pamela safitri telanjang dada at the outdoor pool in the summer, and I personally find swimming more comfortable without a top.

Is this the still acceptable at indoor pools in the winter? This is the website for indoor and outdoor pools in Berlin. Unfortunately I did not see a function to translate it into English. As to the topless thing, not sure about Berlin, but that is usually an Sex: teachers and student activity. It is about the tan lines. If you go to the sauna though, this is a full nude activity.

One does NOT wear a swimming suit in the sauna. They do usually have some same sex saunas, but they might me just certain days of the week or times. There are some indoor pools that have a nude policy after a certain time of the evening or so, but these are rare. The one I know about is in Weinheim, sort of near Heidelberg. Fun place! About 4 years ago we were in Berlin at the Grand Hyatt which had a wonderful pool and there wes at least one woman who was topless.

So, it seems like it is still acceptable. I have been in three "spas" Thermen in the Schwarzwald, and they were all "textile frei" which means not only topless, but totally nude. Nobody makes anything of it. Two had a more family oriented big pool, where I never noticed any women going topless; the nude area had the saunas, hot tubs, etc, and was entirely nude.

As far as I could tell, no one, regardless of age, was prohibited in the sauna area, but it was more expensive, perhaps a deterrent to younger bathers who got there admission fee from their mothers. Going nude in Germany is known as FKK, frei koerper kultur, or free body culture.

There are not only spas where you can do this, but whole beach resorts. This is considered very healthy and very natural. Spas, saunas, steam baths, and that sort of thing are always done nude. They are always mixed, but they do often have a separate sauna or sauna days especially for the ladies who might be shy.

There is a whole ritual for the sauna, so if you want info about that, maybe that is another board question? I know that there was a post someplace else on here about towels Vintage nude swimming germany the lady did not have enough towels. This is a must! You have to have a towel to sit on or you will really irritate Vintage nude swimming germany Germans as this is the height of unsanitaryism.

My husband hates heat and loves swimming, so he won't feel like he is Vintage nude swimming germany out! We will probably do the same in Mainz, too, and I have been to that pool before many years ago- it looks different on the website!

I would love to go to the thermal pools in Wiesbaden, but we won't have enough time for that. This isn't like going to a sex club, the kids go along. It is a family affair usually. You just don't take young kids into the sauna as it is too hot.

It does help kids with not being ashamed of their bodies, but if they haven't grown up with it, it will freak them out. Maybe Dad can watch the kids for a while and mom can go in the sauna and then they can switch.

We have had discussions about this at home for awhile now. The younger Vintage nude swimming germany wouldn't really notice or care, only the older two. I spent half of my childhood in Germany, and my mother is German, too, Vintage nude swimming germany I have been really talking to them about the cultural differences and what I observed as a kid I remember what stood out for me.

I have German blonde big natural tits nursed all the kids, so our kids understand a more practical function for breasts. Well, I can imagine this being a memorable experience I don't know if memorable is the right word for a Bangladeshi nudist smaal teen boy or young man of a certain age!

Our kids just always came along and I saw lots of families there. I do think when kids get to those difficult teen years, they Vintage nude swimming germany at it, so you have to respect this.

I do remember taking American kids to a regular outdoor swimming pool and they saw women with their tops off, both the kids were going EWWW! The saddest was the girl, saying "I think I am going to be sick and throw up" They were about 6 and 8. I grew up in the 60's and 70's sort of the flower child type : and so going to an FKK type of place though really weird at first, was ok after about an hour or so. No one Vintage nude swimming germany, and it is really fun going down the slides!

Hi Cate, I think the age of your kids is biggest factor. Young kids won't care at all, but, a child of 9 or 10 is likely going to balk, and pushing something like that does more harm then good Vintage nude swimming germany that you would. It really depends on the child. I spent the summer in France when I was 9, and I did not go topless on the beaches, but my sister who Vintage nude swimming germany 7 did. She still did topless at home though, and her personality was different then mine.

I guess point is go with flow. I know I think it would Vintage nude swimming germany cruel to take say a 13 yr old boy to somewhere all nude if he has not Vintage nude swimming germany exposed excuse pun,LOL to it before, poor little bugger Just so you know, not all Germans go nude, it is acceptable, but like anything anywhere, there are some who prefer not to.

My hushands family is all German on fathers side, and hubby has lived there. We are a German-Canadian family and our kids have learned from Vintage nude swimming germany beginning that different cultures and different individuals!!! Above all: the individual's preferences need to be respected.

If their German mommy feels best walking around naked that is her right - well, within her private home and places where this is acceptable in a German park yes, in a Canadian park no and if their Canadian daddy will never ever show any private parts that has to be accepted as well.

As we will accept our kids' decision on privacy, regardless which side they choose. Yes they've seen topless Vintage nude swimming germany in Europe Clip free raven riley sex different ages and that's just a given, no further commentary from anybody.

But none of my girls would ever go topless themselves. That's a given, too - their decision. Vintage nude swimming germany to original question: indoor swimming pools are different from outdoor pools. I've never seen any women topless in an indoor pool in Germany but many in outdoor pools. Saunas and spas are a different ball game with different rules.

It's all about hygiene and functionality - Germans just can't imagine that it would be enjoyable to Vintage nude swimming germany into a swimsuit - my skin gets itchy just thinking of that. That's what towels are for. I think this has been the most answered post I have ever had. I would probably take my 11 year old to the spa, but I don't think Vintage nude swimming germany would feel comfortable in that situation. Apparently, there is a nude. Please sign in to post. What would this board do without Jo In Frankfurt, I ask?

Thanks, everyone! Do they generally have towels available for rent or should we bring our own? Though I can't help with any personal experiences with teenage boys.

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