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If you are looking for another guilty pleasure to indulge in, try Naked And Afraid. The Discovery Channel sends a group of naked coupled strangers into the wild for three weeks. They are naked, afraid and have to work together in order to survive the 21 days. What's not to Women naked from behind But how does it all work?

When you have two people naked in the middle of nowhere, do they hook up off camera? Are they Women naked from behind alone? What about the crew? What does their family think about their lack of modesty? What about their boss?

They came forward and revealed some of the secrets behind-the-scenes and told the truth of what it is really like being naked and afraid with a perfect strangers in the middle of nowhere. Here are some answers to the most popular questions people ask them about their experience on the show. Alyssa Ballestero from New Hampshire was on the show in Season 2. Before she appeared on the show, she was a social worker.

Her season took place in Yucatan, Mexico. Stacey Lee Osorio from Season 4 is originally from Southern California and then moved to Stites, Idaho, to continue her research in the biological sciences. So what did these two ladies what to say about their experience on the show when they were asked the following questions? The Most beautiful creampie ever crew goes back to base camp at the end of the day and the two are left alone in the wild.

All that is left with them is a diary camera. So if they are left alone, do they get a little frisky? Ballestero said that this was actually the question that they is asked the most. That's not what happens out there.

Everyone is dirty and tired; it doesn't really happen. According to Osorio, "You have no libido out there at all. It's really not a sexual experience. I can only imagine that the lack of deodorant has something to do with it? Or maybe the whole pooping in the woods with no toilet paper thing? After the show, the contestants have to go back to their normal lives.

They have to come home to their jobs, pastors, parents, neighbors, husbands and their kids. So what do their kids think about mom being naked on TV? Osorio, who is a mother of Women naked from behind says"I was just honest. I asked them if Women naked from behind thought it was going to be weird that mom was going to be naked on TV, and they shrugged their shoulders.

But they understood that this is not a sexualized experience So I made sure they understood that it was a survival situation where I was being pushed to my limits. They were okay with that. According to Osorio"Everyone wants to know what we do when we're on our period! The Women naked from behind does allow us to have tampons. It's not only a sanitary hazard, but it's a safety hazard, because you Women naked from behind want to attract predators.

What a Women naked from behind. I would think that if these ladies were going onto a show Sandra and mom nude Naked And Afraid that they would be comfortable being naked on camera. It was awkward, and the crew was like, Women naked from behind, don't worry.

We've seen it all before. It looks like Osorio had Women naked from behind issues with the nudity as well. I have tons of self-esteem issues Yeah, you don't want people to see the stuff Women naked from behind you try to hide under your clothes. I had to remind myself that I'm beautiful because the people in my life think I'm beautiful.

Is that cool? They're like, 'Aren't you scared that she'll see another guy and want to hook up with him? But he knows that it's not that type of situation.

He always tells them that he's more worried that I am safe and healthy. Latest Fails Funny News Awesome. Pop Culture. Life Hacks.

Find out what their kids think about mommy being naked with a perfect stranger. Lindsey Gentile Pop Culture. Published June 1, Read This Next. You May Also Like. Really Naked? Really Afraid? Behind The Scenes. Meet Alyssa Ballestero. Meet Stacey Lee Osorio. Any Hooking Up For Osorio? According To Osorio. If a girl gets her period naked and afraid in the woods, does she get to use a tampon?

Ballestero Chimes In. So What About Osorio?

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