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Take a look in this free lactation video preview, you will find the full 10 minuts version in the membersection. If you have any ideas for video dont hesitate writing me. This is not my case I love being with my husband and I still keep this special attraction…. During my pregnant summer, we invited home to spend some holiday my lesbian friend Nataly. We were about the same age. I loved her stunning features; long red hair, porcelain white skin, tall, full figured body, blue luminous eyes, and lips the color of a soft rose.

Nataly was genuinely friendly, humorous, and to my surprise not afraid to Lactating squirting breasts milk about sex and make sex too. We were at home having lunch, after that we decided to have a little nap because when I am pregnant I was very sleepy so we put a Lactating squirting breasts milk and sexy nightgown but…. Lol Kisses Anna. We were hiking a ravine just to do some exercise and enjoy this beautiful landscape.

When my friend Nataly cames to visit me we always love to make that kind of things, above all expecting to squirt breast milk on. And that was happened on the way down I had my breast full of milk so I had to squirt it Nataly was very thirsty and thought It would be very nice to drink from me….

It was so hot I loved the way she sucked my nipples I loved how she fondled like a woman knows …Do you suggest what will happen next? She licks it as a little kitten and cant get enough! She is so kinky, always wearing her glasses that gives her that teen student look I love so much. But I will put it up on the site here also in the membersection, I just finished the preggo anal fuck in the forest for the preggofans and somne nice pregnant pics also.

Hi again friends, as you well know, sexuality during pregnancy is often a taboo subject and even Lactating squirting breasts milk alone! Many pregnant women wonder if the vibrations of the vibrators present risks for the baby. So I was alone at home one Sunday afternoon being a bit bored so I put some nice red lingerie and I began playing with Lactating squirting breasts milk. I used my middle finger, moistened, to stimulate and rub on and around my clitoris.

My other hand threw the lips backwards, maintaining a weak tension on the clitoral area. My legs were wide open, my knees raised I did not move my torso much until orgasm, when there were strong spasms in my torso and pelvis. I started caressing, then insert two fingers in my vagina and stimulate my Lactating squirting breasts milk with the palm of my hand with very rapid patting vaginal opening.

After having certain sexy thoughts while I am masturbating like thinking about my new next door neighbour lol, feels like my blood pressure increases, the beating of my heart instantly become faster and stronger. Tickled my clit and within seconds my vagina became slippery. Then I rubbed my clitoris with my left index finger and I penetrate my ass in the middle of my right index finger and move in and out to the desired speed I do not move when there are strong spasms in my torso and pelvis, I used the biggest and softest dildo to penetrate my ass ummmm I am so wet I rub my clitoris at the same time up to get the great orgasm that let me so relaxed.

So I was so satisfied after a pleasurable afternoon. Kisses Anna. After my second baby my husband gave me a surprise just to destress a lovely week end in a great hotel in a beautiful island. It has been one Lactating squirting breasts milk my greatest presents, imagine not to cook, clean and do all kind of boring tasks just me in a wonderful room with a big balcony and beautiful view. But the best thing that this room has, was a Rome bath in the terrase and the possibility to being watched by voyeurs because as you know I love being observed by others.

So I got up very late in the morning and I got naked in the terrace Lactating squirting breasts milk ready to spend a lovely morning playing with me and my dildo. I started to touch me and putting two fingers in my pussy to masturbate ummm… just thinking that a muscle man with his big dick came to penetrate me so I took my dildo and I started to play with it up and down and every time deeper and faster.

At the same time, my breast was full of milk and for me it is so horny to press my nipples and squirt them, so Lactating squirting breasts milk squirted in the water and on my dildo and then sucking and licking it and put it inside my pussy up to cum. What a good sensation!!! I Lactating squirting breasts milk being alone playing with myself althout I reconize that having sex with others is very satisfying but sometimes alone is nicer and relaxed.

I few months ago when I was in my seventh months of pregnancy we had bricklayers build and repair walls inside and outside our house as well as working on other kinds of brickwork, such as putting new floor and a new stair. I was at home pregnant and a bit bored so I started to learn how to use a trowel, then how to spread mud. I did it for a while to get hang of it I learnt how to butter the bricks just by learning a whole bunch of new things lol. So I Lactating squirting breasts milk a bricklayer overol but without any cloths underneath he, he.

It was Monday morning so my husband was at work and I came downstairs to help the bricklayers in their duties. I found myself so sexy and they found me so sexy too, I was helping them with the TOOLS but suddenly I felt my breast so full of milk and I needed to squirt it right now.

So I took my tits out of the overol and I pressed my nipples to squirt all the milk, the bricklayers were so impresed just to see me squirting they thought it was so funny seing all this milk coming off besides their dicks became so hard -rock and they started to jerk off in front of me with their big cocks ummmm Can you imagine the view?

Enjoy all my personal pregnant and lactation pics. I was in my ninth month of pregnancy and I had to do one of my private shows for a man who loves pregnant woman. I thought It was so funny to dress up as a nun and squirted my first breast milk on Lactating squirting breasts milk cross. My voyeur was delighted with my show because he thought it was so hot to see me as a pregnant nun so he jerked off while I was putting my fingers in my pussy and started to masturbate.

Wacthing him it was so horny for me so we were together getting more and more hot…finally we could cum together. Milking a human cow is very fun and exciting, would you like to try? Imagine you press my nipples and the hot sweet breast milk is squiring out, you lay down and make it squirt into your mouth…. And if you didnt see it yet, you have to watch my Human cow porn video where my girlfriend Nataly painted me in black and white and made the lactation cow and her cowgirl here I made a LOT of other videos with Nataly both pregnant lesbian scenes and also a lot of lactation this one is my favorite dont miss this sexy lesbian lactating fun where she is tasting my Lactating squirting breasts milk, we even invited a lactating slave and made him drink some milk.

When my Lactating squirting breasts milk Nataly cames to visit me we always love to make that kind of things, above all expecting to squirt breast milk on the way and knowing that we like to finish our lesbian experiences with a bit of sex. And that was happened on the way down I had my breast full of milk so I had to squirt it Nataly was very thirsty and thought It would be very nice to drink from me… join my lactation site so Lactating squirting breasts milk full access in preggomilky here It was so hot I loved the Lactating squirting breasts milk she sucked my nipples I loved how she fondled like a woman knows …Do you suggest what will happen next?

Enjoy all my personal pregnant and lactation pics Join me now Kisses Anna.

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