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Flaky homemade pie crust, sweet cinnamon apples, and buttery oatmeal crumble. Holed up in her cozy Manhattan apartment, we watched old movies in our pajamas while eating apple pie topped with Coconut Ice Cream. Surprised at how delicate and buttery the pie turned out, my sister who is as far away from being vegan as one could possibly get had to ask me three separate times:.

It always shocks me to see how much butter and sugar are called for in traditional apple pie recipes. The sweet apple flavor should take center stage in an apple pie; yet these recipes add so much unnecessary fat and sugar that they completely mask the Low fat apple crumble, and fat and sugar end up being all you can taste. The following healthy apple pie recipe relies on naturally sweet apples and cinnamon for sweetness, and you have the option of using stevia if you want to cut back on the sugar even further.

Even if you opt to use real sugar here, the sugar will still only be around half the amount called for in traditional Dutch apple pie recipes. Oz Show. This recipe calls for an 8-inch springform, but it also works in a 9-inch if Low fat apple crumble double the entire recipe.

Preheat oven Low fat apple crumble F, line the bottom of an 8-inch springform or removable-bottom tart pan with parchment, and set aside. In a large mixing bowl, combine all dry crust ingredients, then stir in the oil and water to make a dough. Transfer to the prepared Low fat apple crumble, press down hard, and bake 12 minutes on the center rack.

Toss the apple and sweetener in a medium bowl, then spread evenly over the baked crust. In a third bowl, combine all crumble ingredients. Sprinkle the crumble evenly over the apples. Bake minutes or until apples are Big lewd anime ass and tender. Allow to cool 20 minutes before removing the springform.

View Nutrition Facts. More About The Book. Deep Dish Cookie Pie. Vegan Pecan Pie. Brownie Cheesecake Recipe. Crustless Pumpkin Pie. Vegan Cheesecake Recipe. Recipe Rating. This looks incredible! Apples are my favorite food so I definitely want that flavor to stand out instead of all the unnecessary sugar and fat. So excited to hear about your announcement!!

I really enjoyed this post! Thanks for sharing some about your life. Wow, this version of a Dutch Apple Pie looks really amazing. As a dutchie I know of course a lot of traditional recipes, but this is definitely one I will try next time! Thank you for sharing. Katie I am so excited to Low fat apple crumble you may be on TV soon!

I have been following you for about 2 years or longer? I was just talking to my husband the other day about making Low fat apple crumble apple pie and yours looks delicious. I looks like it would Low fat apple crumble a nice apple crumble too if the bottom crust is just left off. I just took this out of the oven and it is fantastic. Pure deliciousness. I recommend you to everyone I know! Oh my gosh, its gorgeous!

Love the recipe idea though! Pie in the morning, pie in the evening, pie at suppertime. When pie is this healthy, you can eat pie at anytime. Hi Katie, this looks so good! Do you have a specific recommendation for what types of apple to use, please?

That will work well! Fuji, Braeburn, and Pink Lady apples will all work well. I just wanted to let you know that I finally made the recipe! Katie, do you think Gala apples would work well, or are they not tart enough? Those are the only apples I have in my fridge at the moment. Btw, congrats on being on Dr. Oz this Friday! Made this this morning and stole a quick nibble, very delicious. I used applesauce for the crumble and feel like the texture would be better with the oil, still tastes great though!

Made this pie today. Will be lucky if any is left to enjoy by tomorrow night. Husband liked it too. Thanks, Katie. You are gorgeous in your red dress and glossy hair. Aw thank you. I try to stay away from heat products even blow drying and use shampoo only Low fat apple crumble a week, sticking to only a moisturizing conditioner on other days.

I made this for Christmas Low fat apple crumble it. My family has already asked me to make it again. Thank you for sharing! Katie, I just made this for my family and I Low fat apple crumble a taste… Let me just tell you this made me die with happiness!!! Thank for share…. This Apple Pie Recipe is really great! Thanks for share. Are the nutritional facts with or without a crust. If you make it without the crust how long does it have to bake.

I love this idea! This recipe is more my speed. This will be a nice alternative to the traditional cobbler approach! Low fat apple crumble want to make this as a sugar-free pie for a diabetic friend whose home we are going to for Thanksgiving.

However, couple of challenges. I know I have a tart dish…would it work in there? I also have lucuma, but would that work in this? Thank you for all you do!! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I am grateful I have found you and your blog and grateful for all that you do to get us all healthier…making healthier options that are delicious!

It will work in a regular pan and just might crumble a bit coming out. Looks delicious. Saw it on pinterest. Your desserts on this site look amazing. Is it supposed to be a little dry? It looked as if it was still wet. I remade the crust without adding any extra tablespoons of water and it was kind of dough like but still Low fat apple crumble little dry.

Thanks for your help. Hope it Low fat apple crumble out okay! Sometimes the climate can mess with baked goods and how much moisture is in the air can affect how much moisture is absorbed by Low fat apple crumble flour. I was so excited to try this apple pie until Low fat apple crumble saw that the crumb topping requires oats. Since my daughter and I cannot digest oats, I wanted to ask if you know how the topping would turn out without Low fat apple crumble, or if you can suggest a possible substitution.

Low fat apple crumble pie is favorite food for many. Thanks for writing such Low fat apple crumble article. I appreciate it…. But you can always experiment of course, as long as you are okay with results that might not turn out well.

Do you have a suggestion on making this without the sugar and possibly with Agave or just honey instead? I have made this couple of times in a larger pan with a lots of cinnamon.

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