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I'd like to say I had a Girl anna chlumsky nude reprieve from writing, but to tell the truth, it's been anything but. I've been busy as hell the last couple weeks, and my free time is quickly vanishing. Nudist camp contest pic top of that, every time I sat down to write this story I have been unhappy with the result.

Anyway, this story depicts a relationship between Sakura and Tsunade from Naruto. You probably knew that already. It's probably the reason you decided to read it. But for those weirdoes out there who enjoy clicking on stuff at random, yes I Tsunade y sakura lesbianas they're both women, and yes I know there is like a 40 year age difference between them. I can't choose what my psychotic readers request of me actually I'm excited about this pairing, or at least how Tsunade y sakura lesbianas turn out in the second half of this fic… oh, and I guess you guys aren't that crazy really either.

Well here goes nothing, chapter 1, I hope you enjoy. The moonlight now shone vibrantly through the dense forest, carefully piercing the empty branches of the trees and collecting itself against the pink outline of the young girl's hair as she danced beautifully along the night sky. Awe struck, the elder woman watched patiently as the other completed her task with such amazing grace and elegance. The child's movements were intense and passionate, stunningly beautiful, but hopelessly misguided.

She knew it was her job to be this child's guiding light. We should be getting back now. You've Tsunade y sakura lesbianas that training course perfectly three times in a row now.

Doing that same course again would just Tsunade y sakura lesbianas redundant. Or have you not realized how late it's gotten.

We should probably be getting back. Tsunade, the fifth Hokage of Konohagakure, had set up this weeklong excursion to Tsunade y sakura lesbianas isolated forest as a means to properly train her young disciple Sakura Haruno.

In the two years that this child had been under her instruction, there had been few opportunities for her to familiarize the student Tsunade y sakura lesbianas the more physical aspects of ninja training.

Sakura was to be a medical ninja, but that did not mean that she would never have to fight. In fact being the one with the capacity to help the injured was sure to make her a target for her enemies.

Despite numerous recent successes on missions and in the chunin exam, actual combat was one area Sakura was still lacking in. Recognizing that simple chakra exercises and medical study was not sufficient, Tsunade had set aside time from her busy schedule as the Hokage, to concentrate on ninja battle mechanics. In the first few days the young child had made incredible headway in harnessing her raw strength into Tsunade y sakura lesbianas technique.

I still have trouble believing that any of this will transfer to Tsunade y sakura lesbianas battle for you though.

I mean I can be optimistic, you know. With our Tsunade y sakura lesbianas, letting our emotions run wild can be dangerous, it helps to at least show a little refinement.

Not every battle can be won on wits alone, sometimes when you're caught in a corner your only choice is to fight. You are here to train, not relax. That way Tsunade y sakura lesbianas and Naruto… we can get Sasuke back. There aren't many people who would be willing to still accept Sasuke after all that's happened. I mean sure things don't look to good right now, but he's… he's the one I love. Like Game online playable sex each other, and living and working for the benefit of one another.

I think. You don't have to be having sex with someone to love them. You should know about misled love with all of it you've seen. I'm young and beautiful and I am sure to have true love still ahead of me. As I see it you have nothing ahead of you but death. Destroying you shall be most rewarding.

Tsunade y sakura lesbianas you want to get to her you'll have to get through me first. As expected the peasants gather to protect their princess. Child, you do not stand a chance of defeating me. Challenging me is the same as throwing away you're life.

He was tall and of relative build. His hair was black, untamed and seemed to reach near to his feet. He wore dark blue formal robes of unusual design and his eyes were a shade of cold violet.

It would be truly terrible to scar that wonderful face of yours. This man's chakra is great. He's too strong for you. I'll handle this. The strange man opened his robe slightly and pulled forth a large battle staff, bladed on either end. Tsunade stepped forward facing him down, her determinate gaze unwavering in the face of her mysterious opponent. All Sakura could do was watch as the battle was soon to begin.

I hope that you like-… that you are by some complete miracle willing to read chapter two. Alright maybe it's not that bad, but it had to be pretty damn boring. I mean all it pretty much was, was an excess amount of setup and fluffy dialogue, and then a brief introduction to this story's uninspired OC villain.

I struggled so much with this chapter and I'm still far from satisfied with it. Tsunade y sakura lesbianas well, at least if I stick to my outline this story could be halfway interesting by the end, just I'm not sure anyone will still be reading then. Maybe I'm overreacting; maybe it's not that bad. Well aside from bashing my own fic what else can I say? This fic allows me to write Sakura in a lot lighter manner. Her and Tsunade already have a close Tsunade y sakura lesbianas relationship a first for mesomehow that only makes them harder to write together.

I just hope Sakura doesn't seem to out of character. Another note, is that you may find it inconsistent that the Hokage would be alone and unguarded in some random isolated forest even though no one is supposed to know she's thereyou don't know how hard it is to come up with a situation in which Tsunade is the star especially one that doesn't involve Orochimaruso just learn to deal with it.

This fic will be five chapters when finished at least its short- I know, I'm terrible. Please review this and tell me I'm a paranoid idiot and that my fic's fine so far or conversely tell me I'm right and that it sucks, either way as long as you're reading and reviewing. Expect to see the next chapter soon. See ya! Story Story Writer Forum Community. While out on a private training mission, Tsunade and Sakura Tsunade y sakura lesbianas attacked by a mysterious assassin.

The battle proves difficult for them both, but in the end it may bring them closer then they could have ever imagined. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, I'm also not really a penguin.

I just happen to be more experienced then you. Moonlight Dreams 2. Strife Born of Fire 3. Seeing Through the Flames 4. Midnight Dance 5. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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