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But he let me take his picture and it was worth it. My beautiful wife Shot with Canon 30D, 50mm EF 1. Okay, she's not really drunk. Besides, it's not like I have to get her all sauced up to take advantage of her, I mean, she's my wife.

So, thank you to my Natural wife and friend hot wife. Who is totally stupidly drunk. I won't tell her if you won't. We couldn't grout this weekend just gone, as we were busy seeing Electra on Saturday, and then we went to my folks late Saturday night so we could spend Sunday with the family for my mum 's Birthday.

Canon 30D, timed remote, and Tom's Tripod. Bower C reflected from umbrella at camera left. The woman has the clothes of a mourning wife. She also has black body Natural wife and friend as a expression of sorrow. Western Highlands is a province of Papua New Guinea. The provincial capital is Mount Hagen. Tea and coffee are grown in the Western Highlands.

Tags wife. Related groups — wife View all Adore Your Wife's Feet. The Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long. Wife in a miniskirt! View all All Photos Tagged wife. Trohpy Wife Natural wife and friend TthomasTtommy.

She is mine, my sexy wife Wife Beaters by Alan. Wife Beater by Alan. Wifed Up by Natural wife and friend. Wife by NolanPhotog. View on Black. Wife on the beach by Robot in Catford. Touch your lips just so I know In your eyes, love, it glows so I'm bare-boned and crazy for you When you come crash into me, baby And I come into you In a boys dream In Natural wife and friend boys dream If I've gone overboard Then I'm begging Natural wife and friend to forgive me In my haste When I'm holding you so girl Drunken Wife by Chuck Wendig.

And she's the hotness. And she just took me out for a fantastic dinner at Bolete in Bethlehem for my birthday.

Getting ready to go out. Not bad for a cell phone pic. Wife by svklimkin. DSCFm by Mark. Pouty look by xcleftx. View of Wife 2 by xcleftx. Which looks more appetizing Wife by Kevin Dooley. View of Wife 3 by xcleftx. Wife by rademan Wife Portrait by Doug Miller. Tiling the kitchen by Pete Repka. Unbelievably, Lou and I are still working on the flat.

This was taken the weekend before last, and we finally got the tiling in Natural wife and friend kitchen done. Puddles by Don Cross. Mywife cannot resist them. My wife, she and the sunset, just thanking God for healing her. Wife Posing by Cliff Natural wife and friend. The Wife by Willy. Mourning wife by Rita Willaert. De vrouw is gekleed als een rouwende echtgenote.

Ook zwarte body painting op het lichaam. My Summer Wife by Sveinn Joelsson. Same as my regular wife, but on a hot summer day, which is slightly better :.

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