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Sharing personal information brings people Girl wiggles ass nude together. Verified by Psychology Today. All About Sex. Circumcision is erotically controversial. The two best reports met the gold standard of research, placebo -controlled, randomized clinical trials, both in southern Africa, where circumcision has become an extremely cost-effective approach to controlling AIDS.

Then they circumcised 1, of them, and re-surveyed the entire group every six months for two years. In every survey, Circumcised for better sex two groups showed no statistically significant differences in sexual function, pleasure, or satisfaction. The researchers also asked the circumcised men additional questions focusing on any differences they noticed before and after the procedure.

At the two-year mark, In addition, 78 percent said circumcision made it easier Circumcised for better sex don condoms. Before-and-after surveys showed no differences in sexual desire, erection issues, or other measures of sexual function, pleasure, and satisfaction. Two years after the procedure, The other 34 studies showed similar results.

In addition, circumcision had no effect on rates of premature ejaculation or erection or ejaculation difficulties. These studies were conducted as part of the global effort against AIDS. Participants felt motivated to reduce their AIDS risk. How could it NOT? The foreskin is rich in touch-sensitive nerves. Remove the foreskin and you rob men of nerves that provide sexual pleasure. We can get along fine on less than half of one kidney but we have two. One lung suffices, but we have two. Evolution has equipped us with more capacity than we actually need.

Evidently, this is also true of the penis. Consider how it feels to pet a cat with five fingers. You feel the soft luxuriousness of the fur. You feel the cat purr. Now imagine that you lose one finger. You have 20 percent fewer touch-sensitive nerves in that hand, but does petting feel any different? The same goes for penile sensitivity. Some men believe that sex happens only in the penis and only during intercourse. If that were true, circumcision might well impair sensitivity.

But sexologists agree that the best lovemaking emerges from leisurely, playful, whole-body massage that includes the genitals but is not fixated on them. Imagine a large cake covered with icing. Circumcision opponents over-emphasize the importance of the penis in lovemaking—and of the foreskin. Circumcision has many well-documented medical benefits. In men, it reduces risk of many sexual transmitted infections, notably HIV.

Tori black spread pussy also reduces risk of cancer of the penis. In addition, female lovers of circumcised men have lower rates of cervical cancer, herpes, trichomonas, chlamydida, bacterial vaginosis, and human papillomavirus infection HPV, genial Circumcised for better sex. The reason circumcision prevents so many ills is Circumcised for better sex bacteria and viruses collect beneath the foreskin.

Worldwide, an estimated one-third of the men are circumcised. Judaism and Islam require it, so in Israel and across the Muslim world the practice Circumcised for better sex virtually universal. Circumcision is also popular in the Sunset thomas porn xxx. But authorities in both religions insist that the practice has always been an act of religious faith, and that its medical benefits, while welcome, are coincidental.

Kigozi, G. Krieger, J. Morris, Circumcised for better sex. Michael, if you honestly believe that any studies on circumcision out of Africa are a gold-standard of anything other than bias toward circumcision, I'm not sure what to say!

To condemn research simply because it's "out of Africa," strikes me as unscientific. One of the studies was conducted by Ugandan researchers, but the other was conducted by researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle. On the subject of circumcision, I do not trust American researchers, and anyone with connections to Brian Morris of Australia. This work is biased in favour of circumcision.

Given the present state of biomedical technology, it is impossible to do a Circumcised for better sex study of the possible effect of circumcision on sexual enjoyment of men.

Such studies Porno dragon ball heroe be possible only when the nerve impulse traffic between penis and brain can be reduced to a data set. One can study the sex lives of women who report that they have been in relationships with both kinds of men.

A New Zealand study did just this, but the sample was small and not selected randomly. One can also study the possible correlation between circumcision status and the usual sexual dysfunctions, but I know of no study that that does this in a rigorous manner.

A rigorous study would require a large representative random sample drawn from a country such as Canada, where both circumcision statuses are fairly well represented in all demographic categories. The problem with Morten Frisch's work with high quality Danish data, is that a large majority of circumcised Danish men come Circumcised for better sex a small Muslim underclass.

American doctors have circumcised baby Circumcised for better sex on the whim of parents for years, Circumcised for better sex the lack of any evidence that circumcision has no sexual drawbacks. This was a seriously unconscionable situation, and is a major reason why I distrust American research on the possible drawbacks Circumcised for better sex prophylactic circumcision.

Circumcised for better sex whole circumcision issue falls to the Occam's Razor test. Why would anyone assume 2 million years of sexual evolution and also successful human reproduction, would include such a dangerous piece as a foreskin. My God peopleits strange, weird fetish men such as Morris that keep drumming up non sense and exaggerated pro circumcision articles. Morris find he is considered sane and not a pervert, only inside the US that continues to insist there is nothing wrong with circumcision of babies.

Its barbaric and dangerous. It destroys what Nature intended. If you find the normal penis ugly then please accept you are one ignorant dumb Boo. You touched on so many excellent points a response would be lengthy and prolixbut circumcised academics many Jewish and purporting to do circumcision studies is nothing short of outrageous.

Of course circumcision could never be indicted for what it actually is. Further why do some cultures with no or small HIV and STD and less than 1 percent circumcised manage that if the foreskin is a magnet for disease?

Odd, even an average intelligence person would say, wait something is odd here. What if women were to under go sexual surgery to prevent the transfer of HIV from their bodies to males. Oh, wait a minute we can't have that and circumcision of a baby routinely so harmless? Yet, last year a boy bled out and two years ago in Toronto same? The foreskin has simply been demonized and as cultures protect their own bizarre rituals we can hear that:.

They must be Circumcised for better sex. Bad Logic here, yet Colorado just got routine circumcision by amendment back in Medicaid. A Jewish women, Foster and her Rabbi husband. I own the deed. It would stand to reason if the foreskin were a safe harbor for viruses and bacteria, it stands to reason the clitoral hood and labia would be the same.

There are studies which show a decreased incidence of HIV in 'circumcised' women, yet no one, at least not in the western world, is eager to look into why, they are eager however Circumcised for better sex decry it as a mutilation, no matter how much Circumcised for better sex victims defend it.

It is a procedure which can never, with current medical abilities, be undone, but can be done at any Current breast cancer treatment. Unless there's an epidemic of children having sex, why must this be done on infants, since most of the proposed benefits don't happen until sexual maturity or much, much later?

States with much lower rates of mutilation do not have higher rates of HIV. Countries with Circumcised for better sex rates of mutilation have lower rates of HIV. In Africa mutilated men where given condoms which and still did not have much difference in HIV rates.

Read the study retard. The anti circumcision folks realized maybe 20 years ago, to argue health is a lost cause, because these specious studies are always done with very pro circumcision agenda investigators.

Many have no qualification and have shown personal perversion, Brian Morris a good example. Lots of energy for cutting a boy's Circumcised for better sex. Wait why is Morris a non doctor so energized by such a thing? Should people not ask? The only way to keep these fraud artists away is to just ignore health claims.

Go to moral and ethical ones. American parents circumcise from Circumcised for better sex of a normal penis. They have never seen one. They have a prejudice the normal penis is dirty and subjectively ugly. Now imagine the same taint about a non circumcised women. Indeed perhaps the genitals were intended to be functional, not art deco?

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