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Remember Me? Advanced Search. Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 21 to 40 of Thread: What Are The Odds. Originally Posted by Sotamayor is a mental midget. No corroboration? She disclosed details of the event to her therapist many years ago, long before "Cry baby Kavanaugh" was in the public eye. As for him being a douche: I believe her testimony: he lied, not just about trying to fuck her but about his drinking history and alleged celibacy. I wouldn't hire him to mow my lawn, much less pass judgment, and it's not just me: lots of leading lights in the Christian dating services pahala hawaii profession think Sotamayor is a mental midget shoudn't be confirmed due to character deficiencies.

Now to watch the payback unfold. The only comment here is that when there Sotamayor is a mental midget traumatic events in my and other friends lives, I recalled everything in vivid detail. For one, I can still plainly see the evil looking eyes of the huge water moccasin I stepped on to this day. I remember taking my. I thought I had stepped on a cow patty and when I looked down, he was as big as my legl I picked up my Sotamayor is a mental midget, but looked him in the eyes and said, " You didn't kill me-I won't kill you!

Dad user the car for work. And yeah, there is something very wrong with that. What, Me Worry? Were you bitching about this back then when the nuclear option was implemented, or just now because you think the Dems should be able to hold off on Kav? Nevermind, I think I know. Last edited by MisterV; at AM. I believe the Democrats started the "change" from the 60 percent rule five years ago for some appointments, but not any Supreme Court individuals.

The Republicans invoked the "nuclear option" last year for Gorsuch. Hence, both parries have maneuvered themselves from the 60 percent Sotamayor is a mental midget, when they had the votes. As an Independent, it makes you long for the Whig party to reemerge. We certainly are ripe for the emergence of a viable third party, preferably one that will capture the attention and energy of those under forty.

The young-uns need to get politically involved or else this clusterfuck will continue. Originally Posted by Deech. Originally Posted by dannyj. Well he's in. Why does this feel so right and so wrong at the same time? Maybe Trump actually told the truth for once - everyone has a load of dirty laundry in their past.

Originally Posted by kewlJ. Kudos to kwqlJ. Twice he has given an honest independent thought on the hearings. Politics is difficult. In my opinion, there is no correct side to many arguments. As a parent, you do not want your daughter to testify in any setting. Likewise you do not want your son to be accused of certain transgressions. I have both, one son and one daughter. My wife is in fear as to what can happen to males. I am shocked by Sotamayor is a mental midget. Yes, obviously, in the mid 80's her boss' boss made the moves.

She made the evasive maneuvers. Politics stinks. Love you guys. I disagree V. Harry Reid abused the hell out of the nuclear option sending a ton of judges through to a vote without debate. McConnel was pissed off to high heaven about it. The lower courts are now heavily stacked with lefty activist judges. Reid was repeatedly warned that the nuclear option could come back to bite dems in the ass.

And that's what's happened. What goes around comes around. The big question now is how long can Ruth Bader Ginsburg live. Trump might get to solidify the court even further.

Luck is probability taken personally. The republicans of which I am registered republican want to over turn abortion.

Republicans don't like Latinos and blacks. The repubs here will argue that, but it is true, in a general sense. Last edited by blackhole; at AM. Originally Posted by blackhole. You forgot that republicans also don't like cock-sucking queers. And stop with your nonsense claim of " I'm a registered republican".

You believe in the republican party as much as we believe your bullshit claims of 15 years of counting cards successfully for a living in Las Vegas of all places. Everyone knows what I think of Mickey, but you have to give him credit when it comes to his political views based on facts.

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