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They eventually find her, apologize and say how happy they actually are. I would say with Raph or Donnie turtles. Originally posted by t-raylodytello. Tmnt x x x came the tenderness in her breasts, and the strange and intense craving of popcorn. She just shook it off and blamed it on PMS.

She kept her speculations a secret. So after school she quickly ran to Tmnt x x x nearest drug store. She browsed the store casually, too embarrassed to ask an employee. She found the pregnancy tests fairly quickly, but soon realized she had no idea which one to buy. She placed the tests on the counter, avoiding the judging eyes of the cashier. She could practically feel her glares from where she stood.

As soon as the test were bagged she sprinted out of the store, stuffing them down in her bag. Knowing that if she was right, she had to tell to tell him immediately. The thought terrified her, but she knew Webcam girl fingering herself cums had to be done.

When she entered, she was glad to find that no one came to greet her. The boys were with Master Splinter, she breathed a sigh of relief Tmnt x x x ran to the bathroom. It was almost time to check, and she was extremely nervous. She picked up the next in a panic, it too read positive. She began to cry, throwing the test away Tmnt x x x grabbing the last one.

Positive, three positive pregnancy tests. She heard the boys moving to and fro on the other side of the bathroom door. Donnie immediately notice she was upset, and rushed towards her. Donatello froze, still as a statue. His eyes wide, mouth agape, and mind racing with thoughts. It seemed Tmnt x x x if he had even stopped breathing.

She needed to be comforted and April was the the only one who she could think to go to. She stopped in a nearby alley, where she sat against the wall, tears streaming down her cheeks. So there she sat, sobbing for hours. By the time she ran out of tears, the sun was setting in the distance. When she got home, it was completely dark out. The moon was absent, the only lights coming from the street lamps and through the windows Girls with big tits sucking cock her neighbors apartments.

She passed the door man without a second glance, entering the elevator alone and watching the numbers pass it get to her floor. She Tmnt x x x and grabbed her keys, opening her apartment door. Exit. to xxx milfs the living room staring straight at her with tear filled eyes and open arms was her tall terrapin lover. Donnie rushed forward scooping her into his arms and slamming the door, his grip was unshakable, despite the Tmnt x x x Donatello was shaking.

He was practically vibrating, his lip quivering as a couple Tmnt x x x escaped. It appeared as if he had cried just as much as she had in the last couple of hours, if not even more. Not wanting the baby? All this time I was working under the assumption that because we were mutants me and my brothers were never going to be able to father children.

I thought our reproductive biology was incompatible this entire time! I had accepted that I would never be a father, even though growing up I had wanted nothing more than to have a family of my own one day. Hell before I met you, I thought I would never even find someone to love me because of what I am! She smiled a blinding beautiful smile and smashed her lips to his, giving Tmnt x x x a passionate kiss. He kissed her once more, grinning.

Eyes glistening, radiating joy as he spun her around. He nuzzled her face with his own. Maybe have a movie marathon? Donnie Tmnt x x x behind her, a similar expression gracing his face. April was laughing at the chaos and talking to Casey. Master Splinter was too watching the chaos unfold. With science, I always had an interest.

I wanted to understand how all the things I saw around me worked. With April however… When Tmnt x x x saw her, my heart just felt like it was about to burst out of Tmnt x x x chest.

And the more I Teen naked nudist busty to know her, the farther I fell. Thank you so much! A lot has been going on recently and ive been unable to write as much as I would like. But knowing that someone out there is reading and enjoying what I have written is very comforting.

Posts Ask me anything Archive. My Followers: when are you going to update the thing? Me: I am definitely going to update the thing very soon :. Anonymous asked: Hey Donnie, when did you first fall in love with science and then April? Thanks boo. Anonymous asked: Hey! You okay beautiful? Megan Fox walking away after snatching my wig. I wish tbh. Anonymous asked: Hey love! Anonymous asked: Tmnt x x x not sure if you've already done this, but how would the turtles act when they get drunk?

Whatever those may be. Donatello Rarely gets drunk Tipsy? But full on drunk? Not likely, and not at all often Tipsy Donnie is just a little more chilled out and his filter loosens a bit More sass More sarcasm Will be making fun of them all Probably recording everything for future reference And possible blackmail Drunk Donnie?!

Absolute train wreck Filter? GONE Intelligence? So many fucking tears He just loves everyone and everything so damn much Got a Significant Other? See this in the app Show more.

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