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This is my first Toy Story fanfic, so be nice. Anyway, this is inspired by a fanart piece on deviantART. The toys were bored. So bored they had to make ways to entertain themselves each time Andy leaves the room. Andy has not played with them for six years now. Wanna come with? Andy suddenly got what she was thinking and summoned up his attitude. Woody's heart leapt.

He pressed his ear to the opening of the trunk to hear better. Andy sighed sadly. We'll make use of what we do have Allison giggled again. Woody's face fell and his heart sank. What are we- chopped liver? Andy started kissing his girlfriend, who threw her arms around him.

Andy hoisted her legs up, which made her squeal excitedly, and carried her to his bed. The toys peeked through, and their eyes widened in shock and horror. Andy got up from his bed and looked at his trunk. There Toy story barbie pron all of his toys, inanimate. He sighed and stood up. We should She looked Woody up and down. Buzz gave a low whistle. He jumped up and waved his hands in front of him as if to ward off something. The toys then decided to call Toy story barbie pron a night.

Jessie crawled over to Buzz and tapped him on the shoulder. Hey, Lightuyear. Our conversation ain't over. Buzz closed his eyes and groaned in dread. How am I gonna talk my way out of this one? I'll leave to your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Toy Story. When Andy brings his girlfriend to his room, they hint at playing with Toy story barbie pron toys. However, much to Woody's and his Toy story barbie pron chagrin, that was NOT what he was Toy story barbie pron. Rated for mature content and swearing.

I do not own Toy story barbie pron Story. Hot black ebony babe heard a door close and footsteps. He and hiss friends all clambered back into the toy chest. XXX One hour after Andy left for his date, the toys heard footsteps again.

He blew it. Toy story barbie pron scrambled back into the toy box. A few minutes later, they heard giggling. He smiled. Jessie gasped quietly with excitement and pumped her fist excitedly. As if on cue, they heard moaning and squealing. Allison was giggling and panting. Harder, Andy, harder! After Woody and Allison left, the toys came to life.

I am officially scarred for life. Potato Head proclaimed. Potato head said. I didn't know you are into pron! Heavens, no! He chuckled embarrassed. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

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