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Emo Captions nsfw Using grammar in a forum is like having 22 inch Emo girl sex with captions. Response to Emo Captions nsfw That has to be one of the worst captions I've ever seen in my entire life. You have no comedic traits whatsoever. I'm not being a smart ass, I'm expressing my [highly professional] opinions on your shitty macro.

Click here to see Emo girl sex with captions the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. Emo Captions nsfw 2, Views 22 Replies. Member since: Oct. Member Level 05 Blank Slate. Member since: Dec. Member Level 15 Musician. Member since: May. Member Level 14 Reader. Fat people have loads of confidence, dumbass. Click it to show it show it some love, too! Member Level 43 Blank Slate. They're also good liars I hear.

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