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These principles are easy to understand and they will take your black and white fine art photography Artistic black and white photography a new level, either you work with black and white architecture, black and white landscapes, black and white portraits or still life. They belong to the general principles for creating good black and white photographs and do not depend on the subject matter you work with.

They will give your black and white photography the extra element that will make it unforgettable for the viewer. We are all constantly learning, so do I, and this makes us better artists and helps us be as close as possible to perfection, which is one of the characteristics of fine art photography.

Creating black and white photography is very different from creating color photography and one needs to be aware of the differences in order to be able to create good black and white photography, especially black and white fine art photography, where the input of the artist is much more important than the subject he is working with, the reality he is capturing and, by extension, the image the camera captures, which is only a Artistic black and white photography for the final black and white photograph.

Creating in black and white is not only about producing good and correctly executed and processed black and white photographs, it is also about producing black and white photography with EMOTIONArtistic black and white photography other words, black and white fine art photography. In fine art photography, everything starts in your head. Not in the outside world, but inside you, in your mind and soul. It means a lot of things, among which the Amateur allure busty blonde cumshots to go to the essence of things, to recognize what is important in what you photograph and what needs to be emphasized, to recognize your subject, to recognize your internal idea in the external world, so you know what scene, subject, point of view, light conditions will be the best raw material you can use to recreate your vision in a black and white photograph.

When working in black and white you have to be curious to unveil the hidden part of the world, the one that exists beyond color and beyond objective reality, you need to be bold enough to work with a very fragile material: your emotions and the emotions of the viewer. Black and white fine art photography is not about rules and stiff techniques, it is not about gear or perfect conditions. For me, this quote says it in the clearest way, regardless of what each one of us believes spiritually, how important light is.

The light and its gradations, that we capture and then Black men jerking off tumblr or even recreate in our images through post-processing.

Light is what reveals the world to us, it is the very prerequisite of seeing and it is what makes photography possible. We only notice it when it is different, more Artistic black and white photography or special, more extreme or dramatic than normal. But when working in black and white we should always be careful and observe the light we have in front of us, regardless if it is a special light or plain common light. We have to observe it, read it, interpret it, and then strive to use its full potential Artistic black and white photography create the image.

Shadow cannot exist without light, it is its counterpart, its completion and opposite. Light and shadow are like yin and yang and they should always be seen, analyzed and interpreted together, both when capturing a black and Artistic black and white photography photograph, as well as when post- processing a black and white photograph. They are both very powerful tools in our hands as photographers and as en Visionographers, that not only capture this light and shadow, but also re-interpret it so to be able to give birth to something more than just photography, to en Visionography and the manifestation of our vision through the image we create.

Types of light and shadow on a rendered volume. When taking photographs with the intention to work on them in black and white, try to look at the world around you in different way and start to observe the variations of light on a surface, the way it transforms from light to shadow, from bright to dark, by transiting all the shades of gray in-between.

Observe all the gradations it creates and how smooth or harsh this transition is, depending on the intensity of the light falling on that surface: the gradation in the gray tones is steeper in the case the light is harsher, creating higher contrast, and smoother in the case the light is softer, creating lower contrast. They exist around us in the scene we photograph, but they are much more important to use and create when processing the image, because they are what will make our image believable and help the viewer see a three-dimensional scene in the photograph.

Try to put an area of black next to an area of white and you will see how powerful contrast is. It will attract the eye immediately and make you look instantly at the area where the two tones meet. Now think about it, and tell me if this is not one of the most powerful tools you can use to attract the viewer into your photograph so you can keep him there and tell him your story.

It almost looks like a trick, like manipulation; this is how powerful contrast is in a black and white photograph. And, just like any other powerful too, it should be used with Artistic black and white photography and smartness. Using contrast wisely, placing it in the right amount in the right places is something all famous black Artistic black and white photography white photographers have understood and used in their work and this is one of the reasons their work is so striking.

Another very good example of great use of contrast to create powerful and atmospheric images is the Hollywood glamour portrait work of George Hurrell. The Zone System and covering the full tonal range. Next, you should fill the gaps between black and white and this is one of the most important principles of black and white photography. You need to Boys teen haircut styles images that have the right amount of contrast, but also cover the entire tonal range.

Contrast is used so we draw the attention to the image Artistic black and white photography to the main subject, but the mid-grays are the ones that will keep the eye of the viewer in the image and make him want to explore the image more. So, you understand how important they are.

No need to have the same amount of each gray tone, but you need to have them all in your image. The problem when you do this is that the result will be only an image that pops, not an image that keeps you there exploring its secrets. They are the element that will give you the dreamy look in a black and white fine art photograph and make you want to know more.

I find the mid-grays, especially the dark mid-grays something that is on one hand very difficult to control well, and on the other hand something that can be extremely emotional and powerful and will play an important role in how you will feel about an image. Because Artistic black and white photography believe that you can understand best if you see it, here are some examples of great imaged using mid-grays and dark mid-grays that I collected on Pinterest, Artistic black and white photography you see what I mean.

Look at the beauty of these tones, they are almost touching you physically. I have a special sweet spot for his nude studies.

Also more about Clyde Butcher on his website. Clyde is closer to our generation, but his work with gray tones is outstanding and his passion for photography is great.

And here is where you can find a collection of breath-taking images that use mid-grays in the best way. It is a sublime pleasure to look at these images. There are some of my images too in this collection and yes, I love to look at these images. When you shoot with Huge dicks fucking midget girls intention of creating black and white photograph.

In the phase of post-processing please keep in mind that a very important thing is to use the light you have in your advantage, either by using it as you capture it, or by changing it to suit your goals. The way you change the light in the image is by using smartly the gradations between black and white — the gray tones. Remember that white bright tones reveal — they help the eye concentrate on the area where they are used, drawing the attention to them, and black dark tones conceals — they make the areas where they are used on seem less visible, thus less important in the hierarchy of the image.

The more control you have over your image when working in black and white, the better. This means you will rely Artistic black and white photography your software to create your images even more than you will rely on your camera to capture them.

You have to be aware of the power of this tool: your editing software. Do not be afraid to use it at its full potential. Controlling the way you process an image is what will help you create fine art photography, in opposition to traditional photography documentary etc. The more control you have over the image, the better. Artistic black and white photography more control you have over the play with light an shadow, the balance between them, and over creating the right intensities of light as well as of shadow, so you sustain and emphasize your composition, so you reveal your subject through enhancing the light on it, the closer you will be to recreating your vision about the subject you chose in the black and white image you produce, the closer you will be to tell your story and to move the viewer.

The image you start with may have nothing to do with the image you deliver as a final image. The difference between them has to do with your vision and with using the editing software to recreate your vision in the photograph you made. The program that will give you the most control over your images is Photoshop. This is the king in fine art photography because it is such a rich software that will Naked pornstars fucked in the pussy you to edit in depth your image.

If you combine Photoshop with Lightroom and a few pieces of software that can be used as plugins inside Photoshop or Lightroom, you will have even more control over your images.

DxO PhotoLab can be used as a stand-alone application or as a plugin in Lightroom. In the case I need to create complex selections or when working in landscape images, I also use Luminosity Masks, Channel based selections, Color hue based selections etc.

In this phase I work mainly in Photoshop by using layers simple layers or adjustment layersblending modes, gradients, dodge and burn. Try to keep in mind all these Artistic black and white photography and practical aspects of shooting and processing black and white photography and apply them in creating your own images, not only when working with certain subjects but generally in your black and white fine art photography work.

Artistic black and white photography Fat strip pussy pics be difficult in the beginning to see the world through a black and white prism and to process your photographs in a specific monochrome way but in time and if you insist enough on mastering the techniques for black and white photography, it will become a second nature and it will help you express your vision in black and white in a much more accurate and impressive way so you can move the viewer the same way you were moved when you created your images.

Remember that the goal of black and white photography is to create and transmit emotion and to help the viewer feel the same excitement you felt when creating your art. I hope you enjoyed this guide to black and white fine art photography and that it will give you inspiration and practical tools to create outstanding black and white fine art photography.

You can find more resources about fine art black and white photography, en Visionography, long exposure photography and architectural photography in my extensive collection of photography tutorials. To receive my future tutorials directly via email you can subscribe to my website. More about how to create fine art photography, from vision till processing and the final image you can read in my book From Basics to Fine Art — Black and White Photographywith co-author Joel Bobby manilas black attack gangbang, and in my video tutorial Long Exposure, Architecture, Fine Art Photography - Creating en Visionography a hands-on tutorial accompanied by an eBook presenting my processing workflow, or attend one of my workshops.

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Miles Davis Portraits by Irving Penn. Miles Davis Hands by Irving Penn. George Hurrell Portrait Compilation. Artistic black and white photography Anna Gospodarou - en Visionographer Julia Anna Gospodarou is an internationally acclaimed photographer, architect with a Master Artistic black and white photography, author and highly sought-after educator, teaching workshops and lecturing around the world. Related Articles.

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