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Two spankees OTK is a method of spanking two persons simultaneously, side by side over the spanker's lap.

This method is occasionally found in spanking artfor example in spanking cartoons but also in 'serious' spanking drawings and spanking comics. It is usually chosen when two characters are caught in Drawing being boyz spanking same mischievous act.

Instead of putting one in a waiting position e. Both spankees face the same direction so that their bottoms are side by side, and are spanked, as it were, as if they were one person with four bottom cheeks.

A possible way of doing it with two adult spankees is shown in the photo linked below. The "two spankees OTK" scenario has humorous connotations because it is somehow funny to see the two sinners "getting it" together like that — united in mischief and united in punishment. In the usual pairing, an adult spanking two children, it also points out how weak, small, lightweight, and helpless the children are, and how big and strong the spanker in comparison, if he or she can manage spanking two at the same time.

Drawing of a father spanking his son and Drawing being boyz spanking OTK simultaneously, by Mame Open main Drawing being boyz spanking. Edit Two Drawing being boyz spanking OTK. Two persons in the over-one-knee positionbut opposite knees, though the spanker would have to be at least semi-ambidextrous. Two persons can also be spanked side-by-side in a number of other positions, such as over a desk example: one drawing by Sassy Bottomsone drawing by Wilhelm Busch.

Two persons can also be spanked simultaneously by two different spankers, e. Drawing by Wilhelm Busch. Spanked by two Over two laps Group spanking.

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