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I needed a week away from the hustle and bustle of my New York investment banking job and had booked a weeklong Orient beach nude couples to St. Martin, a beautiful island in the French West Indies.

The stress at work had been piling on, but having just closed a merger deal I was feeling like some much needed rest and relaxation was in Orient beach nude couples. On a Saturday morning Orient beach nude couples March, I arrived at JFK airport and checked in for my flight, wheeling along just a small carry-on with a few pairs of board shorts and enough essentials for the week.

The hotel I had booked was located on Orient Beach, on the French side of the island, and I was looking forward to a week of sun, sand, drinks, and hopefully some beautiful women!

Just a chance to get away for a week by myself and relax. Waiting at the gate, I took a look around at the others Sex black woman net for the flight -- a few older couples and families, some Asian tourists, and a young group of college-aged girls already dressed in their beach coverups and bohemian jewelery.

Great, I thought, they seem fun and it's a small island, maybe I'll see them around! The flight was set to board in twenty minutes, and I looked back down at my book to pass the time. I looked up to see two women, probably in their early 40's, dressed in stylish beach wear, looking for a place to sit and wait for the flight.

They seemed giggly, as if they had already hit the airport bar to take the edge off before the flight. Looks like we've got a full flight here today. She was blonde, wearing a straw cowboy-type hat and a turquoise cover up, looking ready to hit the beach as soon as she touched down. Her friend was a similarly tanned large breasted brunette wearing a long black cotton maxi dress and flip flops.

I assumed from their Louis Vuitton luggage that they would be taking the next connecting flight to Truth or dare nudes. Bart's -- they seemed like cougars of the Hamptons-crowd variety, definitely attractive, but no rings in sight. Feel free. Bart's -- but nope, girl's trip to St.

We do a week on Orient Beach Orient beach nude couples year, it's so beautiful Orient beach nude couples much lower-key. I'm Amanda, by the way, and this is my friend Michelle! Martin as well for me -- I'm Hedonism ii sex party to Orient too as a matter of fact.

Never been, but looking forward to unwinding a bit. How about you? Orient beach nude couples, one of the reasons I had chosen Orient Beach was its legendary clothing-optional status.

I had always been kind of a closet nudist and was looking forward to ditching my swimsuit. Despite my heavy work schedule, I'm a fit 30 year old guy, and I figured it was now or never to show off a little bit, right?

The nude resort, sounds like you guys will have fun this week! Note to self, definitely try to meet up with these ladies this week! I can't wait to hit the beach and grab a few cocktails. Maybe we'll see you out there, Matt. Upon landing, the trip through customs was quick and I headed to the cab line to get a car to my hotel. My newfound friends were just stepping into a cab ahead of me, and Amanda smiled and waved when she saw me.

Want to share a cab? We're headed to the same place, after all. Orient beach nude couples three of us squeezed into the back seat and sped off toward our hotels on the French side of the island. Amanda and Michelle gave me the lowdown on their favorite bars and restaurants in the Orient Bay area, but I noticed they were really emphasizing that they loved spending time at the far side of the beach, out in front of Club Orient.

I think they were trying to be coy, but they seemed to be obviously trying to make sure I stopped by the nude side. I felt my cock thicken up Orient beach nude couples as Amanda described how she loved the Perch Bar, "which -- and you Orient beach nude couples like the adventurous type -- you can go to totally nude if you like! After all, I've got no real schedule today and it's always great to meet new friends.

The room itself was huge and the resort luxurious, with ocean views and a large balcony, but I wasted little time unpacking and turned on the shower to clean up before hitting the beach.

I took off my clothes and took a moment to look at my nude body in Naked asian girls swimming mirror -- I had a decent base tan going, I thought -- and stepped into the shower. I lathered up with soap, and though Orient beach nude couples Long hard german cock my pubic Katrina kaif pusy fuck shaved I gave my cock and balls another once over with a razor to ensure they were as smooth as possible, especially now that I knew I'd be on full display!

After drying off, I pulled on a pair of tiny Vilebrequin board shorts and grabbed my beach gear. It was a short walk out from my room to Orient Beach, which was Orient beach nude couples more beautiful in person than the photos online suggested. The humid Caribbean air enveloped me, and I made my way down the beach to walk along the beautiful turquoise water. All of Orient Beach is topless, but the only fully-nude area is on the south side of the beach at Club Orient.

As Orient beach nude couples made my way down toward the nude beach, I naturally stopped at the Kon Tiki beach club to have a quick drink and steady my excitement.

Sipping on a margarita, a petite topless French woman with short hair sidled up to the bar next to me. She looked to be maybe a few years older than me, and deeply tanned. Yep, this vacation was a good idea I thought.

Her pert behind was parted by a Kerry marie and lorna morgan nude pics thong bikini bottom, and the contrast of the white sand on her bare feet and her dark tan was a definite turn on.

Finishing Orient beach nude couples drink, I resumed my walk over to the nude beach. Making my way past the rock separation between the topless and nude sides, I saw the famous Club Orient nude beach sign, and beyond it a number of deeply tanned Orient beach nude couples bathers of all ages.

I walked Orient beach nude couples the beach to find a chair and umbrella to set up at, and felt completely at ease as the stresses of work evaporated from my mind. Club Orient Day One The nude beach was fairly busy, but I laid my towel out on a Orient beach nude couples next to an older couple.

The woman was pale and nude, with a small reddish patch of pubic hair above a pink slit. Her husband, however, remained in shorts -- clearly too embarrassed to go nude with his wife, which I thought was a lame move.

I unpacked my beach bag, taking out some SPF 15, and dropped my bathing suit, letting my thick cock and balls swing in the Caribbean breeze. I noticed the pale woman next to me peering over her sunglasses, surreptitiously enjoying the view as my penis swayed right near her Orient beach nude couples. I sprayed on some sunscreen, and laid back in my chair Ass fetish dominated porn take in some sun.

Looking out at the water, I noticed two fit nude women sunning themselves on the diving platform, a blonde and brunette.

That must be Amanda and Michelle, damn I thought. Not wanting to appear overly eager, I laid back in my chair and waited for them to swim back to shore before saying hi. After about ten minutes, the combination of the humidity, sun, and relaxation had me contentedly dozing off. Looking nice and relaxed I see! Who would want to wear a bathing suit? Amanda and Michelle were both well-endowed, Michelle with large fake breasts that appeared like white globes as the tan lines contrasted with her otherwise deep tan.

Amanda, the blonde, was tanned head to toe. Her breasts were natural and perky but sagged Orient beach nude couples, with large pink nipples, and her pussy was completely shaved. She had a tasteful vine tattoo that wrapped down her foot. Michelle had a tightly cropped landing strip above a pair of tight pussy lips, and a tattoo on her hip.

They seemed like they liked to party. This place is the best, isn't it? Come with us, there's Orient beach nude couples extra chair near our spot! The girls stretched out on their chairs to air dry, and I took the seat next to Amanda.

The girls already had a bucket of beers on ice set up under their umbrella and Michelle immediately handed me one as the two each popped the cap off their Heinekens. Let's toast -- to a beautiful beach and new friends! Look at that! My penis once again thickened as both women inadvertently looked at my cock.

I'm sorry Matt, she's always like this! We continued to drink and get to know each other better. Amanda and Michelle were both early's divorcees, and Orient beach nude couples been coming to the nude beach for five years as an annual girl's trip.

Besides, you're my type. Michelle got up to grab another round of drinks and Amanda and I sat up in our chairs to get to know each other a little better. Her long blonde hair fell in ringlets over her shoulders, and she had put on her cowboy hat to shield herself from the sun.

Putting on shorts later is going to be a bummer. Amanda wheeled around and put her legs up on my chair across from her as we chatted. Her body was fantastic for her age, and as we people watched and made comments Orient beach nude couples the other nudists I could see her checking out my cock. Orient beach nude couples man had a long flaccid penis that hung halfway down his thighs, swaying with each step, and was wearing a cock ring.

His bottle-blonde wife had a slightly saggy bum, deeply tanned except for two little crescents of tan lines underneath her butt cheeks that you could see as she walked. My penis was almost fully erect at this point, and my testicles hung down the edge of the chair. I gently massaged Amanda's foot, rubbing the soft pink sandy sole and tracing the outline of her tattoo. At this point, Michelle came back from the bar with a round of mixed drinks, interrupting our foot massage. She sat down on Amanda's chair, her right breast gently brushing Amanda's left as they squeezed in together.

This is heading in a fun direction, I thought to myself! Orient beach nude couples our drinks, Amanda then stood up and Michelle noted that her back was getting a bit red from the sun. And Matt, if you don't mind, would you do my front? I should do you next, you could use a re-apply! I don't want to burn, after all!

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