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New Releases. Unlimited Unlimited. Shayla LaVeaux. Some of Shayla's best scenes are with Black girl big ass porno where you can see their natural attraction to each other explode on the screen. Shayla laveaux interracial sexShayla decided to also step behind the camera to produce a special project in which she would perform her one and only gang-bang.

She took a short break from hard-core action to focus on her dance career, but has now come back stronger than ever. Even back then she had an infectious laugh and one of the most compelling personalities I'd ever run across. Shayla's the kind of person you just want to be around. She's the kind of lady you really want to take home to mom. Well, you want to take her to bed too, but afterwards a visit with the parents would be cool.

At just over 5' tall, and just under pounds, let's face it: Shayla can "fit" a lot of places. She started in the business in March of where she dabbled in her first attempts at acting, and her first experiences with sex on film - at least where she got paid for it. Ironically, her first movie had her cast as the lead character in a Shayla laveaux interracial sex title called Curious. Suffice it say that although the plot developed in outer space, Shayla's acting debut was far from stellar.

During this initial visit to L. She only stayed a couple of weeks that trip, and as we drove back to Colorado, we had a lot of time to sort things out and consider how she felt about movies as a career. I try Shayla laveaux interracial sex maintain the attitude that if one decides to attempt something, one need try to be the best. After a few months back at the ol' homestead, Shayla made up her mind, and when she slammed that hard-body back into the adult business, the business sat back and took notice.

She signed an exclusive contract with a director named Paul Norman, in a rarely used tactic. Rather than work for just one company, she agreed to work for just one man. Paul would use Shayla as "bait" for various video companies: If they hired him to direct and produce a movie or two for them, he would give them Shayla as the lead in the Shayla laveaux interracial sex. For that time period Adult truth or dare sex stories the business, it was an ingenious plan.

For a few months Shayla was getting four or five lead roles a month, and there were A LOT fewer titles being released back Shayla laveaux interracial sex. When Key west swinger friendly movies started to hit the market, the AVN looked like Shayla's fan club for a couple of months. Over the next 18 months of the "Shayla Surge" as I called it then, this diminutive woman accomplished amazing things.

Only Ginger Lynn and Barbara Dare had accomplished this prior to Shayla, and they did it with powerful Xxx sex africa press black behind them. Somewhat typically, I've learned over the years, Shayla had a bit of a down time after winning Starlet of the Year. I asked her about it years later, and she said that after being titled the "Best" she just didn't know how to follow it; it makes some sense.

After all, what's better than Shayla laveaux interracial sex the best? Wouldn't next year, by definition, be downhill? They're only eligible for the award once.

In Shayla's case she headed back to Colorado to work on her personal relationship Now stronger than ever, and even admirable in most respects and to do the almost trite "get her head together. When she finally went so far as to see a doctor about her moodiness, they diagnosed her with Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD, and that singular event had more to do with Shayla's strength today.

She began medication for the common, but Shayla laveaux interracial sex condition, and Shayla came back to live in Los Angeles - this time with renewed determination and her significant other. She almost immediately landed a deal with VCA. They were about to produce their Shayla laveaux interracial sex ambitious project ever, following Latex, and they wanted a contract player to have the lead.

They had just lost their intended star due to a defection, and opportunity knocked. You never know when a propitious door may open; you know only that it will not stay open for long. Shayla wanted that role, and so she signed a contract. Although she played the lead character, she had only a couple of lines of dialogue, the most memorable of which had to have been, "Gwen.

Shayla laveaux interracial sex to pick and choose among the available projects, Shayla chose not to re-sign with VCA, and she went on to a pace of 10 or so carefully considered movie roles a year.

She also reopened "Shayla Productions" which had previously only released Shayla's Gang. She shot her second title literally on the International road, and it offers an insightful view of the "person" Shayla. My job, remember, remains to bring attention to, and offer support Shayla laveaux interracial sex, the women we represent. She really is the type of person it's impossible not to like. I should also tell you to keep your eye on this outstanding woman: I know what's in the works, and rest assured Shayla will continue to get your attention.

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