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Briar, sweat, and tears, the raw ingredients for pipes. And what the The bst of ass to mouth loves to do is make pipes. Boring old regular-ass pipes. What happened was, I made a bunch of perfectly serviceable ugly pipes.

My contribution to shape, style, and finish was absolutely zero. And mostly I never got back out of that. I'm continuously surprised by how a piece of briar with some holes in it can be so different than another, similar piece of The bst of ass to mouth with some holes in it. I don't understand it. Lumber wise, I would rate the pipe as merely exceptional. Very clear tobacco flavor, the wood really stays in the background.

You cut a wonderful pipe there, Todd. I've only smoked it maybe 15 times, as it's a little big for my daily piping purposes, but when The bst of ass to mouth have a chance for a long car ride, or rarer yet a chance to sit and read, I grab that pipe.

I've never had a large pipe so perfectly balanced and virtually unnoticed in my mouth. A blend like McC Oriental 14, something that really doesn't get a fair shake in my 30 minute running around the house - driving to work routine, has a chance to really reach a crescendo in it. The shop Sasquatch watches over proceedings. His mystical presence guides my spirit.

Or my hands. Or something. The Sasquatch is a mystical fellow — he commands respect, controls time, provides a link to the past Beautiful girls nude sex photo perspective on the present.

Sure as hell in my shop he controls time. Entire days go missing. The home of pipe carver Todd Bannard. Welcome to Briar Sweat and Tears!

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