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Missy slipped on her blue thong bikini. Her husband Jay Back yard teen girls on a business trip for the weekend and Back yard teen girls figured it was the perfect time to just sit back and relax. She grabbed a radio Jenna jameson blowjob video massage some suntan lotion and headed out back. The temperature was around 90 and the sky was clear, it was a beautiful day.

She enjoyed their backyard. They lived on 15 acres out in the country in Illinois. They had a 2-acre backyard with a pool Back yard teen girls a spacious deck. Missy walked out by the pool and laid down on her stomach on the sun lounger. She wanted to sun her ass first since she knew Jay loved the look of thong tan lines.

She had just started to relax when she heard a vehicle drive up in the driveway. She got up and peeked around the corner of the house. An year-old boy was getting some pool cleaning supplies out of his truck.

She had forgotten. Jay had asked a pool cleaner to take care of the pool while he was gone. Missy waved big at the kid. Can I help you? She gave her butt some extra wiggle for the kid's entertainment. When they got to the pool she turned to address the kid.

His eyes were still locked on Back yard teen girls ass, and it took him a second to bring them up to her face. He got his chemicals and tools ready while Missy again took her spot on the sun lounger. The kid got about twenty minutes into cleaning the pool and Missy decided it was time to have fun. She could tell she was starting to burn so she got the suntan oil. The kid was working on the opposite side of the pool, so he had a great view of her.

She hopped up on her Back yard teen girls and knees and stuck her ass in the air. She poured some oil on her ass and started to rub it in. She could hear Back yard teen girls splashing in the pool so she was pretty confident she had the kid distracted. She looked over her shoulder and caught the kid gawking. She decided it was time to change gears. From the reflection in the patio door, she could see him watching her.

She went in and prepared his lemonade. Back yard teen girls the window she could see him finishing the pool. Time for the real fun. She removed her bikini and left it on the counter. Completely naked, but with lemonade in hand, she went to the patio door and walked through.

The kid had his back to her and when he turned around, she didn't honestly think he would keep from fainting. She smiled at him and handed him his lemonade. She said, "Well, I'm gonna go back to tanning.

You wanna help? She took the suntan oil and poured it from her thighs to her shoulders. In a hypnotic walk he came Back yard teen girls the Tamil girls hd hot videos of the sun lounger and sat on the edge. His hands went right to her breasts.

At 38D, they had never been less than a handful. His hands Non nude busty sluts easily over the large globes; his thumbs rubbing across her nipples. He rubbed up and down her stomach, never staying away from her massive chest too long. His gaze started to wander down to her shaved cunt. She was done teasing him; she decided to Back yard teen girls this easy for him. She spread Back yard teen girls legs and pulled her knees to her chest.

He traced his fingers around her slit, tickling her clit. He took a finger and slid it deep inside her. Using his other hand he rubbed her clit. The sensation was too much for Missy and she had a deep orgasm. She decided it was time to return the favor.

She sat on the edge of the sun lounger and helped the kid stand up. The tent in his shorts was at eye-level. She looked up at him and licked her lips. She doubted the kid had ever been this far with a girl before. She lowered his shorts to his ankles.

His Curvy nude pussy photos stood at full attention. It was short, but very thick. The head was the largest she'd ever seen. But that wasn't the only huge thing he had. He had the biggest set of balls she could imagine. She could only dream of how much cum he had in those. She stuck her tongue out and licked the massive head. He twitched and for a second she thought he Back yard teen girls going to cum right there.

She knew she wasn't going to last, so she decided to make it count. She opened her mouth and slid his entire shaft in her mouth. Missy couldn't deep throat, but he was short enough she could accommodate. She took four or five trips up and down his shaft and it was already more than he could handle. Back yard teen girls surprised her with how quick he came. This first burst from his cock went in her mouth. She pulled back in time to have the second burst shoot onto her lips.

The next couple of shots were just as hard and hit her in the face and cheek. More cum continued to roll out and land on her tits. The kid was spent. He smiled and thanked her for the "tip. She was laid back on the sun lounger; her face covered in cum. He wasn't the only one who was spent.

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